Repost by Permission: Hacked Phone Of British Leader Links Male Prostitute Attack On Paul Pelosi To Russian Mafia

October 30, 2022

Hacked Phone Of British Leader Links Male Prostitute Attack On Paul Pelosi To Russian Mafia

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A seemingly ordinary new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting that potential talks between President Putin and Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden would depend on Washington’s willingness to hear Moscow’s security concerns, with top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stating: “High-level re-engagement could happen if the United States pays heed to our concerns…It would be contingent on the US desire to go back to the state of things as of December-January and ask the question: what the Russians are offering may not suit all of us, but maybe we should still sit down with them at the negotiating table?”, becomes beyond gobsmacking when this transcript shows Security Council Members discussing a classified at the highest-level “Of Special Importance” document prepared by the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

In piecing together the very sparse clues in this classified at the highest-level report permitted to be openly commented on by various ministries, the main focus of the SVR document is the just published article “MAIL ON SUNDAY EXCLUSIVE: Liz Truss’s Personal Phone That Was Hacked By Kremlin Agents Was So Compromised It Was Locked Away In A ‘Secure Location’ A Experts Fear Top Secret Negotiations And Private Messages May Have Been Leaked”, wherein it reveals: “The hack was discovered during the summer’s Tory leadership campaign, when Ms Truss was Foreign Secretary, but the details were suppressed by Boris Johnson, who was Prime Minister at the time, and the Cabinet Secretary, Simon Case”, and Russian media sources state about: “The culprits reportedly obtained a year’s worth of sensitive messages”.

The open source intelligence (OSINT) clues in this SVR document devotes specific attention to a March-2022 meeting held in Washington held between now ousted from power British Prime Minister Liz Truss and United States Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi—and contains a statement Speaker Pelosi released to all members of the US Congress on Saturday that reads: “Yesterday morning, a violent man broke into our family home, demanded to confront me and brutally attacked my husband Paul…Our children, our grandchildren and I are heartbroken and traumatized by the life-threatening attack on our Pop…We are grateful for the quick response of law enforcement and emergency services, and for the life-saving medical care he is receiving”.

This SVR document reveals that the “violent man” who allegedly “brutally attacked” Paul Pelosi has been identified as an American citizen named David DePape, who is 42-year-old—further reveals that San Francisco police were called by Paul Pelosi around 2:30 am on Friday, who told them “I don’t know who the male is, his name is David, he’s a friend”—reveals that when police arrived, DePape was in his underwear holding a hammer with Pelosi, which DePape grabbed and struck Pelosi with—and reveals that DePape told investigators he and Paul Pelosi were engaging in gay sex and an argument ensued over drugs.

Contained in this SVR document is the OSINT article “Pelosi Attack Suspect Was A Psychotic Homeless Addict Estranged From His Pedophile Lover & Their Children”, wherein it states: “DePape lived with a notorious local nudist in a Berkeley home, complete with a Black Lives Matter sign in the window and an LGBT rainbow flag, emblazoned with a marijuana symbol, hanging from a tree…A closer look reveals the characteristics of a homeless encampment, or what Europeans call “an open drug scene”…In the driveway, there is a broken-down camper van…On the street is a yellow school bus, which neighbors said DePape occasionally stayed in…Both are filled with garbage typical of such structures in homeless encampments…People come and go from the house and the vehicles, neighbors say, in part to partake in the use of a potent psychedelic drug, ibogaine”—and also contains the OSINT leftist New York Times article “Politicized Rantings On Two Blogs By A ‘daviddepape’ Are Drawing Scrutiny”, wherein it states: “Law enforcement authorities have not said whether the blogs — or a Facebook page bearing the same name — were written by the Mr. DePape who is in custody in San Francisco and accused of assaulting Mr. Pelosi with a hammer”.

This SVR document confirms that the social media postings attributed to David DePape by the American leftist media to portray him as right-wing have exposed as not being real, and as further confirmed by OSINT articles like “EXCLUSIVE: Two Far-Right Websites Attributed to David DePape to Smear Conservatives Were FABRICATED – They Were Created Friday and Deleted Saturday”.

The greatest concern of SVR analysts in this document, however, is the OSINT article “EXCLUSIVE ‘The Monster In Him Was Always Too Strong’: Daughter Of Paul Pelosi Attacker Reveals He Sexually Abused Her And Her Brothers Before Their Mom Kicked Him Out – And Latest Violence Is Little Surprise Because He Is ‘Very Consumed By Darkness’”, wherein it quotes a social media post propertied to have been made by Inti Gonzalez, and states: “Gonzalez wrote in the post, which has since been taken down, that her mother met DePape – whom she describes as her father – in Maui when she was pregnant with her…The couple moved to the Bay Area soon after Gonzalez was born”.

As to why SVR analysts are expressing great concern about Inti Gonzalez, is because her mother sent an appeal letter to the Russian embassies in the United States and Mexico in May-2020, wherein she stated: “I am Gypsy Taub (Legal name Oxane Taub)…I’m an activist a healer and a mother of three children…I’m currently being held at Santa Rita jailed with a $2 dollars million bail…I have been incarcerated for over 4 months even though none of my charges have been proven there has not been a trial…I was given a total of 5 felony charges and 15 misdemeanor charges…I was born in Moscow, Russia, on June 18th 1969…I have been living in the US since 1988…I have three children: son Daniel Gonzalez age 15, son Nebosvod Gonzalez age 17, daughter Inti Gonzalez age 19…I currently live in Berkeley…I have appeared in documentarys in Germany, Holand, Norway, and the US…I have been helping Street kids in Mexico since December of 2016”.

SVR analysts in this document reveal the arrest record of Oxane “Gypsy” Taub and notes she heads the non-profit Jerry Garcia Family Clinic, who’s about page states:  “Jerry Garcia Family Clinic was founded in December of 2016 by activist / shamanic healer Gypsy Taub. It is named after the leader of the Grateful Dead band, Jerry Garcia…The other 3 members of the street kids project are Gypsy’s 3 children: Inti Gonzalez (age 18), Nebosvod Gonzalez (16) and Daniel Gonzalez (14)…Jerry Garcia Family Clinic (or Life on the Street Support Services) is a 501 C(3) non-profit organization…EIN: 83-2701341…Our headquarters are in Berkeley, California, United States…We currently provide services in the East Bay, CA and in Mexico”.

Most critical to know about Oxane “Gypsy” Taub, though, is that SVR analysts in this document identify her as being a “known member” of the Russian Mafia, specifically its branch known as the Odessa Mafia, about which it’s known: “The San Francisco Bay Area Odessa Mafia group, unlike their southern counterpart, appear to be highly structured and well organized”.

OSNIT articles included in this SVR document about Odessa Mafia member Oxane “Gypsy” Taub include “Naked Activist Slams City Officials After ‘Free The Nipple’ Proposal Dies” and “SF’s Most Notorious Nudist Stakes Her Claim to History”—the latter of which is the most illuminating because it cites Taub saying about living the former Soviet Union: “When I was 12 or 13, my parents told me that we’re being lied to about everything…We’re not the freest and best country in the world…We’re oppressed…I can’t say the government made my life hell…My family pretended to be happy when they weren’t…All of my problems came from them”—sees Taub describing her moving to America in the late 1980’s to work in the sex trade area named the Combat Zone in BostonTaub then describes her travels throughout America over the years, her short return to Russia, then settling in San Francisco—and sees Taub describing her marriages, none of which were ever to David DePape, who most certainly isn’t the father of any of her three children.

The picture that emerges from this SVR document about Odessa Mafia member Oxane “Gypsy” Taub is that she initially came to America as a sleeper cell “honey pot” agent of the former Soviet Union foreign intelligence service KGB, which openly worked with the Russian Mafia—when she returned to Russia, however, this document alludes to the SVR suspecting she was a double agent for the CIA, that’s supported by her free travel between the United States and Mexico, and all of her criminal charges in America disappearing—though it can’t be discounted that Taub became a triple-agent, which if true would explain why her suspected operative David DePape was able to gain access to the private home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi—without any doubt, is a Pelosi home now being torn apart by the FBI looking for hidden listening devices—and if the past holds true, mysterious suicides in America will soon be occurring.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

Ousted British Prime Minister Liz Truss (above left with hacked phone in pocket) meets with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (above right) in Washington in March-2022.

Odessa Mafia member Oxane “Gypsy” Taub (above) is suspected double or triple agent.

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