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Representative Gaetz on Fox News Regarding “Russian Dossier”

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Special on Benghazi

Fox News had a special on Benghazi. It will air three more times this weekend.

You cannot watch or listen to that without understanding that the statement, “I am just one person so it doesn’t matter,” is a lie.

The person who told them to stand down and not engage early in the fight, not once, but three times, is someone who can certainly be pointed to in the death of the Ambassador and the others. Certainly his bosses were involved as well.

Not only were they involved that night, the domino effect of Benghazi has allowed armaments to be moved and become part of the current problem with ISIS…including the murder and beheadings of many, including children.

Like a row of dominoes, that one order, “Stand down,” has become the kingpin domino that has resulted in the deaths of thousands of people. Not only that, the whole stirring of the pot and the total mismanagement, or might we say, total management and planning of the whole ISIS crisis by dark forces in current governments, and in three letter agencies gone rogue, and in treasonous military, and in hidden behind the scenes persons, may end up leading the world to WW III. It doesn’t have to, but certainly behind the scenes forces spewing out propaganda are pushing for it.

All this from ONE person who said, “Stand down.”

Earlier, and this is one of the posts that has disappeared and may end up being removed due to the current technical difficulties, but there was a post on Romans 13. The intent of following the rules of government is when government is under legal authority itself. To join with the enemy, to allow terrorists to receive arms, and to be involved in the murder of the Ambassador and others, is not the right use of government. It is not government being used for “good”.

I read the other day, may have posted it, but again, a lot of posts are no longer on the first page due to a technical difficulty that may or may not be resolved properly. In any case, there was a pharmacist who told his pharmacy techs to say a drug was not tainted when it was. Deaths resulted. You know, the pharmacy techs could have said no. They could have reported the pharmacist.

Too often people are threatened with their jobs and livlihoods when someone above them is doing a criminal or corrupt thing, and threatens the underlings with their jobs, and in some cases, their lives, if they don’t go along with it.

If you have not seen the special on Benghazi, watch it. It is on tonight on Fox News, and then again two more times on Sunday.

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