Repost by Permission: Ukraine Admits Defeat As “The Whole World Is Turning Trump” Reality Stuns West

December 1, 2023

Ukraine Admits Defeat As “The Whole World Is Turning Trump” Reality Stuns West

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A compelling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev warning: “The West has entered a new phase of confrontation with Russia…The Anglo-Saxons unceremoniously impose neo-Nazi ideology on the Europeans in attempts to achieve their strategic aim – to dismember our country, to ruin the Russian world and to exterminate the peoples of Russia”, says this warning was followed by top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov assessing: “The US-centric world is coming to end, and the period of variety is approaching, including in international economic relations”, then Russian Ambassador Igor Morgulov to China observed: “The Russia-China relationship is a model of cooperation between major powers in the 21st century”.

To exterminate the peoples of Russia, this report notes, the socialist Western colonial powers ignited a proxy war using its corrupt puppet state Ukraine, about which Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu revealed today: “During the six months of the so-called counteroffensive, the enemy Ukraine lost over 125,000 people and 16,000 units of various weapons”—a revelation that follows the Kyiv Star reporting that around 400,000 Ukrainian troops have been killed in action on 5 September.

To put the present conflict into perspective, this report continues, so far the Ukrainians have lost the equivalent to the entire BritishFrenchGerman and Italian armies combined—in an admission of defeat, last evening puppet leader Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky told his peoples: “We wanted faster results…From that perspective, unfortunately, we did not achieve the desired results…And this is a fact…We have a new phase of war and that is a fact…Winter as a whole is a new phase of war”—Zelensky then announced the transition of the Ukrainian army from offensive operations to defense of the entire nationand in response to NATO denying membership for Ukraine, it saw Zelensky lamenting: “We do not know for sure how it will be…No one will tell you with certainty, whether we will be in NATO or whether we will not”.

As to why NATO won’t accept its puppet state Ukraine as a member, this report details, world-renowned American-Russian historical documentary film maker Igor Lopatonok most factually observed: “While NATO wants to disarm and dismember Russia, its members are actually very afraid of a direct war with Moscow they know they cannot win…That is why, despite Kiev’s failing position, they will continue to refuse its demands to join the alliance and make Ukrainians fight NATO’s war for it”.

While presiding over America’s latest failed war in Ukraine, this report notes, United States Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Charles Brown Jr. issued a warning in a letter to members of the Senate Appropriations Committee, saying the military will face a $5.8 billion shortfall in personnel funding if Congress does not pass a full-year spending bill, and warned recruiting of fresh troops would have to be slowed—in the recently released Military Times article “Big Bonuses, Relaxed Policies, New Slogan: None Of It Saved the Military from a Recruiting Crisis In 2023”, saw it revealing: “Despite a barrage of hefty bonuses, loosened and more progressive enlistment requirements, and even the creation of innovative pre-boot camp programs, the U.S. military mostly fell short in efforts to bring more Americans into the services over the past year — and it’s unclear how or when that will change”—all of which followed the American think tank Heritage Foundation releasing its document “The Rise Of Wokeness In The Military”, wherein it warningly assessed: “Wokeness in the military is being imposed by elected and appointed leaders in the White House, Congress, and the Pentagon who have little understanding of the purpose, character, traditions, and requirements of the institution they are trying to change…Wokeness in the military has become ingrained…And unless the policies that flow from it are illegal or directly jeopardize readiness, senior military leaders have little alternative but to comply…Woke ideology undermines military readiness in various ways…It undermines cohesiveness by emphasizing differences based on race, ethnicity, and sex. It undermines leadership authority by introducing questions about whether promotion is based on merit or quota requirements…It leads to military personnel serving in specialties and areas for which they are not qualified or ready…And it takes time and resources away from training activities and weapons development that contribute to readiness”.

At the same time members of the Senate Appropriations Committee were reading Joint Chiefs Chairman General Brown’s warning letter to fund the American military, this report continues, the article “Weaponization Committee: Michael Shellenberger Reveals US And UK Military’s Leading Role In Censoring American Speech And Targeting Trump Supporters” shockingly revealed: “Earlier this week Michael Shellenberger revealed that a whistleblower recently stepped forward with documented evidence on the origins of the Censorship Industrial Complex following the election of President Donald Trump in 2016 and the passage of Brexit in the UK…On Thursday, Michael Shellenberger described to the Weaponization Committee how the US and UK military played a leading role in the establishment of the Government Censorship Complex”—a shocking revelation joined by America’s most trusted and popular newsman Tucker Carlson declaring: “You cannot allow the regime, the President of the United States, to use the Justice Department to knock the front runner out of the race…You can’t do that…So it’s bigger than Trump…It’s bigger than Biden…It’s a question you know, do you want to live in a free country with a functioning justice system?…And so I’m voting for Trump…And if they convict him, I will send him the max donations, and I will lead protests…That’s how I feel”.

Most certainly stunning the godless socialist Western colonial powers, this report concludes, is the reality just revealed by famed American conservative television host Wayne Root, who, in his just released open letter “How Did Trump Become Superman, Batman, Elvis & The Beatles Rolled Into One?”, most factually observed:

Trump isn’t just winning big in America…he’s spreading!

A Trump clone (Javier Milei) was just elected as President of Argentina.  A Trump clone (Geert Wilders) was just elected as the leader of the Netherlands.   A Trump clone (Conor McGregor) is the new nationalist hero of Ireland, defending the Irish people from foreign invasion- and he may also become the next Prime Minister.

A Trump clone was even elected Mayor of Charleston, South Carolina this week- the first Republican elected since 1877.

You’ve heard the song, “I’m turning Japanese, I really think so”.  Well, the new hit single is “The whole world is turning Trump, I really think so”.

Everywhere in America and all over the world, Trump is spreading.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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