Repost by Permission: Twitter Exposes “Empire Of Lies” After West Shatters Global Energy Markets

December 3, 2022

Twitter Exposes “Empire Of Lies” After West Shatters Global Energy Markets

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A compelling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov revealing about an upcoming meeting between President Putin and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko: “It is possible that the event is general, it is being coordinated now, when it is agreed, we will inform”, says this revelation follows President Lukashenko warning: “Ukraine is trying to use any pretext to draw troops from NATO member states into the conflict with Russia”—a warning that followed top NATO military leader Lithuanian Chief of Defense Lieutenant General Valdemaras declaring: “American forces are combat ready on the Russian border are ready to fight immediately”—and as the world stands on the brink of World War III, yesterday it saw European Union Parliament member Clare Daly factually reminding her fellow lawmakers: “The NATO intervention in Libya, carried out in the name of protecting freedom, democracy and human rights, is one we’d do well to remember as NATO plays out its proxy war in Ukraine in the name of, you’ve guessed it, freedom, democracy and human rights…What happens after NATO intervenes in your country on this basis?…Terror, death, lawlessness, rape, poverty, starvation…Libya is a country riven by conflict, its economy shattered, its population – formerly the wealthiest in Africa – ridden and mired in poverty…Migrants are bought and sold in slave markets…It’s a country of mass graves, of crimes against humanity…This is NATO’s legacy”.

After it was revealed this past week that the European Union boosted imports of Russian liquefied natural gas by 42% between January-October 2022, this report notes, yesterday it saw European Union officials setting a Russian oil price cap at $60 a barrel—in quick response, top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated: “Now we are analyzing…Some preparation was carried out for such a ceiling….We will not accept this ceiling, and we will provide further information on how the work will be organized after the review”—is Russian oil that costs $20 a barrel to produce, and it was previously factually reported: “Russia has made it crystal clear that it won’t sell crude to those implementing the measure…Earlier this month, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak specified that in the case that the cap comes into affect, Russia would either redirect its crude supply to market-oriented partners or slash production”.

Immediately upon European Union officials setting their price cap, this report continues, the Italian government placed a refinery in Sicily owned by Russia’s largest private oil company, Lukoil, under state trusteeship with plans to steal it with nationalization, but without Russian oil will have to close and lay off thousands of workers—is socialist Western colonial energy suicide joined Germany’s largest gas importer Uniper comically claiming Russian energy giant Gazprom owes it billions-of-dollars for undelivered natural gas, that couldn’t be delivered because of sanctions and the West blew up the Nord Stream pipelines—while watching the socialist Western colonial powers commit energy suicide it caused Deputy Chairman Ivan Abramov of the Federation Council’s Committee on Economic Policy to factually assess about this idiotic price cap: “The consequences of such a decision are obvious: it will lead to a booming demand, disruptions of supply chains and the explosive growth of fuel prices across the globe”—and was an assessment joined by the Russian Embassy in the United States issuing the statement: “With a tenacity worthy of a better application, the collective West is trying to resolve the issues it itself impetuously created…In fact, we are witnessing a reshaping of the basic principles of free markets…Moreover, from now on no country is immune to the introduction of all sorts of “caps” on its exports, rolled out for political reasons…Regardless of the current flirtations with the dangerous and illegitimate instrument, we are confident that Russian oil will continue to be in demand”.

Quickly after the price cap was announced, this report details, the Indian Oil Ministry announced it would continue to purchase Russian crude oil even after the embargo and price cap go into effect on 5 December—an announcement that joins China purchasing Russian oil to such an extent that Russia had to boost production—a boost in production explained in just published economic articles like “The U.S. Shale Boom Is Officially Over”, wherein it reveals: “With shale production facing headwinds, OPEC has regained its position as the world’s swing producer”—and is an OPEC that is now mulling even deeper production cuts to skyrocket the price of oil.

Virtually unknown to the Western peoples, this report notes, is that European insurers and shipping firms have long had a “vice-like hold” on energy markets, with fully 95% of property and indemnity insurance for all oil tankers handled by firms from the United Kingdom and the European Union—is a “vice-like hold” on oil tankers the socialist Western colonial powers foolishly believes will enforce the price cap on Russian oil—today it sees experts at the London Economist warning: “The European Union oil price cap may result in violent spikes…Everything depends on how Moscow responds…The Kremlin could cut its oil exports, relying on a smaller group of non-Western tankers and insurers, and sending global prices spiraling”—a warning quickly joined by the Wall Street Journal economic article “Russia Will Rely On ‘Shadow’ Tanker Fleet to Keep Oil Flowing”, wherein it describes the “massive shadow tanker fleets” all around the world, and cites one expert stating: “You’re starting a new kind of shipping market, in parallel to the normal compliant market that most of us are operating within”—in knowing that Russian oil is unstoppable, is why British global energy giant BP still owns a 19.75% stake in Russian oil production giant Rosneft, which just gave BP a £580 million dividend payment—and in knowing what’s soon to come as the socialist Western colonial powers commit energy suicide, it was just reported: “Switzerland may become the first country to limit the use of electric vehicles (EVs) in a bid to ensure energy security this winter”.

In attempting to understand the psychology of the socialist American oligarchs leading the Western world to ruin, this report continues, Pulitzer Prize winning Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, in her just published article “Psychos In The C-Suite”, assessed about them this week:

While they don’t seem to feel shame, they are preoccupied with being thought of as highly moral.

It is my impression we’re making more psychopaths.  I can’t back this up with statistics because doctors don’t write “total psycho” on the diagnosis line.  Psychopathy isn’t a diagnostic category and is largely viewed as part of a cluster of antisocial personality disorders.

But doctors commonly use the term and it has defined characteristics.  The American Psychological Association calls it a chronic disposition to disregard the rights of others.

Manifestations include a tendency to exploit, to be deceitful, to disregard norms and laws, to be impulsive and reckless, and, most important, to lack guilt, remorse and empathy.

The APA has reported 15% to 25% of prison inmates show characteristics of psychopathology, far more than in the general adult population.

But that’s where I see growth.  Subtle psychopaths, the kind who don’t stab you, are often intelligent, charming and accomplished.  I confine myself to the business sphere, leaving out the equally rich field of politics.

I don’t know if Elon Musk fits in this category.  I hope he’s an eccentric genius with a moral core and not a psychopath.  We’ll find out! It’s good he’s in space.  His buying Twitter has excited lots of people, frightened others.

If he merely changes that public square from an entity of the left to an open entity, good.  We’ll see how content moderation goes.  But many conservatives see him as a kind of savior. Is he?

Saviors by definition save others.

In a bid to figure out the “eccentric genius” versus “psychopath” questions about Twitter’s new owner, this report details, French President Emmanuel Macron and Twitter CEO Elon Musk met yesterday to discuss the social media giant’s compliance with European legislation—a meeting followed by Twitter allowing it to be posted that data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that vaccinated and boosted people made up most of the COVID-19 deaths in August—shortly after which a flood articles appeared like “Musk Releases ‘Hunter Biden’ Files: Tweets Deleted At Behest Of Team Biden, Exec Was Key Behind Censorship Decision”, wherein it was shockingly revealed: “Twitter CEO Elon Musk released information through journalist Matt Taibbi Friday afternoon showing that Twitter was working in conjunction with then-Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s team, removing tweets that team Biden wanted deleted…Taibbi’s post shows that on October 24, team Biden asked for five tweets to be removed…According to Andrew Kerr of the Washington Free Beacon, those tweets were either drug-related photos of Hunter Biden or pornographic photos of him…Musk said that he decided to release the information because it was “necessary to restore public trust” in the platform after it censored the New York Post’s bombshell report about Hunter Biden’s laptop just weeks before the 2020 presidential election”.

On 4 February 2021, this report notes, the leftist publication Time Magazine published its article “The Secret History Of The Shadow Campaign That Saved The 2020 Election”, wherein it gloated about and documented the massive conspiracy between socialist Democrats, big tech giants and the entire American leftist media establishment to rig the election with censorship of truth and outright lies in order to defeat President Donald Trump—is a beyond stunning article important to remember because not a single leftist media outlet in America reported on the shocking revelations just released by Twitter, which includes the radical leftist and very powerful Vox Media, but who did report today: “Under Elon Musk’s leadership, journalists have even more of a love-hate relationship with the platform…while many prominent journalists have raised concerns about Musk’s actions — and some have shifted to new social media platforms like Mastodon and Post — few have abandoned Twitter altogether”.

Those inhabiting Twitter, this report continues, are best exampled today by privileged white elite university socialist indoctrinated journalist Eve Fairbanks, who, in her just published Wired article “We’re in Denial About The True Cost Of A Twitter Implosion”, most stunningly reveals:

Elon Musk’s platform may be hell, but it’s also where huge amounts of reputational and social wealth are invested.  All of that is in peril.

If we judge Twitter’s influence by its active users, we underestimate it massively.

It has no peer as a forge of public opinion.  In political analysis, publishing, public health, foreign policy, economics, history, the study of race, even in business and finance, Twitter has come to drive who gets quoted in the press.  Who opines on TV.  Who gets a podcast.

In foreign affairs and political analysis, especially, it often determines whom we consider an authority.

Almost every academic and journalist I know has come to read Twitter, even if they don’t have accounts.

Huge” Twitter users were those with nearly a million followers or more, a minute subsection of journalists.

Tens of thousands of American aspiring writers were publishing and tweeting in no small part to juice the interest of a tiny set of elite opinion makers.  These Twitter super-users became the unacknowledged class that determined which events and ideas were considered important in America.

Twitter taught us things.  We’ve learned we can dare to enter spaces—rooms where the gentry are speaking—we might not have tried to get into before.  And at the same time, we’ve learned that the way to be heard and make a difference is to amplify other ideas instead of coming up with our own.

We’ve learned that everything is shocking, unbelievable, unprecedented—and, simultaneously, that nothing really matters.

In response to the insane leftist American media establishment which “learned that the way to be heard and make a difference is to amplify other ideas instead of coming up with our own”, this report concludes, top Kremlin media advisor Dmitry Kosyrev, in his just released open letter “The Empire Of Lies Turned Out To Be An Empire Of Superfluous People”, observed:

He fired 60 percent of the entire staff … The “atrocities” of billionaire Elon Musk in the corporation he bought Twitter have become a familiar topic of discussion in the United States and beyond.

Do you think that the main topic of such a discussion is still freedom of speech? But no longer. That is, it is clear that Musk’s fight against the censorship of the Democrats on the “platform of a free exchange of opinions” is still a topic. But there were completely new stories like “what did they all do at work?“.

Oddly enough, Musk fires not so much and not only those who closed the accounts of people with wrong opinions (he just started with this).  If only because the censors were not quite alive. Catching those who disagreed with democratic thought was carried out for the most part by a computer. This is how the empire of lies works – it’s not always your personal struggle with people who disagree with you: you argued, well, like on television discussions, and got a kick. No, you are being censored by a search engine for banned phrases.

And what is happening now with Musk is called differently – and this is a problem to the same extent for Russia as for America. Apparently, this is a problem of certain economic models. Brownstone Institute director and economist Geoffrey Tucker puts it this way: look, three out of five are fired, and the platform is performing better than before, the workload has grown, a lot of accounts have been unfrozen, and all sorts of different opinions have blossomed. And nothing collapses.

Then what were all those countless thousands of people doing in front of the screen?

What they did was prove their usefulness by showing up to work and participating in a lot of stupid meetings. At best, they did not interfere with the work of those who worked, but there were also worse cases – and many.

Then there was a change in style – lockdowns. People went remote and continued to participate in meetings via corporate mail for some time. Oddly enough, in such a situation, those who did something specific became more noticeable. But those who did nothing did not interfere much and did not burden the budget, because the American financial system tried to fight the coronavirus by distributing empty money to everyone until it played out to the current inflation and other disasters. Here the money became more expensive, and it seems that the dismissal of “extra people” by Musk turned out to be just a well-known manifestation of a problem that has now affected not only the United States.

It is that at least one generation of people has grown up who never knew what work is. First of all, this is the same “big figure”, funds and institutions, other – pardon the expression – the service sector. And now there (not only at Musk) there are layoffs. However, in many industries where people really work, there is a shortage of labor. So the fired have a chance to learn how to do something.

Now – attention – the question is: what does this seemingly purely economic situation have to do with the problem of censorship, that is, with throwing everyone who is not a democrat to the sidelines of the mainstream? That is, it is one thing – the very empire of lies, which consists of far more than just Twitter and which, from the university to parliaments and governments, builds the necessary set of facts, slogans and beliefs, as it were. And another thing is the situation when in those very industries related to the empire of lies, a lot of people were revealed who were incomprehensibly busy with what. So are these two problems or one?

There are no ready-made answers, especially such that even the empire of lies would recognize them.  But there are observations.

First, let’s remember all the known problems, first of all, the American education system, which churns out a huge number of people with low-quality liberal arts diplomas. And let us note that in this system the same semi-educated people or, if you like, the same people teach, without whom it is quite possible to do without.

Secondly, these semi-educated people are committed to the ideology that is still called democratic, not only because “it was taught that way.” And also because the value system of such an ideology implies that it is normal to sit behind a screen for no reason and receive money, that is, in fact, indirectly live on benefits from those people who really work. If you are black at the same time – a privileged class – then even more so, but this is already an American and, to a lesser extent, European feature.

Thirdly, many of these characters are quite sincerely ready to censor an alien and disagreeing world – simply in order to increase the security around them. It is scary to leave this circle both in your own country, and even more so in a large and complex world, where there are continuous challenges, for example, Russia or China , and many dozens of countries where, as you know, there is a jungle, and here is a well-groomed garden. Therefore, the entry into this garden of any information that would show this world as it is is a threat. Which is easiest to eliminate simply by throwing it out of sight, that is, off the platform.

Fourth: since this special category of IT people and other similar individuals work in companies or funds with a global scale, it is very difficult for such people to realize that there is their own country, its citizenship, the need to protect and protect this country. Such partial or other mobilizations are not happy and are ready to run away to the comfort zone, without even noticing that it is far from the real home.

And the last thing: it is clear that in the USA such people vote for the Democrats, in Europe – for the Social Democrats and the like. And they do not even understand voters with other views, they call them immoral horror and other expressions.

Elon Musk, of course, is a strange phenomenon of our time, although he would fit perfectly into other eras when the world was teeming with adventurers, pioneers and other passionaries. But in this case, he was hardly going to start a global revolution in the labor market. He just came to his new company, saw that the main part of its personnel expected “atrocities” from him because of ideological differences (they themselves would have done the same).

And he asked an obvious question in such a situation: what exactly did all these people do, how irreplaceable are they? I issued a warning: you will work overtime and do impossible things for me. Then thousands ran away from him themselves, uttering the right words about ideological pressure.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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