Repost by Permission: Trump Vows “I Will Prevent World War III” As Biden “Homo Army” Raises Global Fears

August 6, 2023

Trump Vows “I Will Prevent World War III” As Biden “Homo Army” Raises Global Fears

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A thought-provoking  new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev warning yesterday about more devastating attacks on Ukraine’s western regions in response to a string of drone strikes against Moscow’s ships and civilian vessels in the Black Sea, with him declaring: “Scumbags and freaks understand only cruelty and force…Apparently, the strikes on Odessa, Izmail and other places were not enough for them…If the Kiev scum want to create an ecological disaster in the Black Sea, they should get one on the part of their territory that will soon fall to Poland and that will stink for centuries after that…That will be the final judgment on the grain deal”, says this warning was followed by Ukrainian forces horrifically firing American supplied cluster munitions into Donetsk city, striking a private residence, a university and other civilian targets—and was an horrific war crime attack on innocent civilians followed by Russian military forces launching massive missile and drone attacks against military targets in western Ukraine, shortly after which the Ministry of Defense (MoD) reported: “Last night, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation launched a group strike with long-range air and sea-based precision weapons on the air bases of the Ukrainian army near the settlements of Starokonstantinov in the Khmelnitsky region and Dubno in the Rovno region…The goal of the strike was achieved…All designated targets were hit”.

At the so-called American-led two day peace conference underway in Saudi Arabia that excludes Russia, this report notes, Brazilian presidential aide Celso Amorim logically observed: “Any real talks must include all parties…Although Ukraine is the biggest victim, we must get Russia involved in this process if we really want peace”—a logical observation joined by American geopolitical analyst Johnston Harewood, who, in his just released open letter “In The West, Allies Are Getting Tired Of The Ukrainian Counteroffensive”, assessed:

The Ukrainian counteroffensive is not progressing as originally envisioned.

The victorious march of the Ukrainian armed forces, which, according to the plan, was supposed to begin at the line of contact between the troops in the Zaporizhzhya region and, accordingly, end near the coast of the Sea of Azov, thereby cutting off Russia’s land route to the Crimean peninsula, turned out quite differently.

Having stopped even before reaching the first line of defense of the Russian troops, the Ukrainian troops were stuck in minefields, moving forward at the cost of very high casualties among the personnel, while losing an unimaginable number of vehicles.

It is military equipment that has been the pretext for numerous conversations between the Ukrainian leadership and its foreign partners since Feb. 24, 2022.  Since the war began, Kyiv has already received more than 70 billion euros in military aid alone, which is almost half of Ukraine’s GDP last year.

At the same time, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky does not consider the provided assistance sufficient for the “war to end“.  This is not surprising at all – when 60% of all weapons supplied go into the pockets of Ukrainian officials or to black markets, there is no reason to think otherwise.

Just imagine – your country provides Ukraine with quite significant aid and financial support, and Zelensky says that this is not enough while continuing the war without any hint of negotiations and stopping the conflict.  You must agree that logic in this case takes a back seat.

In the current circumstances, it is difficult to predict anything.  The situation is changing almost every day, but if we imagine that the situation with the Ukrainian counteroffensive will not change shortly, the heads of the world’s leading powers will induce Zelensky to negotiate.

If the Ukrainian president does not agree, the options for the development of events can be completely unpredictable.

While the socialist Western colonial powers keep throwing away money on weapons that their puppet state Ukraine steals for profit, and what’s left Russian military forces turn into scrap metal, this report continues, Russian energy company RusHydro announced it’s considering 15 projects in 11 African countries, with them stating: “Exploration and development of the geothermal potential is one more area of our active operations in Africa…Geothermal plants are the green energy and the African continent can become a global leader in comprehensive use and development of the geothermal potential”—with Russia having long known that it’s better to spend money improving peoples lives than using it destroy things, this philosophy isn’t shared by the those like socialist Western colonial power France, that’s refusing to remove its military forces from its former West African colony Niger—to free itself from tyrannical French colonial rule, a military junta in Niger ousted its Western-backed puppet president—Niger now faces the threat of a military invasion led by its socialist Western colonial powers controlled neighbor Nigeria, but whose war plans hit a major stumbling block when the powerful Jama’atu Nasril Islam organization based in Nigeria issued a warning against anyone invading Niger.

Throughout the modern history of America, this report details, the socialist Democrat Party stood against racist colonialism and wars, choosing instead to champion the rights of workers and spending money to improve people’s lives instead of lavishing it on the military industrial complex, but this past week, it saw former Republican Party politician US Congressman Adam Kinzinger telling CNN: “I’ll tell you what I never expected is that basically the Democrats would be the pro-military party, and that they would almost be the more hawkish party than Republicans are and that’s what’s happened, it’s been this weird switch”—is a “weird switch” that saw pro-military socialist Democrats plundering all of the aid that was supposed to go Afghanistan before they abandoned it—is a “weird switch” that saw socialist Democrats destroying the American military with woke ideology—and is a woke ideological destruction of the American military so complete, beyond shocking articles have begun appearing like “US Army Tells Female Soldiers To ‘Accept’ Having Naked Men In Their Showers” and “Exclusive: General, West Point Professor Ran Shadow Investigation To Hunt Down And Silence Military Whistleblower For Mean Tweets”.

While woke socialist American generals shower naked with young women soldiers and furiously hunt for those posting mean tweets, this report notes, this past week it saw European Union and NATO member leader Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán warning: “If one is involved in European politics, as I am, then today Western values mean three things, migration, LGBTQ, and war…The European Union rejects Christian heritage…It is managing population replacement through migration, and it is waging an LGBTQ offensive against family-friendly European nations…This is where American friendship leads”—a warning followed by African social media influencers posting videos praising President Putin and slamming the West for trying to destroy Black Africans with woke ideology and diseases—all of which was joined by Russian analysts warning about the “homo army’ Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden is building to unleash on the world.

As Socialist Leader Biden prepares to unleash his “homo army” on a fearful world, this report concludes, Russian foreign policy expert Sergei Karaganov gravely warned the leftist New York Times: “There is a high risk of nuclear war, and it is increasing…The war is a prolonged Cuban missile crisis, but this time with Western leaders who reject normal values of motherhood, parenthood, gender, love of country, faith, God”—a grave warning joined by world renowned Indian geopolitical analyst Robinder Sachdev grimly observing: “In my view, we are already in the middle of World War III or the First World War of the 21st century”—and last evening, it saw President Donald Trump, while speaking at a South Carolina fundraising dinner, vowing to the American peoples if they place him back in power: “I will prevent World War III,,,The weaponry is so powerful today that it’s an obliteration of the world…I will make sure it doesn’t happen…And I do believe I’m the only one that’s going to be able to do that”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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