Repost by Permission: Trump Raises Staggering $200 Million Since “Thrill Kill” Conviction Now Heading To “13th Juror”

June 3, 2024

Trump Raises Staggering $200 Million Since “Thrill Kill” Conviction Now Heading To “13th Juror

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An insightful new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko warningly observing about the socialist Western colonial Ukrainian Proxy War against Russia: “We are aware that Western countries are moving to escalate…Therefore, all measures that are necessary on our part will be taken in order to neutralize threats associated with this escalation”, says this warning observation was joined by socialist Biden Regime top national security spokesman John Kirby declaring: “We’ve been concerned about escalation since the very beginning of this war…And those concerns remain valid…The president has said he does not want to be responsible for starting World War III…We’re not looking for a conflict with Russia, another nuclear power”.

For a socialist Biden Regime now claiming that it’s not “looking for a conflict with Russia”, this report notes, the factual reality remains that its NATO military block is “100% Involved” in aiming and approving Ukrainian long-range missile strikes deep inside Russia—is a socialist Biden Regime that suddenly announced it will conduct test firings of Minuteman III nuclear armed intercontinental ballistic missiles this week on 4 and 6 June—and is a socialist Biden Regime that just put out an order for several books by Western researchers on Russian and Chinese military strategies, that includes “Strategiya: The Foundations of the Russian Art of Strategy” by Ofer Fridman, a lecturer at King’s College London; “Russian Grand Strategy in the Era of Global Power Competition” by Andrew Monaghan; and “Putin’s War on Ukraine: Russia’s Campaign for Global Counter-Revolution” by Samuel Ramani—also on the list is “The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China”, accompanied by two more books on the combat application of artificial intelligence and space warfare—and the Pentagon expects to purchase 600 copies of each book by mid-June.

Following the German news agency DPA revealing yesterday: “Saudi Arabia will not attend the Swiss-hosted peace conference on Ukraine in June because Russia will not be represented”, this report continues, corrupt Ukrainian illegitimate President Vladimir Zelensky slammed China because it will also not be attending the sham so-called peace conference: “Russia, using Chinese influence on the region, using Chinese diplomats also, does everything to disrupt the peace summit…It is unfortunate that such a big, independent, powerful country as China is an instrument in the hands of Putin”.

After ill advisedly calling China a puppet nation, this report details, illegitimate President Zelensky then raged about President Donald Trump: “Does he want to be a loser president later?…Let’s imagine what happens if Trump becomes president and decides to end the war at the expense of Ukraine…Let’s imagine that after this Putin will go further – then this new US president will be seen as weak, and this does not speak merely of his personality, but of the US government, they will be perceived as weak…Then other authoritarian leaders will enter the arena…And this will be the beginning of exactly what everyone is so afraid of – the third World War”.

For anyone deluding themselves into believing President Trump “will be seen as weak”, this report notes, they need only have watched his interview with Fox & Friends Weekend yesterday, wherein he revealed he’s prepared to go to jail and proclaimed: “You don’t beg for anything”—a proclamation that followed the American legal article “Kangaroo Court Convicts Trump Following Soviet Show Trial In New York City”—and was a Soviet Show Trial conviction of President Trump immediately followed by the United States Secret Service announcing: “Today’s outcome has no bearing on the manner in which the United States Secret Service carries out its protective mission, our security measures will proceed unchanged”.

Supporting the factual unwavering strength of President Trump, this report continues, is the just released article “Trump Campaign Raises Staggering $200 Million Since Thursday Conviction”, wherein it revealed: “If Democrats needed further confirmation that prosecuting Donald Trump on an obscure misdemeanor elevated to a felony just for him… (while the same DA reduced 60% of felonies to misdemeanors last year), the Trump campaign has raised over $200 million since Thursday’s verdict in the former president’s New York ‘hush money’ trial…Of that, $70 million was from small donors, and 30% of the total were first-time donors to a political campaign, Eric Trump told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday”.

Standing between President Trump and the jail cell his demonic socialist enemies are attempting to throw him into, this report concludes, are the legal facts documented in articles like “Bragg’s Thrill Kill In Manhattan Could Prove Short-Lived On Appeal” and “Looming Over Trump’s Conviction: Reversal By The ‘13th Juror’”—the legal article “Trump’s Accelerated Pathway To The U.S. Supreme Court” observed: “Mark Levin, Landmark’s Chairman of the Board, has proposed a unique theory as to how Donald Trump should appeal yesterday’s verdict in the New York falsification of business records case…Mark noted that that the verdict of guilty on all counts is criminalizing events and activities that are not illegal, to the point we don’t know what they are”—and the legal article “Can The Supreme Court Intervene After Trump’s Conviction? Legal Experts Say Yes” assessed:

The guilty verdict against former President Donald Trump reached by a Manhattan jury on Thursday could ultimately be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court, legal experts said.

Trump was convicted on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in an unprecedented verdict against the presumptive Republican presidential nominee just months before the 2024 election.

The verdict is likely to be appealed by Trump’s legal team, however, and experts say the final decision in Trump’s hush-money trial could come down to a ruling from the highest court in the land.

Attorney Roger Severino, who is the vice president of Domestic Policy and the Joseph C. and Elizabeth A. Anderlik fellow at the Heritage Foundation, told “Morning Wire” on Friday that Trump’s legal team could make “constitutional arguments that his right to a fair trial was violated”.

And the Constitution means something”, Severino added. “It means, if anything, you cannot jail political opponents because you don’t like what the American people are going to vote for”.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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