Repost: Emergency Saturday Transmission! Biden Administration Preparing Forced Injections

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…A warning light for the country…There’s been record suicides over the world…the number of veterans committing suicide went from 20 something to 40 something a day, an all time record…we’ve seen record levels of suicides in teens and young people locked up in their houses and I know the humiliation and the anger of being told that you are not essential, being cut off from your friends and family is a form of torture under the Geneva Convention, the Nurmeberg Code and so when I tell you this, I say this to myself and I’m really trying to figure out how to manage this and not let the righteous anger destroy me in the process of taking out the globalists because what they’ve been doing is so over the top and I knew it was coming down the road but the fact that it’s happening so quickly means that they’ve moved their whole time table up. They are announcing Lockdown II, they are preparing that here in the US, already happened in Europe, they’re announcing jail time if you leave your house without the deadly innoculations. They’re announcing on our news that yeah, we’ve been reading all your text messages for a long time. The Democratic Party has, with Big Tech, and a consortsium and I’m going to show you the documents in a moment, with the Rockefeller Foundation and the Carnegie Endowment as well as Bill Gates, Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), and the ADL, run by the Democratic Party, just like the Communist Party in Cuba or North Korea or China runs the media. They have announced that the Party is going to decide what election news can be out and what vaccine news or lockdown news can be out and a month ago put out the new national counterterrorism strategy of the President, the puppet President, saying if you question the election or lockdowns or vaccines you are a terrorist and then I was reading all these new documents they put out against people criticizing lockdowns and the danger of vaccines that they are terrorists, that they are extremists, and I am going to show you those documents here in just a moment. So even though I have known that this is coming and even though I know that this is a real thing, we’ve talked about the New World Order, in the last week they’ve announced that the Vatican and the Australian Health Minister, and all of them, that this is a New World Order, that the United Nations is taking over. It’s just insane. And so it’s a real come to Jesus moment for all of us. But at the same time I’m not exposing these people to then make you be depressed or to make you feel like all is lost. It is better that we know what they are doing so that we can warn others and turn it around and stop it. That’s the good news. Because if we let it fully take over its end game strategy is a total forced depopulation operation that is again, out in the open. So when I give you that advice, understand, I am giving myself that advice at the same time. The old saying…when I point one finger at you three more are pointing back at me and the only way I can control this rage and I’ve been doing it for years is prayer and focusing and eating healthier and not letting the evil they are doing ever demoralize me but let yourself know this is all part of God’s plan, God is in control, and the globalists are barely winning by an inch right now and they are throwing everything they got at humanity right now because they want to stay in power and stay in control so all of this desperate abuse at authoritarianism is a sign of weakness, not strength. I intellectually know that, I spriritually know that. There’s an old saying, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Well, with me its the opposite. My flesh is right in there with my spirit, in fact, it’s saying, attack. I mean, my flesh is pissed. It knows it’s being dominated,…it knows it’s being enslaved, and it is like a bucking bronco in a cage and if you put a bucking bronco in a cage it’s going to end up basically breaking its legs, breaking its back. We can’t be those bucking broncos. We have that strength, speed, and anger for limited physical combat for the times it’s needed and that’s not where it is needed right now but I understand your rage. I understand your anger. I understand your dismay at how evil these people are and I’m asking you…I’m asking myself…been doing it all day…breathing exercises…and to not let ourselves get in that place that the enemy wants to push us into. That’s why they are sending out the contact tracers. That’s why they are trying to stir up all these fights. That’s why they are flaunting all this in our face. That’s why they’re on the news saying they’re going to read our text messages and control through the Democratic Party what we can say and can’t say and the emails are already pouring in. It’s already happening to everybody. You can’t share on whatsapp or most of these text messages now. You’ve got to share and they’ll end up banning that url soon as well. But, I mean, this is real tyranny like they have in Cuba or North Korea but more actually China because that’s where this model’s been tested of the social credit score and the total control. And what the people out there on the left need to know that pretend they are part of the system, you’re being enslaved by this as well. So pretending via Stockholm Syndrome, mass Stockholm Syndrome, mass psychology Stockholm Syndrome, a term I coined, you can make believe all day that you’re not being destroyed by this, but you are. And I kind of understand why you want to play around and pretend and why there’s Stockholm Syndrome, particularly in women do it, because you’ve been kidnapped, you’re being raped, you’re being controlled, you might as well just play along with it and convince yourself that’s it’s all right. I’m not defending the Japanese saying but they’re older than the term Stockholm Syndrome…names of well known thing in human psychology…well, if a woman is going to be raped and it’s inevitable, she might as well enjoy. Well, I’m not going to enjoy being raped by …while they write books that they want to depopulate us and they’re bringing in a world ID and they’re going to put a chip in me and they’re going to sterilize me, I mean they write books so the intelligensia all read this and get on board and pretend via mass Stockholm Syndrome that they are part of this as well. So let me do it this way. Let’s first get to the gigantic lie of Joe Biden and a huge lie as big or bigger, a string of lies by Jen Psaki, the White House Secretary…Obama minion, and let me just break both clips down now, and go to them consecutively without me cutting in…Let me just break both the clips down. Jen Psaki came out last week and said yeah, we are going to start reading all your text messages, we’re going to control what you can say, and then she just talked about how wonderful it was, the Democratic Party was partnering with all the Big Tech companies to do this on a scale of 1 to 10 tyranny, it’s an 11, it’s just take-your-breath-away out in the open. Wow. Of course they’ve been doing it a long time but now they are pissing in our face. This came out yesterday in a press conference, was asked by a Fox reporter about China, and suddenly she threw a 360, or 180, and says, oh yeah, they’ve been covering up the lab leak and all this when for the last year and a half if you talked about the lab leak you got banned on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube because the Democrats, now come out in documents, would flag thousands of people a day, including medical doctors, that they didn’t like saying that and the Democrats weren’t even in control of the Executive then but they were flagging medical disinformation because their guy, Fauci and Bill Gates and the rest of them ran the Wuhan Lab, ran the program, developing gain-a-function coronoavirus. That is a bad virus, it’s a poisonous virus. The virus replication isn’t what kills you over all. It’s the toxin of the replication of the spike protein but that’s a separate issue. They suppressed all that. Then they suppressed treatments to make Trump look bad. Then after they got into power they suppressed treatments for depopulation purposes and other purposes so the magnitude of what these technocrats are getting away with, that no General would ever get away with, that the NSA would never get away with, I mean the NSA said we’re going to watch all your text messages and correct them in live time and send you authoritative information and flag extremist stuff, you would say you have to have a warrant. This is the end of the world. The NSA would be disbanded. But when it’s just Jen Psaki up there going, yeah, we’re going to do it, it’s simply amazing….You can’t let anybody ask questions, you can’t have medical doctors criticizind what is going on and challenging the UN and challenging the official narratives that all have been proven to be lies about the virus being man made, exaggerating the numbers, suppressing all the treatments, sending people with covid into nursing homes to get higher death numbers, putting ventilators on people to get death numbers up, I mean, everything they have said from the PCR test being 94% false positive has been a lie and they are saying we don’t want any opposition to that …medical doctors and scientists, some of the most prestigious in the world, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., by letting them Facebook pages, most of which have already been taken down by Facebook, and by letting anybody communicate, there are family members that have died and other things, you’re killing people. Since when do you have an experimental thing forced on the public by multinational corporations, they’re trying to make it mandatory, they are making it mandatory in Europe and other areas, they’re spying on us, and then being able to question an experimental drug forced onto the market is killing people…she spins it, we are not spying on anybody…think on the level of the lie……I’m the one that had medical doctors on, virologists, epidemiologists, a year and a half ago that said, when they come out with a vaccine for a cold virus, it won’t work, and they’ll claim you need new ones every few months because there are new variants of cold viruses, there’s thousands every year, what are they saying now…it doesn’t work, we have a booster for the Delta variant, new variant, new variant, instead of a flu shot every year, they’re talking about 10 shots a year for covid, and most of the people sick and dying in the hospitals got the Pfzier or Moderna shot and they’re saying they are dying from new variants. What did medical doctors say on my show? They said when you give somebody a vaccine for something so common as a cold virus, and you do it for the protein jacket, now any time a regular cold virus hits you you are going to have an autoimmune response and get horribly sick but instead of explaining to them, hey, the vaccine gave you this illness, which is known to medical science, they simply tell you need more vaccines or injections and if you complain, they silence you….we are being gaslit by these criminals….

Romans 10:9 that if you will confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart, one believes resulting in righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made resulting in salvation. 11 For the Scripture says, “Whoever believes in him will not be disappointed.” 12 For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, and is rich to all who call on him. 13 For, “Whoever will call on the name of the Lord will be saved.”