Repost by Permission: Musk Warns Defeated West “Just Don’t Invade Russia—It’s Never A Good Idea”

January 5, 2024

Musk Warns Defeated West “Just Don’t Invade Russia—It’s Never A Good Idea

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A thought-provoking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin signed a decree granting the right to obtain Russian passports to foreigners who sign up for service in the country’s Armed Forces or other military units during the Ukraine conflict, says this followed the French Foreign Ministry repugnantly claiming the Ukrainian Nazi Regime was “acting in self-defense” when it shelled innocent Russian civilians, which caused Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev to declare: “We never liked the French…The frogs fought a war against us…Now we are convinced of this…The French Foreign Ministry said that the strike on Belgorod using cluster munitions was self-defense…They are scum, bastards and freaks”.

With President Putin opening the door to hundreds-of-thousands of seasoned fighters from all around the world willing and eager to fight back against the socialist Western colonial powers, this report notes, top socialist Biden Regime official National Security Council spokesman John Kirby announced: “We have given now Ukraine the last security assistance package that we have funds to support right before New Year’s, right after Christmas…Absent supplemental funding, there’s no other magical pot to dip into to try to get support for Ukraine”, then he added that the Biden Regime is “not ready to inform” the Congress what portion of American weapons transferred to Ukraine have been damaged in combat actions—a failure to inform joined by Republican Party presidential candidate Governor Ron DeSantis revealing during a town hall event last evening about the Ukraine conflict: “Biden can’t even tell us what the endgame is…He will not articulate this”—all of which followed top Republican Party leader House Speaker Mike Johnson declaring about future aid to Ukraine: “If President Biden wants a supplemental spending bill focused on national security, it better begin with defending America’s national security…We want to get the border closed and secured first”.

Following top socialist Biden Regime official State Department spokesman Matthew Miller warning: “We’ve always made it clear that we want Ukraine to be an independent country; that means it can stand on its own two feet…But we will continue to support Ukraine, that’s the policy of the United States, as long as it takes…That does not mean that we are going to continue to support them at the same level of military funding that we did in 2022 and 2023…We don’t think that should be necessary because the goal is to ultimately transition Ukraine, to help Ukraine to build its own military industrial base so it can both finance and build and acquire munitions on its own”, this report continues, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba grimly assessed: “We cannot sit and wait for endless discussions on this matter…So we call on everyone to expedite the decisions that are pending, because the West has shown that it is capable of defending democracy…We don’t have a plan B”.

Along with having no money to wage war against Russia unless its socialist Western colonial puppet masters pay for it, this report details, Ukrainian Commander-In-Chief General Valery Zaluzhny raged at all of the Ukrainian Parliament members yesterday: “I need people…The Russians have already called up 400,000 and are preparing several hundred thousand more…And who do I have?…Either turn to the world and ask people there, or go fight yourselves if you don’t provide…Unless tougher mobilization rules are adopted, there will be no one to defend the state…There will be 80 days of training for each person mobilized…But give me people”—as to the so-called training General Zaluzhny referred to, German Lieutenant General Andreas Marlow, the commander of the EU mission to train the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Germany, previously reveled: “German instructors who have worked with Ukrainians agree that they are not interested in the training program…Of much greater interest to them are ways to intimidate the enemy, including those that can be qualified as war crimes”—and as to what happens to these war crimes trained Ukrainian soldiers, the leftist Washington Post, in its just released article “Ukraine Marines Recount Deadly Mission To Free Towns East Of Dnieper River”, revealed: “With their counteroffensive stalled, Ukraine’s military and political leaders were eager to show their Western backers some progress — any progress…But the 21-year-old marine, Dmytro — who is being identified only by his first name in keeping with Ukrainian military rules — recounted fording a river of death for little reward, aside from some political messaging…Dmytro described being “tossed like a piece of meat to the wolves” during the crossing…“We bear many losses,” said another marine, 22…“We simply lose people, but there is no result””.

At the same time socialist European Union and NATO member leader German Chancellor Olaf Scholz nears his ouster from power as his approval rating has plunged to 15%, his corrupt government announced another arms shipment to Ukraine that includes ammunition for Leopard tanksan announcement joined by German Parliament leader Sebastian Schäfer revealing: “Unfortunately, we must admit that Ukraine can now use only small number of tanks delivered…Some of the Leopard tanks were further damaged by Ukrainian servicemen who tried to repair them, and there is a shortage of spare parts in the Lithuanian repair center” and observing about Ukraine’s catastrophic battlefield failures: “This is the inevitable logistical nightmare of trying to use and create a proxy army entirely dependent on a hodgepodge of different, often antiquated equipment and throw them up against the Russian military”—all of which was joined by Forbes Magazine reporting: “The M1 Abrams main battle tanks, which were delivered by the United States to Ukraine two months ago, have never been observed on the battlefield”.

In contrast to Ukraine having received a total of around 450 tanks from the socialist Western powers, this report continues, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced this week: “The Russian Land Forces received over 1,500 new and upgraded tanks, as well as over 2,500 infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers in 2023”—the MoD also announced: “Upgraded T-80BVM tanks have been supplied to the Russian army units in the Zaporozhye direction for the first time since the start of the military operation in Ukraine”, about which a Russian tank commander revealed: “We have received a completely new vehicle…The vehicle has a fundamentally new communication system … It cannot be jammed, it works very well…Its sound is high-quality, clear, there are no interruptions…The machine is also equipped with a completely new protection system…The same Leopards are drowning in the mud, they are constantly, constantly drowning…We observed from drones how they are being taken out of the mud…Our vehicle has a gas turbine engine, it is not afraid of mud or slush, it flies over all potholes…This is the difference that allows our tank units to operate in any weather, support infantry and overcome enemy trenches and dugouts without slowing down”.

Even though the Wall Street Journal admitted the socialist Western colonial powers have been defeated in Ukraine in its November-2023 article “It’s Time To End Magical Thinking About Russia’s Defeat”, this report details, today it sees neocon American warmongers publishing “magical thinking” pronouncements like: “Much of the debate about military aid to Ukraine presupposes that the war is deadlocked and perhaps even hopeless…Russia is spending an enormous amount to convince people in the West that this is true…But nothing could be further from the truth…The Ukrainians bravery, determination and ingenuity have already paid off in dramatic fashion…The more aid we supply, the closer to victory they will be” and “Ukraine’s military strategy for 2024 should focus on holding the front line and ensuring continued control over the approximately 82% of the country that remains in Ukrainian hands…A strategic shift to active defense would play to Ukraine’s current strengths while buying valuable time to regroup and rearm ahead of what are likely to be more advantageous conditions in 2025”—though not deluded by “magical thinking” is the world’s richest person Elon Musk, who during a discussion on his X platform about military strategies over the last few centuries, most factually concluded with a warning to the socialist Western colonial powers: “Just don’t invade Russia…It’s never a good idea”.

First among those not deluding themselves with “magical thinking”, this report concludes, are the peoples of Ukraine, whom the vast majority of Americans don’t know are only allowed to receive information from the Ukrainian government news service Telemarathon United News, but about which the leftist New York Times, in its just released article “‘It’s State Propaganda’: Ukrainians Shun TV News As War Drags On”, revealed:

Since the early days of Russia’s full-scale invasion in 2022, the people of Ukraine have had access to a single source of television news — an all-day broadcast packed with footage of Ukrainian tanks blasting Russian positions, medics operating near the frontline and political leaders rallying support abroad.

The show, Telemarathon United News, has been a major tool of Ukraine’s information war, praised by the government officials who regularly appear on it for its role in countering Russian disinformation and maintaining morale.

But after nearly two years of war, Ukrainians have grown weary of Telemarathon.

What was once seen as a crucial tool for holding the country together is now increasingly derided as little more than a mouthpiece for the government.

Viewers have complained that the program often paints too rosy a picture of the war, hiding worrying developments on the frontline and the West’s eroding support for Ukraine — and ultimately failing to prepare citizens for a long war.

Over time, viewership and trust in Telemarathon have plummeted, which experts see as a sign of wider popular disenchantment with the government, as victory on the battlefield becomes elusive.  Many viewers instead spend their time watching popular reality shows and entertainment programs.

By the end of 2022, viewership of the news program had shrunk to 14 percent of the television audience.  Today, it is down to 10 percent.

Everyone is fed up with this picture that says, ‘We’re winning, everyone likes us and gives us money’”, said Oksana Romaniuk, the head of the Kyiv-based Institute of Mass Information, a media monitoring organization. “It’s state propaganda”.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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