Repost by Permission: Bidenomics Collapses World’s Largest Tool Company Unable To Make A Wrench In America

July 24, 2023

Bidenomics Collapses World’s Largest Tool Company Unable To Make A Wrench In America

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

An informative new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin wrote in his article for the 2nd Russia-Africa Summit to be held in St. Petersburg later this week: “We have consistently supported African peoples in their struggle for liberation from colonial oppression…Africa will finally free itself from the bitter legacy of colonialism and neo-colonialism and take its worthy place on the world stage”, says a description of the socialist Western colonialists subjugating the Black peoples of Africa to steal their natural resource wealth was just documented in the leftist MSN article “Liberal Suburbs Have Their Own Border Wall”, wherein it reveals: “Across the country, a lot of good white liberals, people who purchase copies of White Fragility and decry the U.S. Supreme Court for ending affirmative action, sleep every night in exclusive suburbs that socially engineer economic (and thereby racial) segregation by government edict…The huge inequalities between upscale municipalities and their poorer neighbors didn’t just happen; they are in large measure the product of laws that are hard to square with the inclusive In This House, We Believe signs on lawns in many highly educated, deep-blue suburbs”.

The true purpose of these “deep-blue suburbs” exclusively lived in by wealthy and racist socialist Democrat Party privileged elites, this report notes, is to pour money into the coffers of Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden, who while running for reelection has a campaign manager named Julie Chavez Rodriguez with just three other paid staffers, and his entire operation cost $1.4 million from April through June—is called a “hidden campaign” because Socialist Leader Biden’s actual reelection is controlled by the Democrat National Committee, that’s able to collect $900,000 donations from wealthy socialist Democrats living in their racist “deep-blue suburbs”, which bypasses the $6,600 limit on political donations set by US law—but with Socialist Leader Biden’s crimes now exposed to the point that even the leftist media can’t ignore them, articles are now appearing like “You Read It Here First: Joe Biden Will Step Down from Office After Sudden Medical Emergency Before Weak And Feckless Republicans Muster Up the Nerve To Impeach Him”.

While presiding over the racist socialist Western colonial powers, this report continues, Socialist Leader Biden and his leftist media allies are attacking Israel because its government is attempting to reform the Supreme Court—is an Israeli Supreme Court whose socialist judges are using an undefined “reasonableness standard” to block laws approved by the democratically elected government—whose irony about lost on Socialist Leader Biden, but on display for the whole world to see, is that at the same time he’s defending the Israeli Supreme Court from needed reforms, he’s openly blasting the United States Supreme Court for being “not normal”, and it was just reported: “President Biden should find ways to defy the rulings of “MAGA justices” for their “gravely mistaken” constitutional interpretations, university professors urged in a letter”.

In a just released interview, this report details, former US Marine intelligence officer and United Nations weapons inspector Scott Ritter factually noted that President Putin and President Franklin Roosevelt “are great men”, regardless what one thinks of their policies, because they guided their nations from economic collapse to prosperity—in contrast to provable great leaders like President Putin and President Roosevelt, however, Socialist Leader Biden is touting his smoke-and mirrors economic policy called “Bidenomics”, about which it’s most accurately said: “It has nice slogans, but Bidenomics fails both empirically and philosophically”—because of “Bidenomics” it was just reported: “The spike in customer withdrawals from American banks saw a massive $78 billion evacuated from bank accounts between July 5 and 12, according to the latest data from the Federal Reserve Economic Data”—and world renowned American economist Professor Jack Rasmus most factually observed: “They threw $8 trillion fiscal and monetary stimulus at the economy…What did we get for it?…A 1% of economic growth…Biden brags about the fact that, ‘Oh, look,’ you know, ‘we’re spending all this money’…Yeah, he’s implementing austerity, cutting social programs, and three acts of $1.65 trillion subsidies to corporations, the Inflation Reduction Act, so-called the Infrastructure Act, and the CHIP and Semiconductor Act…They’re all big slush funds for corporations to invest…Well, he’s financing that through austerity and social programs…Well, that doesn’t look like such a great deal to me…You know, the jobs and the wage numbers are manipulated…Inflation is still continuing, particularly in those areas where people really feel it…Food and energy and GDP is just limping along…That’s Bidenomics!”.

As to the true and catastrophic consequences “Bidenomics” has had on the once great United States, this report concludes, it was beyond all belief just documented in the Wall Street Journal article “Why America’s Largest Tool Company Couldn’t Make A Wrench In America”, wherein it revealed what really happens when socialist idiots are put in charge of a nation: “The world’s largest tool company couldn’t figure out how to make a wrench…Stanley Black & Decker built a $90 million factory on the edge of Fort Worth, Texas, intending to burnish the Made-in-the-U.S.A. luster of the Craftsman brand by forging mechanics tools with unprecedented efficiency…The tools that were supposed to be pumped out by the million are so hard to find that some consider them collector’s items…In March, 3½ years after breaking ground, Stanley announced it was closing the factory…The property is now being advertised for sale”.  [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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