“Grace is Not Mercy”

I heard a pastor say, “grace is not mercy”.  That is an excellent point.  We hear the terms, “God’s grace” and “God loves you” thrown around like it is the nod and wink to keep on doing evil.  It is not.

Grace is the empowerment to live for righteousness, both in private, and also in public matters.  The Lord never intended that government would be free to legislate itself loopholes out of obeying God’s word.

For example, “Thou shalt not bear false witness (or lie)” was not be replaced by “I misspoke.”

For example, “Thou shalt not steal” was not meant to mean take in high taxes from some and give it others.

For example, “Thou shalt do no murder” was not meant to cover-up murders in Benghazi.

And the list goes on.

God judges unrighteousness and if there are problems in the United States, we only have to look at ourselves and those in public places.  The people get the government they deserve.  Now we are at a cusp of a decision.  The Lord has heard the prayers enough that he has raised up a better candidate the the decades old corrupt ingrown DC familiar faces.

The question is, do the people want something better?  Amazingly, there are those who resist Trump because he is not “their brand”.  To resist Trump is to invite Hillary. There is no middle ground.  A vote for Trump is a vote away from Hillary.  A “no vote” or a vote from some other candidate is one extra vote Trump must get somewhere else.  There are two choices and only two.  Either you want Trump or you want Hillary.  To do a “throwaway” vote in this hour is highly stupid, there is no other word for it.  For if you allow Hillary in, it may be the last time your vote means anything at all.  The corruption, the dismantling of the Constitution, and the movement to the radical left through the courts would too much to overcome.  Don’t be foolish.  If you even think there is any comparison, you obviously are not well read, well studied, and you need to really put forth an effort to educate yourself between now and November.

Back to the point of “grace is not mercy”.  We don’t have grace to do evil or to vote in someone that we know consistently is lying and breaking the law and worse.  To vote Hillary is to presume a freedom to do evil and choose evil that is not permitted without consequences.

Pray for Trump’s success.  Work for Trump’s success.  Vote Trump!


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