Let’s Talk Double Talk or Double Speak

You can mute the video from the original site if you don’t want to listen to the lies. Let’s talk about double speak. I am going to comment what I hear when he speaks. And, my personal track record for laying out that he is a Muslim trojan horse goes a long way back.

Here’s the original link. Let’s look at what he is really saying. It smoothly gives one message to the uninitiated, but if you have discernment, you can hear the real message.  I’ve never been deceived by this guy, so I have  to assume my discernment, which has worked in the past, is working equally well now.

His words are quoted from the article below in block print. My comments are in italics.

“‘tough week'” – tough because the country is not going down in flames as fast as he wants

“‘There is sorrow, there is anger, there is confusion about next steps,'” Obama said” Yeah, confused aren’t you?  So you are asking what is the next step you can take to bring in martial law?  The riots aren’t happening as fast as you want and the crowds are not responding as chaotically as you want?  So there is confusion about the next steps, at least confusion at the higher levels of the cabal/elite/NWO crowd as to how to pull off a national takeover of America.

“‘But there’s unity in recognizing that this is not how we want our communities to operate. This is not who we want to be as Americans.'”  Yeah, it’s really not how you want your community organizing to turn out, is it?  A little too tame for your taste.   Not quite enough chaos yet to call in the troops and call off the elections.  So who do you want communities to be, Muslims under Sharia law?  Is that how you want communities to operate?

“Obama said the situation didn’t resemble the periods of mass social unrest in the 1960s.”   For a consummate liar, this is actually fairly correct.  This is not a civil rights movement.  This is to create chaos, anarchy,  to call in federal troops and martial law to call off the election so that you and your Muslim buddies can celebrate taking over the nation.  OH, and let’s include the Clintons in that as well.  And some of the others in darkness who fund you.

“But he acknowledged a ramped-up anxiety that’s descended on Americans as they watch seemingly unfettered violence on urban streets.”  And who pushed it Obama? It was you, Clinton, Loretta Lynch and the taken-over justice department.

“That includes protesters, that includes family members who have grave concerns about police misconduct,”  If I’m not mistaken, it was the police that were killed.  It seems the misconduct arose from someone who was dishonorably discharged and probably snatched up as a future false flag participant, as he left the military disgruntled, groomed by the corrupted CIA or a private assassin hired by maybe whom, you? Clinton?  I mean this Loretta Lynch thing, this “surprise” visit on the tarmac where you talked about kids and golf, supposedly, there was Loretta, Bill, Hillary and you ultimately being warm and fuzzy, buddy/buddy after it.  Did you all agree on this?

“The President pushed back on that notion, insisting that Americans of all races were disgusted by gun violence.”  We are disgusted by you who has pushed this.  We are disgusted by a sold out and scared propaganda media that refuses to call you for what you are, and that has been an agent to helping you stay in power, you, a Muslim, trojan horse trying to bring this nation with your phoney “hope and change”.  If you “hope and change” for anything, you hope that you can pull off the take-down of the United States and the calling off of the elections and change it from a Christian nation to a Muslim nation.  We’re disgusted that you are the key player in creating all this and it is the fear of man that has kept politicians, the military, and otherwise educated people from being able to call you out as you are.  What is disgusting is that no one in Congress, the Justice Department, or the military has stood up to you.  If Patton were still alive, I don’t think this could have gone on this long.


Can you all hear the double speak?  It goes all the time when this corrupt politicians open their mouths.  They have one message for you, and a double message for their buddies.  Just listen, you will hear it.


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