Repost: Alex Jones Exposes Three Centers of Evil In New York City

Watch the documentary here.

Towards the end of the documentary climate change is mentioned; that is because it is one of the agendas the elites push .  Any documentary about them will, by extension, almost certainly mention one of their favorite topics…climate change.  And with that topic comes the guilt trip they push on the world with this word…carbon or carbon dioxide.

In reality, there is a domino effect more dangerous than carbon or carbon dioxide.  But since the domino effect is created by the climate engineers who want to remain hidden, they keep the overt discussion centered on carbon and carbon dioxide, while the covert reality is something they don’t discuss openly.  That way, the problem and blame can be pushed off on the peons rather than on the climate engineers who have been operating not-so-covertly, but with absolute denial of what they have been doing, for so many years.

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