Repost: Fox News propagates highly questionable “study” examining Covid re-infection rates for the non-vaccinated after hospitalizations from “flu-like symptoms”

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Maybe Fox News is counting on Tucker Carlson to build their credibility with his special reports which are available at a separate site.

Then, when Fox News puts out information that sides with Big Pharma or does not allow Mike Lindell to advertise his cyber-symposium, then people won’t question Fox News because they trust Tucker Carlson.

It’s just a thought.  I can’t prove that.  But if they will let Tucker Carlson talk about some real news at his new site, why won’t Fox News allow the truth about the vaccines at the main site?   I’m not talking about occasional news bites.  I’m talking about hours and hours of exposure by whistleblowers.  And maybe they do, I don’t watch Fox News that much, but when I do, I don’t get the sense that they are on par with Alex Jones at

A quote.

Fox News is funded in major ways by Big Pharma, so it’s no wonder they push dangerous vaccines and faked studies (propaganda) on their network


So in this case, in my opinion, Fox News may be trying to link to Tucker Carlson’s truthful reporting in other areas, in order to try to slip by their own lies in reporting on Covid.  If they can get people to trust Tucker Carlson, they may be trying to slide in their own credibility levels in other areas by relying on him.

Maybe?  I can’t prove it is, but you can’t prove it isn’t.

The thing is, Fox News should report all the news, and not avoid news that might hurt their advertising base.  Maybe they need a new advertising base if the one they use is hindering them from reporting the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  And we need many minutes and hours of reporting, not an occasional “truth bite”.

Why not have the level of reporting that Alex Jones does at,, and on FoxNews?  Why not have the hour long (or longer) interviews with whistleblowers on the main Fox News site?   Alex Jones does it.  Why not Fox News?   Just asking.

Will FoxNews run a rerun of Mike Lindell’s cyber symposium special?   That would take 3 days.

Just asking.

Now maybe they do on a paid site somewhere, but what about on their unpaid news site?

Of course, FoxNews is better than CNN, but I think even Fox News can up their game.

Infowars has set a standard the mainstream media, including Fox News, needs to follow.


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