Repost by Permission: Biden Shatters Last Remaining “Oasis Of Hope In Desert Of Anglo-Saxon Despair”

April 13, 2022

Biden Shatters Last Remaining “Oasis Of Hope In Desert Of Anglo-Saxon Despair

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A thought-provoking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin revealing that the peace talks to end the “Special De-Nazification Operation” in Ukraine have now “returned to a deadlock”, says he then responded to the fake news “Magic Massacre” in Bucha-Ukraine with the statement: “I’ve been talking to colleagues from Western countries, often, up until now…And when they say ‘Bucha’ to me, I ask them: ‘Have you ever been to Raqqa? Have you seen how this Syrian city was completely flattened by American aviation?’…Corpses have been laying there decomposing in ruins for months…And nobody cared about that…There was no such silence when they staged provocations in Syria, when they imagined the use of chemical weapons by the Assad government…Then it turned out that it was a fake, the same fake is in Bucha”.

After top socialist Biden Regime officials admitted last week that they are openly lying to the public about Russia, which caused one expert to note: “Psyops in the U.S. targeting the public used to be illegal, even though the way they got around it was to plant stories in the foreign press…But over the last five years beginning with Russiagate and now Ukraine, it is clear that the U.S. public is fair game”, this report notes, they slammed into the factual reality  that on 3 April, the day prior to this supposed Bucha massacre, the New York Times and other media reported in their live update reporting that the neo-Nazi Azov Regiment fighters had entered Bucha along with units of the Kiev Territorial Defence Force—when faced with the fact that Russian military forces weren’t even in Bucha to commit any kind of massacre, they have now concocted a new bogeyman, as exampled in the just published Wall Street Journal article “The Mercenaries Behind the Bucha Massacre”, wherein it claims: “Professional soldiers like the Wagner Group let clients wage war brutally at minimal political cost”—but whose fake news claim depends on no one noticing the facts revealed by top American national security expert Amy Mackinnon, who, in her July-2021 intelligence article “Russia’s Wagner Group Doesn’t Actually Exist”, factually states: “The first thing to understand about the Wagner Group is that there most likely is no Wagner Group…As far as researchers can tell, there is no single registered business called Wagner”.

As to what kind of deranged and sadistic regime continues to make up and pump out lies to manipulate its own citizens, this report continues, was put on full display yesterday, when after fearful articles began to appear like “From Pakistan To Peru, Soaring Food And Fuel Prices Are Tipping Countries Over The Edge”, it saw Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden announcing that he was grapping a massive amount of America’s corn harvest to change it into ethanol to maybe lower gasoline prices by 10-cents a gallon while the world starves—during this demented announcement it saw Socialist Leader Biden being pooped on by an over flying bird as he blamed everything on President Putin—quickly following this announcement it saw the CDC revealing that 2021, the first year of Socialist Leader Biden being in power, was the deadliest year in American history—a shock revelation then joined by the crushing economic news: “Driven by skyrocketing energy and food costs, inflation in the United States surged to a new four-decade high of 8.5% in March from the same month a year ago rising at its fastest annual pace since December 1981”—all of which was followed by Socialist Leader Biden announcing that he is sending another $750-million of the Pentagon’s weapons to Ukraine, which will join the nearly $2-billion in Pentagon weapons Russia military forces have already obliterated.

Virtually unknown to the greater masses of Americans, this report details, is that just over year from when Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy was elected on a platform to end corruption and bring peace to his nation,  it was reported: “Zelenskyy swept to victory in Ukraine’s spring 2019 presidential election because he promised renewed reform and a real fight against corruption…Today, the reality looks quite different”—a “different reality” that caused President Zelenskyy’s approval rating to plummet to 28.2% in the months just prior to the present conflict—are facts notable because Socialist Leader Biden promised much the same things when he came to power last year, but whose approval rating has now plummeted to barely 42%—in a failed bid to prop up his plunging approval numbers, it saw President Zelenskyy ruling by edict to appease the most radical nationalist factions of his nation, like enacting a law outlawing the Russian language in Ukraine, that nearly 50% of its peoples use—in a bide to prop up his plunging poll numbers, this week it saw Socialist Leader Biden ruling by edict to ban imaginary “Ghost Guns”, but was dead on arrival because it actually violates US federal law—was a worthless socialist edict immediately countered by Republican Party leader Governor Brian Kemp of Georgiasigned legislation yesterday making Georgia the 25th constitutional carry State in the Union, or put it another way, half of U.S. States are now constitutional carry States—with half of the American States now allowing their citizens to freely carry guns, it now sees the American leftist media establishment and socialist Democrat Party politicians repeating the identical fearmongering claim that if Republicans gain power “it will be the death of democracy”—all of which is most critical to notice when viewed in the light of  the observations just made by Valdai Discussion Club esteemed member Dmitry Kosyrev, who, in his just published open letter “America Is Turning Into Ukraine”, warns:

“The fact that the United States has long and firmly become the abode of two different types or breeds of people, Democrats and Republicans, is not new.

The news is if (when) it becomes obvious: they can no longer physically live within the framework of one state.

That is, the point is that America will then turn into Ukraine, where hatred for another breed of former compatriots will cross some fatal line, beyond which one will have to forget about a single country.

The key difference between Democrats and Republicans is that the latter can still agree with some minor local peculiarities of the legislation of the former, but they are steadily expanding the lists of issues on which there can be no peculiarities and no discussion at all.

This is some kind of Cainian stamp of democratic ideology: to turn their creeds of the party into something that only complete scum can argue about.

How it’s done?

With the help of a simple technology: to say that dissenters threaten those who agree simply by the fact of their existence.

They infect with viruses, warm the planet and send weather disasters to everyone – and the list goes on.

Migrants in the country can live in any number, but these immoral ones cannot.

Therefore, in the fight against such monsters, any means are good.

So far, the mentioned article only proposes to the US Supreme Court to cancel the rights of the states to have special laws on the same list, but then it is clear that there will be resistance, and some more.

And then what?”  

While watching the socialist Biden Regime demonically driving the United States down the same destructive path as Ukraine, this report notes, OPEC secretary general Mohammed Barkindo gravely warned yesterday that current and future sanctions on Russia could spawn one of the worst oil supply shocks in history, and factual stated it’s impossible to replace 7-million barrels of Russian crude oil per day—a grave warning quickly joined by Middle East energy giant Saudi Arabia airing on its government-owned television conglomerate MBC a scathing skit portraying Socialist Leader Biden as a demented idiot—a scathing skit swiftly followed by the report: “The leaders of the House foreign affairs and intelligence committees and more than 20 other Democrats plan to press the Biden administration to take a tougher stance on Saudi Arabia, citing Riyadh’s refusal to cooperate with Washington over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and a range of human-rights issues”.

Now siding with global energy giants Russia and Saudi Arabia against the deranged socialist Biden Regime shattering everything in its path, this report continues, is top French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, who just declared: “I stand against sanctions concerning energy because I do not want the French to bear the full brunt of the consequences of such a decision aimed at cutting gas or oil imports…I know what those consequences will be…I am here to protect the interests of the French people”—in the soon to come 24 April election that pits Le Pen against French President Emmanuel Macron, it sees him being a key enabler of NATO’s anti-Russian provocations, and about whom it’s factual said: “Far from being ‘the next de Gaulle’, the French president has sided with the United States and NATO at every turn”—and whose epic collision set to shake the very foundations of the European Union and United States to their very core, is today being best described by senior adviser Dominique Moïsi at the Paris think tank Institut Montaigne, who, in her just released open letter “France’s Voters Are Choosing Between Fear and Anger”, states and warns:

The future of democracy in Europe is being decided simultaneously on the battlefields of Ukraine and in the ballot boxes of France.

The question of the day remains: Do you hate Mr. Macron more than you fear Ms. Le Pen, or vice versa?

The coming runoff election may prove to be the closest since the victory of our longest-serving president, the socialist François Mitterrand, over the conservative Valery Giscard d’Estaing in 1981.

The voices of the extreme-right and extreme-left candidates together now add up to more than 50 percent of the vote.

Those strengthening extremes signal that one in two French people no longer believes in classical liberal democracy as this country once knew it or in the future of the European project in which France has played an integral part.

Le Pen has long expressed her disdain for the European Union, once suggested leaving the common currency and still hopes France might all but abandon NATO.

More than 26 percent of voters abstained in the first round of elections, the lowest turnout for a presidential election since 2002.

In 2017, after the triumph of Brexit in Britain and the election of Donald Trump in America, the election of Mr. Macron appeared as an oasis of hope in a desert of Anglo-Saxon despair.

Now, in 2022, the West is right to remain concerned about the political future of France.

Let us be clear.  What is at stake on April 24 is nothing less than the future of democracy in France and in Europe.”

With the godless socialist-globalist forces in both United States and France having near evenly 50-50 divided their own citizens against each other into warring factions like was deliberately done to Ukraine by the Western colonial powers, this report concludes, the most certain future they’re headed for is daily documented in the urgent war bulletins issued by the Ministry of Defense (MoD), whose most notable ones today include:

In the city of Mariupol, as a result of successful offensive operations by the Russian armed forces and police units of the Donetsk People’s Republic, 1,026 Ukrainian servicemen of the 36th Marine Brigade voluntarily laid down their arms and surrendered…Among the surrendered are 162 officers and 47 female soldiers”.

Russian Crimea leader Sergey Aksyonov stated this morning: Russia and Ukraine actually have one common enemy – the criminal Kiev regime and its Western masters…I call on UAF servicemen to follow the example of your combat comrades…Just ask yourself: who are you fighting for?…The actions of the Kiev regime make it perfectly clear that it is not only Donbass residents that Kiev does not treat as humans…In reality, Kiev politicians care neither for Ukraine, nor for Ukrainian people because it is an alien country and alien people for them…Our army and our country has always been known for its humane treatment of POWs…And those who torture POWs, who celebrate murder of civilians – they sign their own sentence”.

Russian Chechnya leader Ramzan Kadyrov reported this morning: Ukrainian fighters don’t know what to do with the injured; they don’t know whom to contact and what to do next, because resistance is futile, and there are almost no fighting forces left…Only individual small groups are active…It is best for them and everyone else to stop this pointless resistance and return home to their families”.

Russian combat aircraft delivered strikes against 46 Ukrainian military facilities overnight eliminating 46 Ukrainian military facilities”.

The crew of a missile corvette of the Black Sea Fleet delivered a salvo strike of six Kalibr cruise missiles from the Black Sea against designated ground targets on Ukrainian territory”.

A group of Russian military Mi-24, Mi-28N, Ka-52 helicopters was performing ground forces support, when the leading helicopter was targeted with a Ukrainian Buk air defense missile///Under the leader’s command, the wingmen fired missiles at the detected launch location, destroying the launcher and the crew”.

Head of Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU) Ivan Bakanov confirmed on the SBU Telegram channel the detention of Viktor Medvedchuk, a Ukrainian parliamentarian and former co-chairman of the Opposition Platform for Life party…The operation to detain Medvedchuk was conducted on the orders of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky”.

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky proposes to swap the detained head of the Opposition Platform for Life party’s political council, Viktor Medvedchuk, for Ukrainian prisoners of war”.

Opposition leader Viktor Medvedchuk should be swiftly tried, sentenced and physically assaulted before an attempt is made to swap him for Ukrainian soldiers captured by Russia, an advisor to Ukraine’s interior minister told Ukrainian television on Wednesday”.

The Russian Investigative Committee’s military investigative bodies opened criminal cases against unidentified individuals participating in the armed conflict on the Ukrainian side for elements of a crime under Part 2, Article 105 (the murder of two or more people over their professional activity committed due to hatred or animosity with particular cruelty as well as with the aim to conceal another crime) and under Part 1, Article 356 of the Russian Criminal Code (the use of forbidden means and methods of warfare)”.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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