Laura Ingraham on Republicans and Donald Trump

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A Question to Republicans

To the Republicans that are fighting Trump on keeping the terrorists out, are those same Republicans willing to volunteer to be first in line as sacrifices if ISIS comes to their hometown?

The whole question about religious freedom has been dealt with before on this blog, but it will be repeated again.

Islam is first and foremost a government, clothed in religious garb.  You cannot have the religion without the government, Sharia law.

The only reason people get confused is because the media focuses on the religion, but not the government part.

If you had the government of ISIS crossing the border, saying ISIS will take over Washington, D.C., and the states, then of course the military would be called out (assuming that there were not a Muslim president who would rather aid and assist ISIS).  However, when you say the Muslim religion is crossing the border, that seems to be a different issue.

They are one.  One religion.  One government.  Sharia law.

So again, all those who call for ISIS to cross the border should volunteer to be first in line when they want victims.   Are all the Republicans who are calling for ISIS to cross the border willing to do that?

Actually, that is a question not only for the Republicans, but for the Democrats, the media, and even Obama himself.  Is Obama willing to get out there in the middle of ISIS without bodyguards and security?  Is Hillary Clinton?  Are any of them willing to do that.  Is the media willing to do it?  If not, why not?

Is it because they have bunkers they plan on running to when things get rough?  Do they think selling out to the enemy will protect them?

Let’s have some honest answers and discussion here, but quit fighting Trump who is the only one with a clear head in this and understands you don’t invite the enemy to kill you.

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