Repost: Monday Night Emergency Broadcast — Mark Of The Beast System Officially Announced By The U.N.

Original video.

This is a partial transcription. It is not complete. It is not perfect. For more information, listen to the complete original. It’s Monday, July 19, 2021 and I’m up here very late at night…putting out this emergency alert, this emergency broadcast concerning total planetary social credit score enslavement system, not just being announced, but being deployed, being implemented….Something this serious you can’t even wait until tomorrow because who knows if tomorrow will even be there when things like this are happening. All the developments happening are just over-the-top in a historical perspective. If you use the yardstick historically for a barameter as a historical measure, the type of tyranny we see being rolled out very quickly is the most intense tyranny the world has ever seen. It is simply staggering. And now the final pieces of the tyranny: surveillance, the control, the checkpoints, the lockdown of the economy, are coming to fruition. The final pieces of the violence of the tyranny of the genocide are here, not just with these poisoned innoculations masquerading as vaccines, but with the global lockdown still ongoing in India and many areas of Africa and other parts of the world, that the UN admits has 280+ million people extra on the verge of death via starvation, an extra 20 million already starved to death in the last year and a half, on top of the 50 million that die each year, those are real numbers, those are real people we’re talking about and it’s the UN via the big corporations, the WTO, the WHO, that implemented this global lockdown for their corporate masters. So they’re the ones that have done the lockdown that is causing all the death and then the ones that sit back and say, O look, the whole world is starving to death. Give the UN more power. Give UNICEF more money. We’ll feed the starving, then we’ll organize them into these UN refugee camps in Latin America and Africa and the Middle East, in Asia, and then invade the western world with these people signed up with the UN, then be clients inside the west to have basically reverse colonization. So we’re going to lay all this out today. But first the reason we’re doing this emergency report that is front and center, the global vaccine passport, that is the foundation of the world wide social credit score and what compliance with this incredible evil really means [short video plays about the vaccine passport] now before I lay out this information and play the chilling clip of the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, and breakdown what is happening in other areas of the world with this rollout of the world ID, the social ID, the medical ID that Claus Schwab and the UN have been announcing that they want as their main goal for many years, it’s now here, I want to just give you a real world example of what I’m talking about. [talks about real examples]This has always been the psychology of getting you to submit to tyranny, submit to lockdowns, submit to masks, submit to being tracked and traced and then once they you locked in the tunnel, comply, and then we’ll loosen the noose around your neck. They never really fully release it, they let it off a little bit, so in the future when they finally draw the noose around your neck, you won’t struggle or fight, and then they’re never going to release it. This is basic Pavlovian psychology…[continues talking about examples] it’s going to come back, it’s going to be permanent, it’s going to be an ID on the phone…this is diabolical, this is a plan and only having zero compliance with it is going to stop it. And a lot of you are probably saying well, so what, I’ll just take the shot and I’ll just carry a phone around and I’ll just let them scan me to go in the grocery store or the shopping mall or for my car to start. I’m want to explain to you, actually cover these articles, where they’re going to take you if you submit to that. Because this is just the doorway to tyranny. I want to tell you what’s down those stairs and in that dungeon. So whether you believe in the Bible and the devil, and God, Corruption and oppressive forces believe in you, and if they can ever have an ID system to make you submit to them, and make you be politically in line with them to be able to buy and sell, they would have complete control over ascpect of your life. For thousands of years in every culture and every society, governments would try to control the money and control the people and control culture. Every time they did it they would see all sorts of alternate currencies and black markets emerge so what were they going to do? Well, they couldn’t do anything because of human nature. But now with computers and now with surveillance and now with control and now with the tests that have been going on for decades in Communist China, allied with the biggest US tech companies, they have developed systems of total surveillance and social control over their people that is way more sophisticated and evil than what John tried to describe in his vision that became the final book of the Bible, Revelation….

…So now in late July, 2021, we have a corporate, governmental, authoritarian alliance with the Fortune 100, the United Nations, the Communist Chinese, Hollywood, the blue cities, the blue states, the left all pushing a world-wide ID based on whether or not you’ve taken experimental injections that the ruling powers of the World Health Organization (WHO) want you to take. And so just last week, we saw Macron, who had promised a year ago, six months ago, no one’s going to make you have a medical ID, no one’s going to make you have an innoculation to have these apps, now they say, yes, we’ve built the apps, you must have this app on your phone, we must authorize you to have this app for you to even go to a grocery store, or go to a bar or go to your job, there were massive demonstrations around the country and riots that were legitimate and so he pulled back off two days ago and I said on my Sunday show, I said, watch, he will come back in a few days and say, actually, I didn’t back off. Here’s your prison sentences. And he did. He said 6 years in prison and massive fines. I’ll show that article in a moment. So that’s how their psychology works. Every time we oppose them they back off. Once we dissipate, they come back again because they know we are emotional instead of being steadfast and not ever backing down. So, on Freedom Day, Boris Johnson announces mandatory vaccine passports. So they’ve been telling people in the UK for a year, six months into that, it’s been going on for a year and a half total, if you will wear your mask, take your injections, do what we say, let us track you, let us control you, let us quarantine you for two weeks when you come back into the country, and do all this…that politicians are exempt from by the way, they have a program, the politicians don’t follow any of it, they’re lords and you are slaves, we’re slaves, he said, we’ll then let you go back to being free. But now he came out today on Freedom Day from the TV screen, instead of a press conference. The elite separating itself from the press, from the people, behind their walls. We’re locked up on lockdown, he’s God knows where in the world, at some palatial giant estate, that’s what big tech, that’s what the big bankers, that’s what the royalty are doing, they’re in giant estates, completely free, doing whatever they want all day long while you are locked in your little coffin apartment and here he is, like Emperor…onto a screen…whereever he’s at giving his orders to the slaves…and saying, on Freedom Day, you will no longer be able to have a PCR test that you have to pay for, hundreds of dollars to say that you don’t have Covid 19. That has now been dispensed with. You must take an experimental shot that never got legal authorization in your body that’s already caused massive deaths or you are not allowed to go to the bars, or go out to see live music. And of course you know and they admit the plan, once you accept that, once it is beta tested, then it’s the grocery store, then it’s the shopping mall, just like Macron said last week. And again, why are all these countries following the same directives? Because it’s the United Nations. What the United Nations says…Oh, it didn’t come from the lab, oh, hydroxycholoroquine isn’t good or Ivermectin isn’t good or….whatever they say is now the law. You wake up and you’re under United Nations AI control and censorship enforced by governments and big tech.

…[explaining video]’re going to have a government ID on your phone where you have proven that we’ve been able to put in your body what we want, an experimental injection, or you can’t have a job, you can’t live, you’re going to be put in prison, yes slaves and gentlemen, the mark of the beast is here…they called them freedom bracelets, that’s like the sign above Auscwitz, work will make you free…war is peace…freedom is slavery…here we are seeing the gaslighting in our face when they admit the vaccine isn’t protecting you from future Covid variants. They could never have a cure for that. But you see there’s always going to be a new cold virus, so now you are all suspect forever with AI tracking, with fake PCR tests that are 94% false, dominating your life, making every man, woman and child of the world a suspect criminal, a dirty, horrible thing on the face of the planet…because the virus is only a metaphor with the globalists…they have scripted themselves, they have cast themselves as the saviours and only after we have been removed can this new utopia begin. They tell you compliance will get you out of lockdown. They tell us compliance will get us out of the mask. But the more we comply, the worse it gets. The more we submit, the more demands they issue. We are being held captive by a scientific dictatorship that isn’t using the old methods of jet airplanes and fighter bombers and troops and machine guns and tanks. This is all psychological war, an invisible enemy, and the supposed helpers, the medical system through the corporate world, through the UN, is literally coming at us with so-called vaccines that are experimental, that aren’t vaccines, that have not been linked, but have been conclusively proven to cause cancer in people within weeks who take it, in their lymph nodes, in their testicles, in their brains, in their uteruses, in their ovaries. It’s been conclusively connected to heart attacks and strokes and bleeding out of lungs and there’s the corporate media and there’s big tech dutifully suppressing all these deaths….

Romans 10:9 that if you will confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart, one believes resulting in righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made resulting in salvation. 11 For the Scripture says, “Whoever believes in him will not be disappointed.” 12 For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, and is rich to all who call on him. 13 For, “Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.”