Repost by Permission: Rapidly Losing Faith Americans Push “Doomsday Clock” Closer To End Times

October 6, 2023

Rapidly Losing Faith Americans Push “Doomsday Clock” Closer To End Times

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A compelling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first notes President Putin addressed allied free world leaders and foreign diplomats at the 20th anniversary meeting of the Valdai International Discussion Club yesterday, where he first observed about the warmongering socialist Western colonial powers: “The United States and its satellites have taken a steady course towards hegemony in military affairs, politics, the economy, culture and even morals and values…Since the very beginning, it has been clear to us that attempts to establish a monopoly were doomed to fail…The world is too complicated and diverse to be subjected to one system, even if it is backed by the enormous power of the West accumulated over centuries of its colonial policy…The prosperity of the West has been achieved by robbing colonies for several centuries…This is a fact…Essentially, this level of development has been achieved by robbing the entire planet…The history of the West is essentially the chronicle of endless expansion…Western influence in the world is an immense military and financial pyramid scheme that constantly needs more “fuel” to support itself, with natural, technological and human resources that belong to others…This is why the West simply cannot and is not going to stop…Our arguments, reasoning, calls for common sense or proposals have simply been ignored”.

During his 3-hour address on the theme “Fair Multipolarity: How To Ensure Security And Development For Everyone”, this report notes, President Putin truthfully documented the entire history of socialist Western colonial powers proxy war using its corrupt puppet state Ukraine against Russia, and factually assessed: “This war, the one that the regime sitting in Kiev started with the vigorous and direct support from the West, has been going on for more than nine years, and Russia’s special military operation is aimed at stopping it…And it reminds us that unilateral steps, no matter who takes them, will inevitably prompt retaliation…As we know, every action has an equal opposite reaction…That is what any responsible state, every sovereign, independent and self-respecting country does…Everyone realises that in an international system where arbitrariness reigns, where all decision-making is up to those who think they are exceptional, sinless and right, any country can be attacked simply because it is disliked by a hegemon, who has lost any sense of proportion – and I would add, any sense of reality…Unfortunately, we have to admit that our counterparties in the West have lost their sense of reality and have crossed every line…They really should not have done this”.

As an example of how the warmongering socialist Western colonial powers have “lost their sense of reality and crossed every line” in waging a proxy war against Russia, this report continues, President Putin revealed in his address: “More than 90,000 Ukrainian soldiers had been killed or seriously wounded during the so-called counteroffensive, which was launched in early June…Kiev’s forces also lost 557 tanks and roughly 1,900 armored vehicles”—and as an example of how the warmongering socialist Western colonial powers have “lost any sense of proportion”, the main American neocon publication National Review released its open letter “The Premature Declaration That the Ukrainian Counteroffensive Failed” today, wherein it demonically proclaimed: “Ukraine isn’t losing; it’s more accurate to say Ukraine is on pace to win at a painfully slow rate, with an enormous cost in blood and treasure…The U.S. and NATO have effectively outsourced a job to the Ukrainians, the job of destroying a Russian war machine that has been a threat to Europe since the beginning of the Cold War”.

Among those who strongly disagree with the provably false neocon claim that “Ukraine isn’t losing”, this report details, are the young Ukrainian men cited in the BBC article “Ukraine War: Deserters Risk Death Fleeing To Romania”—to continue outsourcing human lives so their socialist Western colonial puppet masters can continue waging a proxy war to destroy Russia, yesterday it saw top Ukrainian official Aleksey Arestovich calling for children to be conscripted into the military, and warning: “The average health level of a Ukrainian foot soldier, who is well over 45 years old and is close to 50, is not sufficient for the typical battlefield exertions”—and in watching his demonic spectacle, yesterday it cause European Union and NATO member leader Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to exclaim in horror about his own Western allies: “Brussels is creating an Orwellian world in front of our eyes…They buy and supply weapons through the #EuropeanPeaceFacility…They want to control the media through the #MediaFreedomAct…We didn’t fight the communists to end up in 1984!”.

In furtherance of creating the “Orwellian world” described by George Orwell in his dystopian novel about warmongering and godless socialists “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, this report notes, yesterday it saw socialist European Union leaders meeting in Grenada-Spain, where their corrupt puppet stooge Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky insanely proclaimed: “We must not allow Putin to destabilise any other parts of the world and our partners in order to ruin Europe’s power…The presence of Russia, its military or proxies in the territory of any other country is a threat to all of us…We must work together to push Russia out of the territory of other countries”—a proclamation of insanity followed by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz revealing he won’t send Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine, and declaring: “We must of course ensure that there is no escalation of the war and that Germany does not become part of the conflict..It is also my task as chancellor to ensure that”—a declaration quickly joined by Slovakia announcing an immediate halt to all military aid for Ukraine—and was a meeting most accurately described in the article “Shambles In Granada: Mega-Gathering Of European Leaders Ends With A Whimper”, wherein it observed: “A summit gathering close to 50 European leaders, dozens of aides and legions of journalists ended as a damp squib when those gathered failed to make any significant progress to resolve conflicts on Europe’s doorstep — or any other regional issue”.

While socialist European Union leaders failed at everything during their “Shambles In Granada” meeting yesterday, this report continues, President Putin revealed to the leaders of the free world: “Russia has withstood Western pressure intended to cripple its economic growth and has only become stronger…We have overcome all the sanctions-related issues, and have started the next stage of economic development on a new basis, which is fundamentally important”—while the Russian economy becomes stronger, mortgage rates in America surged to their highest level since 2000—a massive surge caused by United States having to increase interest on its debt bonds because it keeps printing money out of thin air to finance its warmongering, which caused the Wall Street Journal to grimly report: “The yields on the 10-year Treasury note rose 0.119 percentage point Tuesday to 4.801%, the highest level since the subprime mortgage crisis began in August 2007…On Wall Street, the Dow Industrials fell about 431 points, or 1.3%, giving up all their gains for the year” then warn: “Hold short-term interest rates at current levels, and threaten to raise them if inflation morale doesn’t improve…That’s current Federal Reserve policy…The trouble is that the central bank doesn’t set interest rates anymore…The bond market does”—in slowly awakening to the reality that uncontrolled needless war spending is about to implode their economy, it was just reported: “The portion of Americans against sending additional weapons to Ukraine is on the rise, growing by seven percent since May, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll”—and in the just released Study Finds organization document “American Apocalypse? 71% Don’t Trust U.S. Government To Prevent Doomsday”, sees it most gravely revealing: “A new poll finds the majority of Americans are rapidly losing faith in their country’s leaders…From the ousting of the Speaker of the House to the mounting controversies engulfing the current president and his predecessor, over seven in 10 people say there’s no one they trust to save them from an end-of-the-world event…Such problems only push the so-called “Doomsday Clock” to tick closer to end times”.

Leading “rapidly loosing faith” Americans into the “end times” after “wiping out all of their stock market gains for the year” to wage a spectacularly failing proxy war against Russia, this report details, the current deranged mindset of warmongering Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden is revealed in the just released articles “Biden Suggests He Has A Path Around Congress To Get More Aid To Ukraine And Plans Major Speech”, “Biden Team Weighs Using State Department Grants To Fund Weapons For Ukraine”, “US Supplies Ukraine With A Million Rounds Of Ammunition Seized From Iran” and “Can Biden Keep U.S. Aid Flowing To Ukraine Amid GOP Chaos In House?”.

Aiding the unrestrained warmongering of demented Socialist Leader Biden, this report notes, are socialist Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and neocon Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, about whom it was just revealed: “Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell are moving forward on a major Ukraine aid package, even as there’s a very good chance the next speaker is even less receptive than Kevin McCarthy was”—facing these uniparty Senate leaders wanting more war, however, is Republican Party lawmaker Senator Rick Scott, whose powerful group of 20 Republican Senators vowed to block all bills not related to funding the American people—top Republican Party lawmaker Senator Rand Paul also revealed criticism of Ukraine funding is a “growing movement” in Washington, and posted the message to American peoples:  “It’s reprehensible that Congress sends so much of your money to a corrupt oligarchy”.

Following Republican Party leader House Speaker Kevin McCarthy cutting off funding for Ukraine then being ousted from power over a “secret deal” he made with Democrats to fund Ukraine later, this report continues, Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev observed: “For the first time in the history of the United States, the Speaker of the House of Representatives has resigned…This is precisely because of his love for the Kiev government and budget compromises to finance the Banderites…He should be proud of this, because the choice was between solving numerous internal problems of the US and further sponsoring neo-Nazis”—an observation followed by the leftist New York Times revealing: “The Republican meltdown on Capitol Hill that toppled the speaker this week and left the House in chaos has also highlighted a sharp decline in G.O.P. support for continuing to send aid to Ukraine, and how opposition to helping Kyiv has become a litmus test for the right…Hard-line Republican critics have long espoused isolationist views about Ukraine’s war effort, arguing that sending tens of billions of dollars to Kyiv risks dragging the United States into a head-on conflict with Russia and siphons money away from domestic challenges…The intensifying shift is striking for a party that has long defined itself by its belief in a muscular American military defending democracy around the world…And it could make it far more difficult for the Biden administration to fulfill its promise to support Ukrainian fighters for the long haul”—a revelation, however, quickly joined by American geopolitical analyst Tara Reade who, in her open letter “Could The McCarthy Saga Be A Bipartisan Strategy To Quietly End Aid To Ukraine?”, assessed:

The Democrats did not save McCarthy.  In fact, 208 Democrats and eight Republicans voted to unseat him (only five Republican votes were needed).  All this signals that whatever deal McCarthy may have brokered, the chaos is more politically advantageous to the elites and provides much-needed cover for what is actually happening to the country economically.

On the surface, this looks like another chapter in the chaotic Congressional saga about the divide between RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) and the America First group in the Republican party.  It also conveniently provides Democrats with a scapegoat if the government shuts down and legislation gets stuck, causing further economic harm.

However, this may also be the uniparty exit strategy for ending the flow of billions of dollars to Ukraine.

A recent Politico article cited a leak of information that the White House is concerned about the corruption in Ukraine and sustainability of continued funding.  Most likely, this was a purposeful leak by intelligence to prepare an off-ramp away from more spending into the bottomless pit that is Kiev.

The growing dissent regarding more billions to Ukraine, a country most Americans cannot find on a map, is getting louder.

This all happening as the US heads for an election year is another significant factor.

Little known to the socialist indoctrinated and leftist media brainwashed American peoples, this report concludes, is that it’s very possible to ascertain the thoughts and moods in Washington by noticing what its competing power structures are saying to each other, and as it pertains to Ukraine, today it sees:

Speaking for the American intellignece community, leftist Washington Post columnist David Ignatius (aka “Deep State Mouthpiece”), in his just released open letter “A Hard Choice Lies Ahead In Ukraine, But Only Ukrainians Can Make It”, assessed: “The war in Ukraine is at once heartbreaking and uplifting…People can’t disguise their fatigue or sorrow…The conflict is bleeding the country out…Ukrainians I spoke with during a four-day visit know they can’t keep fighting forever seeking what might be an unachievable victory…As winter approaches, hopes that the counteroffensive that started this summer would bring a breakthrough haven’t been realized…Yet Ukrainians are now willing to talk more openly about ways to end the war than during my visits last year”.

Speaking for the American military industrial complex, neocon Vice President Dick Cheney senior advisor George Beebe, in his just released open letter “Will Ukraine’s Effort Go Bankrupt Gradually…Then Suddenly?”, warningly assessed: “A warning to those who want to shut off aid completely, or even demand a ‘complete victory’ — be careful what you wish for…Moscow would be far more likely to turn Ukraine into a failed rump state…It would aim to capture the rest of the Donbass and perhaps the Ukrainian Black Sea coast…After creating an extended no-man’s land separating Russian forces from Ukraine-controlled territory, it would then declare a unilateral cease-fire and build extensive fortifications against new attacks…Should Kyiv sue for peace under such duress, it could threaten Zelensky’s rule…Should it refuse, it could destroy the Ukrainian state…In either case, funding and governing what remains of Ukraine would become the West’s problem, not Russia’s…Absent an agreed settlement of the war with Russia, few donors would contribute the hundreds of billions of dollars necessary for Ukraine’s reconstruction…Prospects for democracy and the rule of law in Ukraine would diminish…Refugee flows into Europe would intensify, fueling more divisions within NATO and the EU…Washington would be racked by debate over who lost Ukraine”.

Speaking for the American military officer corp, former top Pentagon senior advisor and decorated combat tactical legend retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor Ph.D., in his just released open letter “Washington On The Knife Edge”, factually observed:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has gone from hero to zero in the space of a few months.

The mélange of Western military equipment, from tanks to missiles, in the hands of courageous but unprepared and poorly led Ukrainian conscripts has failed to improve Ukrainian battlefield performance.  The resulting hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians killed and wounded are reportedly inducing thousands of exhausted Ukrainian soldiers to surrender.  Ukrainian soldiers are tired of dying, and their feelings are justified.

Russian military power rests on the systematic integration of strike assets—rockets, missiles, artillery, drones, and aircraft—with space- and terrestrial-based persistent surveillance. Once Russian forces halted their advance and established a defense in depth in e astern Ukraine, the Russians’ accurate, devastating firepower began swatting the attacking Ukrainian ground and air forces like flies.  In the words of a Ukrainian military official, “The sheer number of drones operating in Ukraine, as well as battle-management systems that provide real-time imaging and locations, mean that troops and tanks out in the open have just minutes before they’re targeted”.

Without any serious evaluation of Russia’s true military potential, particularly when committed to action on Moscow’s doorstep in Eastern Europe, Washington’s globalist-neocon leadership assured Zelensky that he and his government would have the financial and military backing of the United States and its NATO allies “for as long as it takes”.  Like the Poles in 1939 who thought their flight to London had purchased protection from Germany and the Soviet Union, the Ukrainians swallowed the lies.  Yet, geography has made it impossible for Washington to assert its dominance in Eastern Europe.

Thanks to the compliant and supportive Western media, Zelensky and his political backers in NATO promised mountains, but delivered molehills.  Claims of Ukrainian battlefield successes from the popular “Ghost of Kiev” to the recovery of Bakhmut turned out to be flatulence on steroids.  When NATO members met in Vilnius in July 2023, the mood had changed.  Ukraine’s fate, let alone its membership in NATO, would be determined by the outcome of the Ukrainian Army’s celebrated counteroffensive.

As Ukrainian losses mounted and Ukraine’s counteroffensive failed catastrophically, things went seriously wrong for Washington, D.C.  American political and military leaders callously criticized Zelensky and his senior military leaders for deeply flawed strategic decisions leading to heavy losses of men and equipment.  The hunt for an exit strategy from Ukraine without openly calling it such was underway.

The behind-the-scenes split between the national leaders in the U.S. and Europe who embraced the myth of Russian backwardness and those who privately questioned the wisdom of backing one of the most corrupt regimes on the planet against a nuclear-armed Russia began breaking into the open.  Viktor Orban, Hungary’s wise and canny prime minister, always rejected Washington’s assurances that Russia’s weakness meant certain defeat for Moscow.  Now, more European leaders are adopting his policy stances.  Why?

Orban argues that the conflict between Kiev and Moscow “is not our war”.   His insistence that Europeans should strive to “isolate it, separate it, prevent it from spreading further” now resonates with Europeans as it becomes painfully clear to more and more Europeans that Putin was not and is not interested in making Ukraine a part of Russia.  Moscow’s strategic goal was and still is to prevent Ukraine from becoming a platform for the projection of American and Allied NATO military power against Russia, not to conquer Eastern Europe.

For many of the American and European critics of the dangerous fiasco in Ukraine, it is the breakdown in civil order across the United States and Europe, not Russia, that presents a clear and present danger to Western civilization, not Russia.  As seen recently in Philadelphia, the lawlessness in America’s major cities is reaching a new boiling point. Americans want the U.S. judicial system to protect Americans and punish criminals, not mollify them.

In Sweden, the breakdown in law and order is now so acute Sweden’s prime minister has called for the use of Swedish troops to restore order.  Europeans and Americans know that the millions pushing through their borders are not asylum seekers or political refugees.  The masses are being invited to dilute American and European national identity and culture, overwhelming the American and European capacity to assimilate them.

In their haste to benefit from Washington’s proxy war in Ukraine, the West’s politicians, corporate bosses, hedge fund managers, and media moguls made a serious mistake.  They cast their lots with the Washington uniparty; the radical left’s woke agenda and the globalists’ permanent proxy war against Russia.  It was a serious miscalculation.

Washington and its allies are running out of ammunition, equipment, and domestic support for Ukraine.  European armies are without exception boutique forces designed for low-intensity conflict.  The Washington uniparty’s feeding frenzy at the public trough has left the U.S. Armed Forces in poor condition to fight enemies other than insurgents.  Frankly, it’s a wonder that any young men with both brains and character would want to enlist and live inside today’s armed forces.

The stark truth is that the proxy war in Ukraine is lost, but the habit-forming drug of endless conflict overseas enabled by frenzied defense spending at home seems too strong for Washington’s uniparty to resist.  Short of a miracle on the Potomac, Washington’s uncompromising globalist political ideology founded on fear—fear of alleged enemies abroad and fear of free thinking and free speech at home, will drive the Ukrainian nation to its total destruction.

Thus, the descent of the collective West into a Hell of its own making continues.  Washington and its NATO allies confront a distasteful choice: Acknowledge Moscow’s legitimate national security interest in Ukraine and end the bloodbath, or risk dragging Europe into a devastating regional war for which Europeans and Americans are not prepared.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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