Repost: Indian Bar Association sues WHO scientist over Ivermectin

Advocate Dipali Ojha, lead attorney for the Indian Bar Association, threatened criminal prosecution against Dr.  Swaminathan “for each death” caused by her acts of commission and omission. The brief accused Swaminathan of misconduct by using her position as a health authority to further the agenda of special interests to maintain an EUA for the lucrative vaccine industry.



This would be a good precedent for dealing with similar crimes in the United States.

It would also be a good way to deal with rogue politicians, media, school boards, and others who are giving unlawful commands, overriding scientific knowledge, and preventing known treatments from being given to American citizens.

As pointed out in this article, “Dr. Francis Boyle Outlines Legal Strategy for Local, State, Military Regarding Covid, Frankenshot”.

Under the “rules for thee, but not for me”, Afghans entering the country are permitted Ivermectin.

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