Repost by Permission: Trump-Kennedy “Dream Ticket” Biden Nightmare Spurs Putin Assassination Attempt

May 3, 2023

Trump-Kennedy “Dream Ticket” Biden Nightmare Spurs Putin Assassination Attempt

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A mind-blowing new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting the American puppet state Ukraine launched two drone attacks overnight intended to strike the Kremlin residence of President Putin, with the official Kremlin statement declaring: “We consider this a preplanned terrorist action and an attempt against the Russian president…The incident happened ahead of Victory Day and the parade on 9 May, when foreign guests plan to be present”, says top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov revealed President Putin was not in the Kremlin at the time of the terrorist assassination attempt, and stated: “As a result of this terrorist act, the President of the Russian Federation was not injured…His work schedule has not changed, it continues as usual”—a failed terrorist assassination attack that explains why Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky showed up unannounced in NATO member Finland this morning—the Kremlin then issued the grave warning: “Russia reserves the right to retaliate anywhere and anytime it deems necessary in response to the drone attack on President Vladimir Putin’s residence”—all of which followed Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev grimly observing: “The Anglo-Saxons have been actively reviving the neo-Nazi ideology in order to fulfill their modern geopolitical tasks…Such experiments to not lead to dominance, they lead to a global catastrophe and must therefore be curtailed in a tough and uncompromising manner…Today, they need to keep their democratic face, but Nazi ideology remains an absolute evil, no matter how you disguise it”.

With Russia having previously declared that the United States is “directly involved” in the Ukraine conflict, this report notes, its warmongering political establishment that would have to approve an assassination attempt on President Putin was spurred to act yesterday after top Democrat Party leader United States Senator Joe Manchin sparked speculation that he may leave the Democrat party ahead of 2024—a break against socialist Democrat Party warmongers not seen since the Vietnam War era, which was when United States Senator Robert Kennedy Sr. ignited an “inclusive populace” rebellion against the Democrat Party, but while leading the polls as he neared the 1968 presidential election victory, he was brutally assassinated.

Following in his assassinated father’s footsteps, this report continues, Robert Kennedy Jr. declared his candidacy for the Democrat Party nomination for president against Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden proclaiming: “We need a peaceful revolution”—a proclamation Robert Kennedy Jr. joined with his promise to pardon whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Julian AssangeRobert Kennedy Jr. also warned: “There is no time in history where the people censoring speech were the good guys”, and yesterday he told the American peoples: “It’s in God’s hands whether I win or not…I’m going to take the action and do what I need to do”.

Following leftist ABC News censoring Robert Kennedy Jr. so the American peoples can’t hear him, this report details, yesterday leftist media giant YouTube began blacklisting his videos and suspending everyone that posted them—and in the just published Newsweek article “Biden Challengers Will Have To Beat Censorship Regime in 2024”, sees it warning: “Those who wish to unseat the incumbent commander-in-chief already face a formidable opponent in the Democratic Party and its myriad partners, including a national security apparatus currently targeting Biden’s chief opponent in this election, and that ran interference for Biden in the last one…But Biden’s challengers will also be facing a hostile and censorious information regime that transcends Biden and the Democratic Party, under which dissent from Ruling Class orthodoxy will likely be given no hearing, and dissenters given few platforms—on grounds of protecting “health” and “public safety””.

Also to the terror of the American warmongering political establishment, this report notes, President Donald Trump has a towering lead over all of his Republican Party primary opponents—in a shock to everyone, President Trump announced that he will hold a live town hall event with leftist CNN host Kaitlan Collins on 10 May in New Hampshire—a town hall event that presumably would have been hosted by Tucker Carlson before Fox News silenced him, but who was just offered a staggering $100 million to create his own news network—a new network that would compete against Fox News that’s hemorrhaging viewers by the millions—a hemorrhaging of viewers, however, that made Fox News host Jessie Waters the most watched newsman in America, who last evening documented the truth that the CIA and US intelligence community manipulates and controls all of the news in the United States.

Fox News host Jessie Waters having over 2.4 million viewers makes him the most watched newsman in America.

In an America gone so insane children are coming home from school asking their parents what sex they are, this report concludes, the division causing such insanity hasn’t been seen since the days of American Civil War, the bloodiest conflict in their history that cost more lives than all of their wars in history combined—to heal this division during the darkest days of the Civil War, it saw Republican Party leader President Abraham Lincoln choosing Democrat Party leader United States Senator Andrew Johnson to be his vice president, both of whom won the 1864 Presidential Election—is a history well known to American political masterminds Roger Stone and Steve Bannon, both of whom engineered the shocking 2016 election of President Trump—and for the worst nightmare Socialist Leader Biden could ever envision, it has just been reported: “Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon said he received a “standing ovation” from a “hardcore MAGA” crowd at a recent speaking engagement for floating the idea of a bipartisan Trump-Kennedy ticket…“Bobby Kennedy would be, I think, an excellent choice for President Trump to consider” as a running mate, Bannon said this week on his “War Room” show….Roger Stone, the former Richard Nixon aide who was one of Trump’s early political advisers, called Trump-Kennedy a “dream ticket” on the news program “Real America””.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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