Israel and Saudi Arabia Unite

As this “stunning historic mistake” (Netanyahu) goes down, Israel and Saudi Arabia unite.

And the United States will see blessings that America could have had, had it helped Israel,  fall on Saudi Arabia as it stands with Israel because God says he will bless those that bless Israel, and those who curse Israel, He will curse.  It’s pretty simple.

It is like all things…health, prosperity, a home, friends, family, a healthy business…things can be taken for granted and not missed until they are lost.

A song of bygone days has the words, “America, America, God shed his grace on thee.”

God did not do that, he did not bless America, because he was capricious and wanted to bless a certain nation.  God is no respecter of persons.  There was a reason.  This country was founded to help proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Many of the statesmen were Christians.  Laws were enacted in line with the Bible.  Bible reading and prayer were in the schools, and there was more honor and respect and worship of the Lord than there is today.  The United States also stood with Israel.

The Christian heritage has been dismantled since the 1960’s particularly, and if you look at the charts you can statistically see how the country has gone downhilll since then.  This recent turn of events against Israel will bring a new level of judgement and chastening from the Lord on a nation who has turned against the God who helped bring this nation to birth.  To those who say they do not believe there is a God, they will find they were mistaken.  The effects of wrong choices has a way of teaching the truth.

Like all things, America will not realize how she has been blessed until she loses it.

Oh, and one other thing.  The Israel haters will find that God will stand with Israel.  Historically, in times past, when none stood with her, the Lord himself delivered her.  He will do it again.  Israel will be blessed.


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