Repost by Permission: Putin Brands West “Real Enemy” As Russia Exacts End Game “Punishment” On Ukraine

January 2, 2024

Putin Brands West “Real Enemy” As Russia Exacts End Game “Punishment” On Ukraine

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A compelling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first notes President Putin branded the warmongering socialist Western colonial powers as the real enemies of Russia in his declaration yesterday: “Ukraine is a mere tool in the hands of the collective West which is using it to fight Russia…The point is not that they are helping our enemy, but that they are our enemy…They are solving their own problems with Ukraine’s hands, that’s what it’s all about…Despite the fact that from time immemorial the West has had such a goal – to deal with Russia, it looks like we will deal with them first…Those who only yesterday were talking about the need to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia are now looking for words on how to quickly end the conflict”.

While the socialist Western colonial powers frantically search for an end game to the proxy war they ignited against Russia, this report notes, President Putin warned about the Ukrainian Nazi Regime targeting innocent Russian civilians: “Not a single such crime, and this is certainly a crime against the civilian population, will be left unpunished, there can be no doubt about that…We are capable of carpet-bombing Kiev and any other Ukrainian city…Instead, Russia will continue targeting Ukrainian military assets and infrastructure”—a warning of punishment followed by the news: “Powerful explosions rocked several Ukrainian cities on Tuesday morning”—and was news joined by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announcing: “The Russian Armed Forces carried out a combined strike with long-range precision weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles on enterprises of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex, which were carrying out orders for the production of missiles, drones, and repair of weapons and military equipment in Kiev and its suburbs, as well as on storage sites for missiles, ammunition, and air weapons supplied to the Kiev regime by Western countries…The goal of the strike was achieved and all the objects were hit”.

In noticing the punishment Russia is exacting on the Ukrainian Nazi Regime for its terrorist targeting of innocent civilians, this report continues, the leftist New York Times revealed: “Russian missiles and drones hammered Kyiv on Tuesday morning, officials said, in a large-scale attack on the Ukrainian capital and other cities, the day after President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia promised to retaliate for a Ukrainian assault on a Russian city…The Ukrainian Air Force said the barrage involved some of Russia’s most powerful weapons, including hypersonic missiles that fly at several times the speed of sound”—the leftist Washington Post revealed: “Russia bombarded Ukrainian cities with an overnight assault of drones and missiles on Tuesday, extending a vicious wave of holiday-season strikes on population centers by Moscow and Kyiv that has left dozens of civilians dead and suggests a brutal new stage of the war that is being felt well beyond the stagnating front lines…Tuesday’s barrage by Russia was the latest volley in a series of strikes that started Friday, when Moscow fired more than 150 missiles and drones at Ukrainian cities”—and the Breitbart News Service observed: “Russia launched a record 90 Shahed-type drones over Ukraine during the early hours of the new year…The aerial strikes follow a series of heavy aerial bombardments that began on Friday, when Russia unleashed an 18-hour attack that one air force official described as the biggest aerial barrage of the war”.

Along with Western military observers cited by the British media assessing: “Ukraine’s air defenses won’t be in a condition to repel Russian drone and missile attacks this winter due to a shortage of interceptor missiles for its NATO-provided air defenses”, this report details, Ukrainian Armed Forces Air Force spokesperson Yuriy Ignat fearfully warned that Russian supersonic missiles “are unstoppable”, and factually assessed: “Given the Kh-22 missile’s capability to fly at a rapid pace of 4 thousand kilometers per hour and its tendency to follow a primarily ballistic trajectory, specific interceptive measures are required…With the enemy deploying over 300 such missiles, our troubles are far from over…Moreover, there is also a modernized version of this missile – the Kh-32…The fact that our defenses have been unsuccessful in their attempts so far is a matter of grave concern…It typically cruises along a ballistic trajectory at a staggering speed of roughly four thousand kilometers per hour…Hence, it isn’t possible to intercept these missiles using conventional air defense methods”.

Because Ukraine has no defense against unstoppable Russian hypersonic missiles, this report notes, an anonymous senior Ukrainian Armed Forces officer told British media that Russian strikes had “paralyzed” Ukraine’s defense industry and prevented it from producing anything on its own, then revealed: “Seemingly such a primitive thing as gunpowder turned out to be absolutely super complicated for our Ukrainian military-industrial complex…It is now impossible to produce artillery shells on the territory controlled by Kiev”—a revelation joined by former Pentagon official Michael Maloof observing: “The United States has their appropriations hung up…The US government could shut down by January 17 if the administration and Congress can’t negotiate and work out an arrangement for funding Ukraine and Israel, but at the same time to enforce the border…I think the Republicans to date have held firm, and we’ll see if they’ll hold on…But there’s no stomach right now any longer to fund the Ukrainians…Frankly, the people see that the war is over”.

Over the New Year’s holiday weekend, this report concludes, corrupt puppet leader Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky gave numerous interviews to the leftist Western media promising to “cut off” Crimea in 2024 and said he sees “no fundamental steps towards peace from Russia“—Ukrainian Ambassador Aleksandr Chaly, however, factually revealed that in the first weeks of the conflict: “Putin really wanted to reach some peaceful agreement…He tried to do everything possible to conclude the agreement with Ukraine”—and is a factual revelation joined by the American military publication Armed Forces Press (AFP), in its just released open letter “It’s Time For Ukraine Post Mortem, And Accountability”, honestly assessing:

It’s time for a post mortem, and accountability at the American ‘national security‘ establishment over the Ukraine debacle.

Let’s start by enunciating some truths:

1. Ukraine was never a U.S. national security priority – it simply was never our fight.  The entire escapade was a farcical project for the ‘color revolution dominatrix‘ Victoria Nuland, and her ilk in the globalist deep State Department.  The goal was to weaken America and her ability to defend herself, for whatever they have planned in 2024.  The goal was also to harm Russian President Vladimir Putin and his ability to make war.  This latter goal failed miserably.

2. The ‘war‘ was never winnable as executed.  Putting together a hodgepodge of different weapon systems, with which the proxy army Ukrainian personnel had no real training, to fight the Russian military, on its own soil, was never a winning proposition.  American officers who all study Clausewitz and Sun Tzu, knew this.  But they went completely cheerleader fan girl in Ukraine anyway.  “Let’s kill some Russians“, was never a serious proposition to victory.  It was just an exercise in killing.  The fact that Russia essentially has unlimited manpower, and really doesn’t care about the death toll to ‘save the Motherland‘, apparently went unnoticed at the Army War College and the Pentagon.  Without full participation by Western forces, this conflict was lost before it started.  Neither European or American citizens support this total war involvement, and now just want the horrible show to end.

3. Fighting the war ‘to the last Ukrainian’, simply is immoral and dishonorable.  Yet, American officers went full fan girl anyway.  Half the population of Ukraine has left.  There are likely over 500k casualties, dead and maimed.  The government is a corrupt dictatorship.  President Zelenskiy has shut down elections, Christianity, free media, and is press ganging old men, women, disabled, and youth off the streets.  As our Ukrainian reporters write — it is an agony.

The entire episode was simply a money-making opportunity for Western defense firms, and the OBiden money laundering carousel.  And boy, did they make money.

Those American officers who cheerleaded this effort, to further their own careers, and bank accounts, should be ashamed and ridiculed.

4. Russia is stronger now than ever militarily, as its factories are humming pumping out war material.  With the American regime going full dictatorship as well, attempting to put its primary political opponent in jail, and destroy his financial resources, Russia is now the ‘arsenal of oligarchy‘.  It has been widely reported American weapons stockpiles have been depleted, sent giddily by American officers to the Donbass meat grinder.

At the beginning of the war, the concept of a conventional ‘Russian threat to NATO‘ was a farce.  Russia couldn’t even take Donbass.  Now they will establish a Russian real warm water capability in the Black Sea in Odessa and elsewhere.

All of this was patently obvious in 2014 and beyond.

What happened to the concept of Duty, Honor, Country for American military officers?

The ‘duty‘ to do what is right and not weaken our nation.  The honor of not killing for killing’s sake.  The oath to protect your nation from enemies foreign, and DOMESTIC.

The U.S. military leadership has abdicated its oath.  A million souls in olive drab are rising from their graves.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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