Repost by Permission: Obama Issues “Leave The World Behind” Warning To “Mandela Effect” Sufferers

December 14, 2023

Obama Issues “Leave The World Behind” Warning To “Mandela Effect” Sufferers

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A forewarning new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin held his annual “Results of the Year” press conference event for the Russian peoples this morning, who submitted more than 2 million texts and calls, says he described the Russian-Ukraine conflict as a “civil war” that was “engineered by the United States”, he revealed that 617,000 Russian troops are fighting along a contact line that is over 2,000 kilometers, he stated “there will be peace when Russia achieves the military operations goals”, and he assessed: “As for demilitarization…They do not want to come to an agreement, well, then we have to resort to other measures, including military ones…Ukraine no longer produces almost anything, although it is trying to preserve the remnants of industry…They get everything. for free, but all the free stuff it may end sometime…And, apparently, this is how it ends little by little”.

For reasons best left to be explained by mental health professionals, this report notes, American neocon forces just released their open letter “Putin Schools Washington On How To Win A War While Losing An Army”, wherein they lament: “Russian President Vladimir Putin is winning the narrative war against Washington and Brussels despite losing the kinetic war on the battlefields of Ukraine…Candidly, far too many Americans have become gullible and are falling for Russian disinformation…The extent to which this is happening has truly become a national embarrassment”—most certainly not gullible to any kind of disinformation narrative is British foreign policy architect House of Lords member Baron Daniel Hannan, who after assessing the truth of the present conflict released his warning open letter “Putin’s Russia Is Closing In On A Devastating Victory. Europe’s Foundations Are Trembling”—and in the just released in-depth American independent defense article “Accepting Defeat In Ukraine”, its experts most factually observed: ”The West can no longer support the proxy war it had started…History will now follow its destined path”,

In attempting to understand the delusions held by warmongering American neocons, this report continues, they appear to be sufferers of the psychological phenomenon known as the “Mandela Effect”, in which a group of people collectively misremember facts, events, or other details in a consistent manner—American social media abounds with videos like “Definitive Evidence That The ” MANDELA EFFECT ” Is Real”—and the leftist CNN article “The ‘Mandela Effect’ Describes The False Memories Many Share. But Why Can’t Scientists Explain It?” recently revealed: “A big takeaway is that while the Mandela Effect shows up across different types of experiments, there’s no one clear explanation for it, so future research is needed to see what’s causing this”.

Among those apparently suffering from the “Mandela Effect” psychological phenomenon, this report details, is Hunter Biden, who had contempt proceedings brought against him after he defied a Congressional subpoena yesterday, and misremembered his father Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden previously declaring: “Those who defy congressional subpoenas should be held criminally accountable”—a misremembering of facts by Hunter Biden quickly followed by the House of Representatives voting to begin an impeachment investigation into the crimes of Socialist Leader Biden—and was an impeachment investigation vote followed by former President Barack Obama top aide David Axelrod declaring: “I do think this is an ordered hit from Donald Trump”.

Also critical to notice, this report notes, was David Axelrod warning: ”Biden’s approval rating hitting a new low is very, very dark for Biden’s reelection campaign”—a warning quickly joined by the Politico article “The Most Powerful Anti-Trump Argument In The GOP Has Evaporated”, wherein it assessed: “With Biden’s poll numbers plummeting, Trump’s electability isn’t an issue anymore…The Biden collapse is nearly comprehensive…He is losing in ballot tests to Trump, his approval rating is scraping bottom, he’s trailing on almost every top issue, and super-majorities think he’s too old to serve again”.

Why it’s critical to notice former President Obama’s top aid David Axelrod, this report concludes, is because world-renowned American conservative news host Alex Jones just asserted that Obama is really ruling the United States as part of the globalist plot to extinguish humanityan assertion that follows Netflix releasing its dystopian move last week “Leave The World Behind”, wherein it depicts an America totally destroyed following a cyberattack that left it defenseless—a dystopian movie of America’s destruction produced by Obama, and Fox News revealed: “Barack Obama produces first fiction movie for Netflix, gave extensive notes to director for cyberattack plot”—articles are now appearing in America like “Leave The World Behind Viewers Say It’s A “Warning” From Barack Obama”—Obama’s dystopian movie became a reality for Ukraine yesterday when a cyberattack disabled all of its warning communications then Kiev was slammed by massive missile strikesall of which was joined by the British Parliament warning yesterday: ”The United Kingdom is vulnerable to a catastrophic cyberattack that could cripple large sections of its most critical infrastructure at any moment”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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