Repost by Permission: Somebody Whispered In Biden’s Good Ear “You Can Do Better Than Hitler, Sir”

July 13, 2023

Somebody Whispered In Biden’s Good Ear “You Can Do Better Than Hitler, Sir

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A troubling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first notes Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov issued a grave warning to the warmongering socialist Western colonial powers: “By continuing to provide more sophisticated arms to Kiev, the United States and its NATO satellites create the risk of a direct armed confrontation with Russia, and this may lead to catastrophic consequences…The plans to supply F-16s to Kiev is yet another example of an escalatory move by the West and in itself is an extremely dangerous development…We have informed the nuclear powers – the United States, United Kingdom and France – that Russia can’t ignore the ability of these aircraft to carry nuclear weapons…No assurances by the West will help here…In the midst of fighting, the Russian military isn’t going to investigate whether any specific jet is equipped to deliver nuclear weapons or not…The very fact of the appearance of such systems within the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be considered by us as a threat from the West in the nuclear domain”.

In response to the NATO Summit Communiqué, this report notes, Foreign Minister Lavrov assessed: “The NATO statement further justifies Russia’s efforts to oppose modern forms of colonialism and to advocate international relations based on respect…People in NATO are obviously not prepared for the same approach…Delusion of grandeur is expressed in all actions of the NATO leadership, as well as member states, frankly speaking…Everybody sees that”—an assessment joined by the Foreign Ministry most factually observing: “The collective West led by the United States is not willing to accept the formation of a multipolar world and intends to defend its hegemony by all available means, including military ones…What the West calls the rules-based order is nothing but a license they granted themselves to violate international law, and has nothing to do with the United Nations, which NATO frequently invokes”.

Two weeks ago, this report continues, Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden dementedly said about President Putin: “It’s hard to tell, but he is clearly losing the war in Iraq”—in trying again at the NATO Summit to remember whom Russia is fighting against, Socialist Leader Biden declared yesterday: “Russia could end this war tomorrow by ceasing its inhumane attacks on Russia!”—a demented declaration followed by articles like “Biden Confuses Ukraine With Russia, Zelenskyy With Putin During Gaffe-Filled Trip To Lithuania”—was a demented declaration made by Socialist Leader Biden on the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Kursk, that remains the largest tank battle in history wherein Soviet-Russia obliterated Nazi German forces during World War II—an historic battle that took place in Ukraine where Soviet-Russian forces annihilated Nazi German armored equipment considered to be the best in the world—on this exact same Ukrainian battlefield today, it is overflowing with the burnt out remains of socialist Western colonial tanks and armored vehicles destroyed by Russian military forces, which caused Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodi to reveal: “The proposal to place burned military hardware near the embassies of those countries that send it to Ukraine is particularly interesting”—all of which is joined by the just published article Is Sleepy Joe Biden Trying To Outdo Hitler and History?”, wherein it observes:

Whoever devised this genius plan to create Operation Barbarossa 2 is not even as clever as a drugged Hitler on his worst day.

All that has happened is that the Russians are preparing again. Factories are shifting to creating T-14 Armata tanks instead of luxury Lada 4x4s.  Far from the front, the Russians ramp up their military complex as before.

For Westerners, we can only hope they do so for defensive rather than offensive operations.  As the fires of discontent burn in Paris and other European towns, there is nothing behind the Donetsk River to stop the Russians if they choose to widen their breathing space.

Kursk redux. I guess somebody whispered into Joe Biden’s good ear, “You can do better than Hitler, sir”.

Joining Socialist Leader Biden in the Orwellian world of “War is peace…Freedom is slavery…Ignorance is strength”, this report details, is former Vice President Mike Pence, who, in his just released open letter “Only Weapons Can End The Ukraine War”, proclaimed like a true socialist Western colonial warmonger: “Today, our highest goal for Ukraine must be for the restoration of peace as quickly as possible…And the fastest path to peace is a Ukrainian victory…We must provide Ukraine with the strength needed to secure peace”—an Orwellian warmongering proclamation quickly followed by the leftist New York Times reporting: “A group of right-wing House Republicans pushing to load up the annual defense bill with socially conservative policies on abortion, race and gender have another demand: severe restrictions on U.S. military support for Ukraine…The pressure has set the stage for a divisive floor fight beginning on Thursday over backing for the war effort just as President Biden tries to rally European allies to support Kyiv in its conflict with Russia”.

With NATO having spent years preparing for a proxy war in Ukraine against Russia, this report concludes, the hard-right Republicans abandoning Orwellian group think to oppose military aid to Ukraine know the truth exposed in analytical articles like “Here’s Why The US Will Almost Certainly Never Allow Ukraine To Join NATO”, wherein it observes: “Kiev has to face up to some bad news –  for the first time, NATO enlargement has become a threat to Washington itself”—and they most certainly know the truth exposed in the defense article “War Effort In Shambles As Hawks Turn On Each Other At NATO Summit”, wherein it assessed: “Well…The little comedian seems disappointed…As if the whole play had not been obvious from the very beginning…Since 2008 the Ukraine was to be used as a tool to nag Russia…It is otherwise of little value…It will end up as a discarded rag while NATO will, in the end, again recognize the Russian Federation as the super power that that it is…NATO will have to relearn to listen to and negotiate with it”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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