The Story Behind MH17

Like 9-11, there was manufactured evidence in the propaganda put out about Flight MH17 in an attempt to lead the ignorant and propaganda-fed peoples to cry out for war.

The world is getting wise to the ways of the cabal and the military/industrial complex. The world is weary of going to war for the cabal so they can print more fiat money in their attempt to stay in control and rule the world through a NWO.

Maybe all the cabalists should line up and duke it out themselves while we watch.


BRICS Plans Gold-Backed Currency


Asymmetical Warfare – Defeat Enemy From Within

A retired border patrol officer discusses how the border influx is asymmetrical warfare.  He goes into issues such as communicable diseases (big issue), no bullets are allowed for Border Patrol agents, and the fact that only a small part of the problem is shown to the American people.  He says that the focus is given to the children coming over so that the picture is presented in a “warm and fuzzy” [my words] way, when a big part of the problem is not even discussed:  communicable diseases, gangs, and asymmetrical warfare. Among other things, he says that FEMA is preparing for 200 million deaths.

It is a discussion of how America is being taking over by subterfuge.


Goldman Sachs Managing Director Found Dead

Another name has been added to the list of dead bankers.  Read more here.


Benjamin Fulford – July 22, 2014

Read it here.


Only A Black Man Can Say This

Only a black man can say this without being called racist.


Was MH17 Carrying Biological Warfare Cargo?

Here is information on cargo that MH17 was carrying.

Furthermore, Asia holds the gold that will be used to back a new system of finance based on a country’s assets, not fiat money.  The longer the cabal can keep the world from switching to the planned asset-based system, the more time they buy to put their desired NWO in place, where they are lords over the world that has a population of 500,000,000, and the rest of humanity has been wiped out.  Biological warfare that claims billions of lives in a global pandemic would be in line with their known desires.  This would add to the calamities which are created by HAARP, which cause disasters that kill millions of people as well as create droughts or excessive water, and change growing seasons, all of which lead to crop failures and famine.

Putin is the one leader who understands the role of the cabal in the Ukraine situation, and elsewhere.  The cabal wants war as a means to keep the dollar in a position of power, because in war, everyone goes to the bankers for more fiat money.  The cabal opposes BRICS as BRICS can  lead to the decimation of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

The cabal has enjoyed worldwide pre-eminence and control through the US dollar, through the Federal Reserve, through central banking, and through fiat money.  Putin is one who opposes them and does not crumble.

Here is more information on MH17.



Quote – Judge Robert Bork

The idea that the Constitution is a living document is really preposterous.  What they mean by that is that a judge can change it.  That’s merely a word for judicial intervention of the Constitution according to their desires.  Judge Robert Bork in We the People:  Under Attack


Snowden’s Lastest Revelations

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Prophetic Message Fulfilled – New Message Given