Repost by Permission: “Dark Money Nightmare” Trapped Biden Presides Over “Unimaginable Massacre” Of Ukraine Forces

January 12, 2023

Dark Money Nightmare” Trapped Biden Presides Over “Unimaginable Massacre” Of Ukraine Forces

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An informative new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin telling government officials that none of the gloomy forecasts the socialist Western powers made about Russia’s fate in 2022 have come to pass, with him factually stating: “Sanctions and international pressure have failed to seriously harm Russia’s economy”, says in response to the declaration on cooperation signed yesterday by the European Union and NATO to further try to harm Russia, it caused Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova to honestly observe: “This document confirms that the European Union is completely subjugated to the tasks of the North Atlantic bloc, which serves as a tool to coercively enforce United States interests”.

In the latest retaliation by Russia against the socialist Western colonial powers, this report notes, the Foreign Ministry slapped new sanctions on Britain announcing that Moscow decided to “additionally include in the Russian ‘stop list’ a number of Cabinet members, representatives of law enforcement agencies and the journalistic corps of the United Kingdom” and also warned: “The hostile actions and aggressive rhetoric of British officials would not remain without an adequate response, and support for the neo-Nazi Kiev regime would cost its Western masters dearly”—and is a warming joined by the widely spread leftist Western war propaganda article “Russia Faces Revolution And Collapse Within 10 Years After Sanctions Undermined Its Economy, Many Experts Tell Think-Tank”, wherein it comically states: “Russia is at risk of becoming a failed state or even breaking up by 2033 as the economy flounders due to the long-term impact of Western sanctions, according to a new survey conducted by the Atlantic Council…The poll garnered the views of 167 experts on what they think the world will look like in 10 years…While 46% of respondents expect Russia to splinter by 2033, 21% see it as the most likely country to become a doomed state”.

Important to know about the Atlantic Council think tank in Washington D.C., this report continues, is that it is a member of the Atlantic Treaty Association, an umbrella organization which draws together political leaders, academics, military officials, and diplomats to support the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and whose guiding principals are embedded in the white master race theory of “Atlanticism”, that calls for joining of the white nations in North America and Europe to rule over the world—all of which explains why the Atlantic Council didn’t include in its comical survey world-renowned European modern history Professor Alexander Titov at Queen’s University Belfast in the United Kingdom, who, unlike the so-called “experts” predicting Russian doom, just traveled to Russia to see things for himself, and, in his just released open letter “Ukraine War: Life On Russia’s Home Front After Ten Months Of Conflict”, reveals:

It’s been a year since I last visited Russia.  Back then, most people I met thought the prospects of a war with Ukraine were very remote, despite the massive troops build-up on the border. So I was curious to see how attitudes had changed since then.  Equally important was to see for myself how the war has changed life in Russia.

The first surprise was how normal life was.  Despite all the media reports of doom and gloom as a result of western sanctions, everything works just as before.  Domestic banking is working, salaries and pensions are paid on time, ubiquitous e-commerce is bustling with activity, the shops are stuffed with food and consumer goods.  In St Petersburg, at least, I’ve struggled to notice any change in daily life compared to January 2021.

Yet, digging deeper and the impact of sanctions is there.  One issue that kept popping up was spare car parts, which have become noticeably more expensive.  But even there new supplies are being shipped now.  This goes pretty much for everything else consumer orientated.  There’s no shortages, even of western goods such as whisky – the supermarket shelves are fully stocked.

Business people complain of facing difficulties, particularly those in the import/export sector.  But, after a few months of chaos, business has been finding new shipping routes via third countries such as Turkey or Kazakhstan.

An acquaintance who works in a defence-related sector laughed at the suggestion that Russia could run out of missiles.  He told me the defence industry had been stockpiling essential parts for years and is also using more locally sourced alternatives.  The rest can still be bought – albeit at inflated prices.  Their real problem is not a lack of parts, but the capacity to scale up production to meet growing military orders.

The general impression from conversations with people in different businesses is that their main focus is on adapting to the new normal.  Many things will be less efficient and more expensive, but the Russian economy will not collapse.

If the white master race supporting so-called “experts” at the Atlantic Council really want to see an economic collapse, this report details, they can look today at the socialist Western colonial powers financial “canary in a coal mine” Swiss National Bank (SNB), that just posted its biggest loss in history—in knowing that the SNB didn’t post losses in either World War I or World War II, it explains why Switzerland is blocking military shipments to Ukraine—as the United States bleeds out its economic life in Ukraine, it was no surprise to see Goldman Sachs predicting a “new supercycle” for energy assets, while warning oil will cost over $100 a barrel by the end of the year—and Morgan Stanley chief strategist Michael Wilson just warned American stocks are facing a massive drop of at least 22%.

While presiding over a collapsing American economy in order to preserve white master race control over the world, this report notes, Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden now finds himself trapped in a “dark money nightmare” involving the secret payments he received from Communist China to create his supposed Penn Biden Center think tank where secret US government documents were found—this morning it saw the leftist New York Times revealing: “President Biden’s aides have found a new batch of classified documents at a second location associated with Mr. Biden”—and was a revelation quickly followed by famed CIA-NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden reminding the world about the case of Reality Winner who “was sentenced to 5 YEARS for just one document”.

Shortly after Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev factually observed: “The events in Ukraine are not a confrontation between Moscow and Kiev…It’s a military confrontation of NATO – the United States and Britain first and foremost – with Russia…They fear a direct standoff, so NATO instructors push Ukrainian guys toward their certain deaths…And NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine is being waged for profit and ambition”, this report continues, it was not surprisingly revealed: “The largest military and defense corporations of NATO member states have seen a 21.5% boost in market value in 2022 amid the military operation in Ukraine and rearmament in Western Europe…The corporations’ combined market capitalization increased from $579 billion in December 2021 to $703 billion in December 2022…The ranking included 25 companies with a capitalization of over $1 billion which are traded on the stock market and have military products dominating in their revenues, and are also actively involved in arms supplies to Ukraine”—at the same time the socialist Biden Regime has approved $100 billion to pay these Western defense contractors to build weapons for Ukraine, it sees United State Navy Admiral Daryl Caudle, commander of US Fleet Forces Commandwarning that the US Navy may ultimately have to decide between arming itself or the Ukrainians—and was a warning that caused US Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro to scream at these Western defense contractors: “It’s obvious that these companies have a substantial pipeline for the future…They now need to invest in their workforce, as well as the capital investments that they had to make within their own companies to get their production up…I’m not as forgiving of the defense industrial base…I’m just not…I am not forgiving of the fact that you’re not delivering the ordnance we need…All this stuff about COVID, this supply chain, I just don’t really care…We’ve all got tough jobs”.

While enriching Western defense contractors at the expense of the American peoples to wage his demonic proxy war against Russia, this report notes, Socialist Leader Biden has just presided over what the Western defense article “Unimaginable Massacre: 25,000 Ukrainian Soldiers Lost In Soledar-Hard Video: Ukrainians Jumped From A Five-Story Building -Russian Raid On The Trenches” revealed: “A massacre of unimaginable proportions took place in Soledar…Videos show the city littered with corpses of Ukrainian soldiers…In the Sanatorium, there are dozens of corpses piled up in the stairwells alone”. [WARNINGThis link contains graphic videos of Russian forces killing ill-trained Ukraine soldiers in close up trench warfare and countless bodies of Ukrainian war dead who suicided themselves.]

With Russian military forces having breeched the second defense line of Ukraine, this report concludes, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced yesterday that due to the rapid expansion of the conflict, Chief of the General Staff Valery Gerasimov of the Russian Armed Forces has been appointed Commander of the Russian Joint Group of Forces overseeing the “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine—and was an announcement quickly followed by a Western military analyst factually revealing:

As of current news, today we see fake news headlines like this from NBC: Putin Replaces Commander Of Russia’s War In Ukraine After Just 3 Months

Valery Gerasimov takes over from Sergei Surovikin, who will now serve as one of his deputies, Russia’s defense ministry said Wednesday.”

The above is a misinterpretation of a simple naming change.

Neither was Surovkin pushed aside or demoted nor was Gerasimov promoted to a new job.  Surovkin will continue to run the theater force in Ukraine.

This move did not change command responsibilities but lifted the importance of the whole operation by making it the highest military commander’s priority.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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