Repost: The 2006 U.N. Council Chemtrail Presentation

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My comment:  Surely those who are smarter than me and who deal with economics all the time who can see that if you know if a man-made “act of nature” will affect crops, that will affect the commodity markets and insider knowledge may bring wealth to those who know the game ahead of time.  It can also cause the closure of family farms through severe man-made-weather-modification losses, in which case, again, those with insider knowledge pick up the real estate pieces.  Surely, this is an area for those of legal minds and bent to consider how to recompense the victims and bring legal justice.  This kind of weather modification affects everyone, not just farmers.  As the video points out, there are health implications as well.  Just saying.

There are two sides to this:  either exploitation through nefarious means … or … doing good for the sake of the preservation of humanity and western civilization and morals.



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