Repost by Permission: US Navy Targets Biden As NATO Leader Proclaims “Trump Is The Man To Save World”

August 30, 2023

US Navy Targets Biden As NATO Leader Proclaims “Trump Is The Man To Save World

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A gobsmacking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Russian air defense repelled a mass attack of Ukrainian drones targeting civilians during the early morning hours, says this terrorist attack was quickly responded to by top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warning: “The vast majority of drones are targeted precisely at civilian facilities…We are continuing and will continue the special military operation in order to eradicate this threat to us”—a warming joined by Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova observing about this mass terrorist drone attack: “Obviously, these are the death throes of the Kiev regime; mindless hatred, malice and the lack of any prospects for their own development have engendered this type of terrorist activity…They have simply run out of options; it is a display of sheer futility”—all of which followed retired CIA analyst Larry Johnson assessing about puppet leader Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky yesterday: “Zelensky very well could be ousted in a coup within the next three to four weeks, because of the great disgruntlement among troops on the eastern front”.

Also during the early morning hours today, this report notes, puppet leader President Zelensky sent more of his forces to certain death, as the Ministry of Defense (MoD) reported: “At around midnight on 30 August, a naval aircraft of the Black Sea Fleet destroyed four military speedboats carrying a landing force of Ukrainian special operatives, numbering up to 50 men, in the waters of the Black Sea”—and were needless deaths preceded by the Russian Embassy in Washington lamenting: “The United States is waging war on Russia to the last Ukrainian”.

Most gravely concerning about the mass terrorist drone attack, this report continues, is the MoD investigating if some of them were launched from NATO nations Estonia and Latvia, which if proven would see Russia responding with massive strikes against all NATO nations—an investigation that follows European Union and NATO leader Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán proclaiming to America’s most trusted and popular newsman Tucker Carlson: “This is a very dangerous moment now…It should be obvious to everyone that the third world war is knocking on our door…Trump is the man to save the world and probably the human beings in the world as well”.

During his just released interview with Tucker Carlson, this report details, Prime Minister Orbán also most factually observed: “The administration of President Joe Biden misunderstands Russians if it expects economic sanctions and frontline losses to erode support for President Vladimir Putin…We cannot beat them…It’s impossible…They will not kill their leader, they will never give it up, they will keep together the country, and they’ll defend it”—a factual observation that followed Pope Francis telling the 10th All-Russian Catholic Youth Assembly in a video address: “Never forget your heritage…You are the descendants of great Russia: the great Russia of saints, rulers, the great Russia of Peter I, Catherine II, that empire – educated, great culture and great humanity…Never give up on this heritage…You are descendants of the great Mother Russia, step forward with it…And thank you – thank you for your way of being, for your way of being Russian”.

In response to Pope Francis encouraging Russian youths to remember their Christian heritage, this report notes, top President Zelensky aide Mikhail Podoliak declared in rage: “If we evaluate the Pope’s phrases with an open mind, we’ll see that they are an unconditional encouragement of aggressive imperialism, a praise for the bloody idea of the Russian world…It seems that the Pontiff, once again, has served as an instrument of Russian propaganda”—a rage equaled by President Donald Trump, who declared about President Zelensky puppet master Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden: “Crooked Joe Biden is not only dumb and incompetent, I believe that he has gone mad – a stark raving lunatic – with his horrible country threatening environmental open borders and DOJ, FBI weaponization policies…He is a mental catastrophe that is leading our country to hell that will end up in World War III because of this man and for no reason whatsoever”.

With Socialist Leader Biden having weaponized his government to destroy President Trump, this report continues, it doesn’t include the Office of Naval Intelligence, which is the oldest member of the United States. Intelligence Community, and is powerful and feared because it’s singularly controlled by the United States Navy—a power displayed in the “Revolt of the Admirals”, about which history records: “In the summer and fall of 1949, hearings of the House Armed Services Committee crackled with tension as U.S. Navy admirals went before Congress to defy their civilian leadership…America and its allies stood transfixed as a parade of famous admirals demonstrated fierce opposition to service unification, displayed hostility and contempt for the civilian leaders of the Defense Department, and condemned cuts made to the Navy budget”—and is a history worth remembering because of the recent American defense article “‘Sinking Our Future’: Biden’s Budget Cuts Funds to U.S. Navy As China Ramps Up Shipbuilding”, wherein it warned: “The Biden administration wants to enact sharp budget cuts to the U.S. Navy that would force it to prematurely retire almost a dozen ships and take offline critical missile systems that serve as a primary deterrent to Chinese aggression”.

In response to Socialist Leader Biden’s planned destruction of the United States Navy, this report details, top President Trump ally Vivek Ramaswamy released his bombshell open letter “A Viable Realism And Revival Doctrine” on Monday, wherein he vowed: “I look especially at our U.S. Navy, which has fallen into sad decline but will be a key target of strategic investment for my administration”—but will be a President Trump administration and see Ramaswamy as Vice President.

Not understood by many Americans, this report concludes, is that the secretive and powerful Office of Naval Intelligence also has full control over the United States Marine Corp, which are the land forces of the United States Navy—is important to note because of retired Colonel Greg Kelly of the United States Marine Corps Reserve, who served on active for 9 years as a combat fighter pilot—after retiring, Colonel Kelly became a war correspondent for Fox News, and was wounded by shrapnel to face while reporting from Iraq in 2003Colonel Kelly is now the most watched host on Newsmax—and last evening, two days after the Trump-Ramaswamy overture to the United States Navy, it saw Colonel Kelly warning the world on his Newsmax programme:

There is an audio tape, I am told, by people in the know, not necessarily in government, not necessarily out of government.

I can’t say too much, but there is incontrovertible evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption that is about to be made public.

It’s not going to happen tomorrow.  It’s not going to happen before Labor Day, but it will happen sometime between Labor Day and Halloween.

This tape will be made public.

I’m not sure by what entity at this point, but once it is heard, Joe Biden will have well, he’ll have only two options.  Number one, he will not be able to remain a candidate for the presidency, for re election.  It will be over and done with.  The only thing that he might be able to do, potentially, but probably not, is remain as president.

I am told this tape is that incriminating and they’re worried about it right now at the White House.

They know about it.  They know it’s out there.  There may be more than one.  And it makes a lot of sense.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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