Project Blue Beam

About Those Aliens

From a YouTube transcript.

something called like Project Blue beam yeah a good one what is that that is

that’s lasers right yeah I cannot I can actually talk about the

one but that is uh uh

it’s really bad but you know the people that see orbs in the sky yeah go around

that fly faster UFOs yeah there’s there’s Navy Pilots there’s an uh yeah

they got their so they were flying f-18s these Navy pilots and one of them’s coming in here in a couple in two weeks

he’s uh Ryan Graves okay he uh he’s a Navy pilot flying off the coast of North Carolina and they they got their uh

their radar upgraded on their f-18s and all of a sudden they were seeing these things darting around on their radar

uh don’t tell them what I’m about to say and see if he knows about it okay

um so what we do is we play with our own forces to make sure our trickery will

work on the enemy uh and those are directed energy weapons of where we do

intersecting beams or Focus beams into the atmosphere and notice they’re always

in the atmosphere to excite the electron orbitals of the oxygen and nitrogen uh

in our atmosphere it causes the glow and it causes ionization that ionization

shows up on radar and like a it’s like a cat laser pointer and we’re making

planes chase them that’s exactly how they describe these things moving like laser pointers yeah and so we can do it

in three space we can make it look like in three-dimensional space yeah and we can make it look like uh an entire fleet

is about to drop bombs on let’s say Europe and then just have them disappear

and they have they get all their planes up in the air and we attack them from the other direction assuming we’re

attacking who is doing this the Navy you said

uh somebody deliciously a group a group you know and

you know this for a fact I know perfect yeah so anyway don’t tell your guys a

group within the US government yeah okay we’ll leave it at that yes

and is this something is this something that could be seen with a naked eye or yeah because it glows it glows so it

would be seeable you can see it by the naked eye and it would leave a radar

Trace so it’s perfect as a deception and now have you heard of the accounts of

these things going underwater these things come out of the water zip around they fly they’ve there’s been accounts

of these things going in between when there’s two f-18s flying in formation one of them they’re described as one of

them specifically uh which Ryan Graves describes as a a sphere with a cube inside and each

apex of the cube is touching the sphere okay now I don’t know about that technology okay so it’s different I know

you can make this appear as it goes in water uh but it wouldn’t have the shape

of a cube you can make them cigars shape you can alter it some way and I’ve worked on holography quite a bit but

nothing is detailed Holograms yeah Holograms and three-dimensional space uh

uh there’s a Japanese company so I can talk about the use Phantom uh fento

pulse lasers to create touchable Holograms uh tiny little laser beams

that excite the air and in their midpoints and then create different colors now is this something that they

would be able to do on a massive scale 100 miles offshore well that’s the thing

I don’t think so but I’m saying they just create you know little orbs okay

split them up and make them do cool things and you know the Razzle Dazzle

shocking off back to war right oh and you asked me of a project blue beam well that’s what it’s about and and it avoid

involves the voice of God weapons that I was talking about project bluebeam and this got this got leaked

um so it probably won’t have the effect and they probably won’t do it but if you wanted to bring the world together as

President Reagan said and several un speeches you would have a common enemy

like evil aliens attacking we forget our differences when we fight against it so

we’ll look at each other as as Chinese or Russian or American we look at each other as an earthlings it’s for humans

yeah as earthlings and so that was Project Blue being was to trick the human race and to believing either God

is coming down everybody hears the voice of God the microwave hearing effect uh

get along give you know whatever the new message is or it was going to be the evil aliens attacking and notice how

they all of a sudden all the governments release all their information on UFOs and there’s a whole

uh division dedicated and that’s just deception you think it’s all deceptive

really yeah but you know that’s my opinion I I’ve looked at all the videotapes and uh that people have given

me and I can explain away each one of them so apparently but there’s there’s apparently lots of footage and video

videos and photos that have not been released to the public yeah I haven’t seen those so I I can’t

get and if you think this is all some sort of psyop what do you think the ultimate purpose of it is distraction

against a lot of this human experimentation we’re doing

distraction distraction the remember I told you the people I interview they’re

actually told uh were evil aliens and we’re doing this

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