Repost by Permission: “Overwhelming Judicial Smackdown” Slams Biden As America Nears Historic Course Correction

November 15, 2021

Overwhelming Judicial Smackdown” Slams Biden As America Nears Historic Course Correction

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A predictive new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov revealing: “We don’t even have an approximate impression that the United States even wants to listen to us and to hear us – for example, on Ukraine and all that is currently going on in the Black Sea region…A negative energy is being accumulated there, the risks are growing, including potential clashes, with the possibility of escalation”, says this “negative energy” emanating from Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden that’s pushing him closer to war with Russia will be further displayed this evening when he holds a virtual summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping to “navigate red lines” on Taiwan to avert the outbreak of hositlities—a virtual summit preceded by the United States and China pledging new cooperation against climate change two days ago—a now “gone up in smoke” pledge China answered this morning by revealing it has ramped up coal production to its highest level since 2015.

The complete and utter disdain China has towards socialist leader Biden, thus making their pledges to him worthless, this report explains, is due to Biden’s socialist-leftist forces in America behaving like lunatics—best exampled this past week alone by leftist news outlet MSNBC declaring that all white truck drivers over 55-years-old are racistssocialist high schools in America removing doors from student bathrooms—saw socialist Democrats proclaiming that any black person opposing them are “tools of white supremacists”—saw socialist Democrats proclaiming that “poor people driving old cars are gross and stupid and that’s why they’re Trump supporters”—saw the CDC admitting it has no record of an unvaccinated person spreading Covid after they recovered from Covid—saw Biden’s top health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci admitting experimental Covid vaccines don’t work as advertised and that those vaccinated are in great danger today—in factual reality would have seen Americans being better prepared to handle Covid if instead of listening to socialist crackpots like the CDC and Dr. Fauci they would have followed the example of the Amish peoples, who deliberately infected themselves with Covid then all recovered without going to hospital—all of which, of course, explains why revered American political icon Robert F. Kennedy Jr. traveled last week to the “last bastion of freedom” in Europe to warn the citizens of Switzerland that “the Covid misinformation narrative is a euphemism for any statement that departs from official government policy”, and that these socialists are using Covid to “engineer the destruction of democracy worldwide”.

Security Council Members in this transcript discussing these issues note that America is fast nearing an historic course correction, an opinion they base on a little known US government document titled “Significance of U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals”, wherein it states: “The Supreme Court of the United States hears about 100 to 150 appeals of the more than 7,000 cases it is asked to review every year…That means the decisions made by the 12 Circuit Courts of Appeals across the country and the Federal Circuit Court are the last word in thousands of cases”.

At this very moment, this report continues, the actual most powerful judicial body in America is the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, whose rulings are the least reviewed and/or overturned by United States Supreme Court, other than those coming from the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces—and is why the leftist Washington Post has branded the Fifth Circuit Court as being “America’s most dangerous court”.

As to how truly “dangerous” the Fifth Circuit Court is to Biden and his lunatic socialist forces, this report details, was just stunningly revealed in the just published Wall Street Journal article “An Illegal Vaccine Mandate”, wherein it documents how the Fifth Circuit Court slammed Biden with a “judicial smackdown so overwhelming it’s fair to conclude the Administration gave only passing thought to the law”—is a Fifth Circuit Court “judicial smackdown” ruling that tore to shreds Biden’s vaccine mandate and stopped it in its tracks—and most critical to note about was the Fifth Circuit Court ruling that that the OSHA rule Biden tried to use to impose his illegal mandate “likely exceeds the federal government’s authority under the Commerce Clause because it regulates noneconomic inactivity that falls squarely within the States’ police power”.

Due to decades of socialist indoctrination and leftist media propaganda, this report concludes, the vast majority of Americans remain unaware that the United States government is subordinate to its 50 States as designated by the Constitution of the United States—which means that the States are individual entities able to enact their own laws based on the popular vote of their citizens—for laws that effect all Americans sees them having to be enacted by the Constitutional Amendment Process, that require the approval of three-quarters of the States legislators—in 1973 saw this constitutional amendment process subverted by the Roe v. Wade decision handed down by a socialist controlled Supreme Court—after which socialist forces used this ruling to impose on Americans numerous laws by judicial edict not voted on by citizens—but whose near 50-year reign of socialist judicial tyranny is fast coming to an end, because, on 1 December, the Supreme Court will hear the Fifth Circuit Court cases to overturn Roe v. Wade—an ending of socialist judicial tyranny even the leftist Washington Post acknowledges today in their article “‘Roe’ Will Be Overturned. The Federal Courts Will Go Back To Normal”, wherein it states:

Roe and Casey should be discarded because they are bad decisions that perverted the Constitution and took us all into the deep polarization we find ourselves in now.

Left-wing observers think this will be the ruin of the GOP when it comes to pass.

In reality, it will not hurt the party and will instead be the triumph of peaceful politics over raw power.

It will remind everyone that states matter, that legislature’s matter, that citizens matter.

You will read much about Dobbs in the next few months, as the remaining tall towers of elite opinion — the watch fires of the overclass — are being pre-lit ahead of the oral argument.

But the writing is on the wall.

The anti-Roe constitutionalists have been right that Roe has been doomed for the last 48 years — nearly as long as the 58 years it took Plessy to be tossed out by the Warren Court in Brown v. Board of Education.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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