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November 14, 2023

Chaos In The White House” Warning Joins CIA-MI6 “Knives Out Ukrainian Throne Fight

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A forewarning new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov observing: “We surely understand that the American authorities continue their sanctions intentions in this or that form…Nevertheless, we are still adjusting to those conditions, acting in a way that fully meets our interests”, says this observation was joined by former Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky aide Aleksey Arestovich warning about Zelensky’s battle against Ukrainian Commander-In-Chief General Valeriy Zaluzhny: “There is a conflict between the president and the military…But it is Zaluzhny who told the truth…Now we have a situation in which the commander-in-chief says one thing about the war and about the prospects for victory, and the president says something completely different…It is not a normal situation”.

As the “not normal situation” in Ukraine intensifies, this report notes, world-renowned Pulitzer Prize winning legendary American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh just gravely revealed: “There is a power vacuum in Washington…No one is running the show…It’s chaos in the White House…They are saying the same things over and over…They are doing what they think will get the president re-elected…He is a George the Third…It’s scary, and it is disgraceful”.

Apparently filling the “power vacuum in Washington”, this report continues, is CIA Director William Burns, about whom the recent article “Is The Head Of The CIA A Useful Idiot, Or A Peacemaker?” revealed: “Lost in a chaotic hall of mirrors of its own creation, the CIA has generally failed in its one and only legitimate task, to provide US policymakers with accurate intelligence about the world beyond the Washington echo-chamber to inform US decision-making….If, unlike many of his predecessors, President Biden actually wanted to be guided by accurate intelligence (which is by no means certain), his nomination of former Deputy Secretary of State Bill Burns as CIA Director was an encouraging appointment, although puzzling…It removed Burns from the State Department’s policymaking chain of command, but put him in a position where his decades of diplomatic experience and insight might help to guide Biden’s decisions, especially over the crisis in US relations with Russia…Burns, fluent in Russian, lived and worked at the US Embassy in Moscow for many years, first as a political officer and later as US Ambassador… It is hard to find Burns’ fingerprints on Biden’s Russia policy or on the conduct of NATO’s war in Ukraine, where US policy has run headlong into precisely the dangers Burns warned his government about, in cables from Moscow spanning more than a decade”.

With it being beyond dispute that no conflict in Ukraine would have erupted if the multitude of warnings issued by CIA Director Burns were heeded, this report details, the just released American defense article “Ukraine’s Demographics Dictate To End The Fight” is notable because it reveals: “The knives are out in the fight over the Ukrainian throne…Tomorrow CIA Director Burns is expected to be in Kiev to tell Zelenski that his time is up and that he, Zelenski, will have to go”—a revelation joined with the news: “Ukrainian Commander-In-Chief General Valeriy Zaluzhny has conducted a telephone conversation with the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Charles Brown during which he described the situation in the combat zone as complicated but under control”.

Igniting the “not normal situation” in Ukraine, this report notes, was The Economist in London article “Ukraine’s Commander-In-Chief On The Breakthrough He Needs To Beat Russia”, wherein General Zaluzhny called the conflict a stalemate and described President Zelensky as delusional—the leftist Washington Post then released its article “Ukrainian Military Officer Coordinated Nord Stream Pipeline Attack”, wherein it comically claimed a top aide of General Zaluzhny masterminded the Nord Stream undersea pipeline bombing, but forget to mention the aide was at the time imprisoned for corruption—all of which caused former CIA intelligence officer Larry Johnson to most factually assess: “Since the Washington Post normally is the preferred mouthpiece of the CIA, you have to take this as an example of CIA propaganda to identify this individual, who has zero experience in underwater demolition operations, as sort of the mastermind of an underwater demolition operation, as just silly beyond belief…All of this has to be viewed in the context of the growing conflict between General Zaluzhny and President Zelensky…He basically has been seen as a competitor to Zelensky…The fact that he was featured in The Economist to me indicates that this is British intelligence signaling that they think this Zaluzhny is their boy…And the CIA is pushing back, saying no, no, no, it’s got to be Zelensky”.

As the American spy agency CIA battles against the British intelligence service MI6 for control of Ukraine, this report concludes, the just released article “Wild Day As The Ukrainian Game Of Thrones Revs Up!” assessed: “It appears obvious that two competing factions are trying to outdo each other in the sphere of Western media…Zaluzhny fired his shot in the unsanctioned Economist piece, and it would seem that Zelensky backers are doing their own parallel counter-work”—and former CIA intelligence officer Larry Johnson, in his just released open letter “Is Zelensky Being Prepped To Join The Friends Of The U.S. Club?”, notes how previous CIA assets like Panama dictator Manuel NoriegaIraqi dictator Saddam Husseinal Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden and Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi were exterminated after their usefulness ended , and observed: ”It looks like the Brits are backing Zalushny while the CIA is trying to save Zelensky and dump Zalushny”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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