Repost by Permission: Putin Addresses Americans Led By Officially Declared “Mentally Feeble” Biden

February 9, 2024

Putin Addresses Americans Led By Officially Declared “Mentally Feeble” Biden

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A compelling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting America’s most trusted and popular newsman Tucker Carlson released his over 2 hour interview [Full Text] with President Putin, that’s been viewed over 110 million times in less than 12 hours, says after viewing this historic interview, former United States Marine Corps intelligence officer and United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter assessed: “All of the answers to all of the problems that face Russia and the West today were laid out by the Russian president…There’s no hidden agenda…There’s no, you know, secret code that has to be known…You just have to know Russia…You have to understand what makes Russia tick…You have to understand the thinking behind the Russian president’s decisions, the motives behind Russia…You have to understand Russia…There’s a lot of work to be done, but even the most difficult journeys begin with the first step…And what Tucker Carlson did today in sitting down and presenting this interview with the Russian president Vladimir Putin to the American people, to the West, to the world, is that most important first step on a journey that can save humanity”.

To explain the grave danger facing humanity, this report notes, world-renowned American geopolitical analysts Michael Hochberg at the Centre for Geopolitics at Cambridge University and STRATFOR (aka “The Shadow CIA”) co-founder Leonard Hochberg released their warning open letter “Could The US Fight A Four-Front War? Not Today” on 6 June 2021—and because their warning went unheeded, they just released the dire open letter “The Geopolitics Of World War III” documenting how close the ending of everything now is because the socialist Western colonial powers are led by stark raving mad warmongering lunatics.

Following the leftist New York Times revealing yesterday: “US officials privately confirm the accuracy of media reports that Ukraine used a US-made Patriot system to shoot down the Russian Il-76 plane with 65 Ukrainian prisoners of war in the Belgorod region”, this report continues, socialist Western colonial warmongering lunacy continued with the news: “America last!…The U.S. Senate has cast a contentious vote, advancing a massive $95 billion foreign aid package that supports Ukraine, Israel, Gaza, and Taiwan, but notably omits any provisions for bolstering U.S. border infrastructure”—quickly after which it was revealed: “House Speaker Mike Johnson is in an increasingly tough spot on Ukraine, wedged between a Senate moving toward approving aid for Kyiv and House conservatives warning that any support for the U.S. ally could cost him his job”.

As to why United States House conservatives are enraged into pouring more American taxpayer money into what the Guardian newspaper in London best described in their article “Welcome To Ukraine, The Most Corrupt Nation In Europe”, this report details, is them having watched yesterday as corrupt puppet leader Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky ousted from power Ukrainian Commander in Chief General Valery Zaluzhny—replacing General Zaluzhny is newly appointed Ukrainian Commander in Chief General Aleksandr Syrsky, whose parents and family members live in RussiaGerman Chancellor Olaf Scholz just warned: “Despite our support, Ukraine could soon face serious shortages in arms and ammunition”—a warning joined by the news: “The EU will not help Ukraine obtain drones as the country is already proficient at manufacturing them, the bloc’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, has said”—Ukraine Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba just fearfully assessed: “The EU’s defense industrial base is lagging behind Russia, which means that Ukrainian troops are suffering from a shortage of artillery ammunition…The scale of the war and Russia’s use of artillery has reached such a level that, let’s be honest, European warehouses were not ready”—and the leftist Washington Post just revealed: “The Ukrainian military is facing a critical shortage of infantry, leading to exhaustion and diminished morale on the front line, military personnel in the field said this week — a perilous new dynamic for Kyiv nearly two years into the grinding, bloody war with Russia”.

As for the type of deranged lunatic that would ignite a conflict between the most corrupt European nation Ukraine and the world’s second largest military power Russia, this report notes, everything needed to know is explained in the beyond shocking articles sweeping the globe today like “Special Counsel Finds Joe Biden ‘Willfully Retained’ Classified Docs — But Is Too Mentally Feeble To Prosecute”—are articles that follow Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden claiming during this past week that he met with French President François Mitterrand and German Chancellor Helmut Kohlboth of whom are long deadand after Socialist Leader Biden gave a nationwide address last evening to proclaim his mental soundness, it was beyond all belief revealed: “Days after repeatedly referencing talks with dead world leaders, Biden, 81, went to a White House podium to bash a just-released special counsel’s report that portrayed him as feeble and forgetful — and then confused Egypt’s president with Mexico’s”.

Along with the breaking bombshell news: “Following Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report, which included stunning revelations of the deterioration of President Joe Biden’s mental state, Republican officials are calling to invoke the 25th Amendment…They state that “if ever there were a time to do so, now would be it”, and insist that if the president “is not competent to stand trial, then he is certainly not competent to lead the free world””, this report continues, top Republican Party leader House Speaker Mike Johnson posted the dire warning message: “The President’s press conference this evening further confirmed on live television what the Special Counsel report outlined…He is not fit to be President”—all of which was joined by the satirical article fast becoming reality “Man Ruled Too Senile To Stand Trial Still Fine To Run Country”, wherein it stated: “Special Counsel Robert Hur will not recommend charges for Biden’s mishandling of classified documents on the grounds that he’s too old and senile to stand trial….”I mean, seriously, have you seen that guy?” said Hur to reporters…”I tried to ask him questions and he attempted to put my notepad in his mouth…The dude is totally zonked out for sure…I mean, we all knew this, right?””.

Most assuredly beyond the comprehension of officially declared “mentally feeble” Socialist Leader Biden, this report concludes, was every member of the United States Supreme Court tearing to shreds yesterday all of the socialist Democrat Party arguments to kick President Donald Trump off the election ballot—a legal victory followed by the news: “Former President Donald Trump trounced former Gov. Nikki Haley in the U.S. Virgin Islands Republican Caucuses Thursday night, hours before Nevada’s Republican Caucuses”—shortly after which it was revealed: “It was never in doubt, and now it’s official…Former President Donald Trump easily won Nevada’s Republican presidential caucus, according to a projection from the Associated Press”—and this morning, Politico, in its article “Trump Seizes Unmatched Control Over GOP”, observed: “Donald Trump long ago bent the Republican Party to his will…But seldom has the sheer sweep of the former president’s dominance been laid bare more clearly than this week…In one 72-hour span, Trump led the charge to crush a painstakingly negotiated border-security deal in Congress, pushed the Republican National Committee chair to the exits and, in Nevada, embarrassed his last remaining rival in the presidential primary”.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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