Repost by Permission: Biden Regime On “Political Suicide Mission” Fearfully Warns “The Dogs Are Loose”

July 11, 2024

Biden Regime On “Political Suicide Mission” Fearfully Warns “The Dogs Are Loose

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A troubling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin revealing: “BRICS does not yet have its own parliamentary institution…However, I believe that the idea will definitely be implemented in the future”, says the need for the free world to create an international body able to enforce peace was best exampled by Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko factually observing: “Ukraine must assume a more rational position for peace negotiations to resume…The proposals put forward by the Ukrainian authorities, which are controlled from abroad, cannot serve as a basis for any serious negotiations”.

In blatant disregard of Russia repeatedly warning that Ukraine will never be allowed to join NATO, this report notes, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg defiantly declared yesterday: “To invite a new ally we need consensus and all allies agree that Ukraine will become a member, but it is too early to say exactly when that will happen”—a defiant declaration swiftly followed by NATO member leader Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan proclaiming: “We will not be a party to this war”—the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) also reported today: “The US State Department and the European External Action Service are worried about the increasing distrust among Ukrainians towards the state institutions of the Kiev regime, as well as towards Volodymyr Zelensky’s rule, which they consider illegitimate….Despite this, Washington and Brussels would prefer Zelensky to remain in power, as lucrative war profiteering schemes are tied to him…Zelensky’s opponents are advised to exercise restraint for the time being”—all of which was joined by the just released  Kiev Post article “NATO And The Ever-Elusive Ukrainian Victory”, wherein it grimly revealed: “As of January 2024, Russia has inflicted more than $155 billion worth of damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure…The damage to the Ukrainian energy sector has since increased by more than $7.1 billion…Russia has launched about 9,000 missiles against Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion…It is dropping around 3,000 glide bombs on Ukrainian cities and frontline positions every month…Russia used over 4,000 missiles, Shahed drones, and guided aerial bombs against Ukraine in March alone…According to the World Bank, the total cost of reconstruction and recovery in Ukraine has reached a staggering $486 billion…Despite Western statements of support and good intentions, or rather, because of the absence of resolute action, Russia continues to advance, and inflict damage, suffering and horror…Unfortunately, Russia’s motivation to defeat Ukraine, and the West, is still far greater than the West’s collective will to secure a Ukrainian victory”.

Learning absolutely nothing from over 30 years of failed wars that needlessly obliterated entire nations killing millions, but never achieved a single victory, this report continues, NATO released its final communique Washington Summit Declaration yesterday, about which top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov most factually assessed: “We see that our opponents in Europe and in the United States are not in favor of a dialogue…Judging by the documents signed at the NATO summit, they are not supporters of peace”—world-renowned American economist Professor Jeffrey Sachs at Colombia University gravely observed: “The NATO Declaration is a stark neoconservative recommitment to US hegemony…It calls for NATO to back the ‘rules-based order,’ which is actually the US-based order that is often directly contrary to the UN Charter…It describes NATO as a defensive force despite the fact that NATO is repeatedly engaged in offensive regime-change operations, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia, Libya, Ukraine, and others”—and Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev warned: “One thing is for certain…We must do all we can to make sure that Ukraine’s irreversible path to NATO ends in the demise of either Ukraine or NATO…Or – even better – both”.

Also in response, this report details, the Chinese Mission to the European Union warningly declared: “The NATO Washington Summit Declaration is filled with Cold War mentality and belligerent rhetoric…The China-related paragraphs are provocative with obvious lies and smears…We urge NATO to listen carefully to the international community and heed just voices…Instead of scapegoating others, NATO should reflect on itself, take real actions to defuse the situation and solve the problem…We firmly reject and deplore these accusations and have lodged serious representations with NATO”—a warning declaration that followed China deploying combat forces into Russian union member state Belarus near the NATO border of Poland—in quick response to Chinese combat forces deploying on its border, Poland activated 17,000 to deploy against them, and Polish army chief of staff General Wieslaw Kukula just warned his nation: “Today, we need to prepare our forces for full-scale conflict, not an asymmetric-type conflict”.

While the world stands on the brink of World War III, this report notes, its sole instigator demented imbecile Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden was targeted for destruction yesterday with the bombshell leftist New York Times opinion article “George Clooney: I Love Joe Biden. But We Need A New Nominee”, wherein the elite leftist Hollywood movie mogul revealed: “The Joe Biden I was with three weeks ago at the fund-raiser was not the Joe “big F-ing deal” Biden of 2010…He wasn’t even the Joe Biden of 2020…He was the same man we all witnessed at the debate”—a bombshell revelation quickly joined by President Barack Obama top speech writer Jon Favreau telling leftist CNN: “It was not surprising to any of us who were at the fundraiser…I was there…Clooney was exactly right, and every single person I talked to at the fundraiser thought the same thing…I remember my wife, Emily, turned to me after the fundraiser and said, ‘What are we going to do?’…And I said, ‘Well, there is a debate in a week. Either he’ll do well in the debate, and we’ll think he was just tired because he flew all the way back from Europe, and that’ll be that, or he’ll be like this at the debate and then the whole country will be talking about it…So, here we are”—all of which was followed by top socialist Democrat Party political analyst Ezra Klein stunningly revealing: “In my conversations with Biden aides, I’ve come to believe that they see interviews and town halls and news conferences as bizarre media obsessions…They don’t trust Biden to perform in those settings, but they also don’t think it matters…They’ve persuaded themselves that the job of the president is the job of making good decisions, and they think Biden is still capable of making those decisions…Whether he can survive 60 minutes with Chris Wallace, to them, is akin to whether he can do 20 push-ups: interesting, but irrelevant”.

Following his stunning revelation that the Biden Regime deems it “irrelevant” that demented imbecile Socialist Leader Biden can’t communicate with the American people or press, this report concludes, Ezra Klein then revealed that behind closed doors all top socialist Democrats admit the truth that President Donald Trump “isn’t an existential threat to democracy”—a secret truth admission that caused Congressional Black Caucus member Congressman Ritchie Torres to exclaim in horror about the Biden Regime: “If we are going on a political suicide mission, then we should at least be honest about it”—the just released leftist Axios article “Behind the Curtain: Mad Media vs. Beat-Up Biden” revealed: “A true Washington psychodrama will unfold today a mile from the White House, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center…A red-hot press corps — which feels ignored, used and deceived — will get its first true unfiltered crack at grilling President Biden, the most media-sheltered president of modern times…”The dogs are loose”, a Biden adviser told us”—a revelation followed by the news: “NBC’s Chuck Todd said on a podcast this week that he was told two years ago by a cabinet member that Biden couldn’t run for reelection”—all of which was joined by world-renowned New York Post columnist Piers Morgan, in his just released article “The Media Conspiracy Of Collusion Over Biden’s Health Is A National Disgrace”, observing in rage:

Of all the horrid, hideous notes of woe”, wrote my favorite English poet, Lord Byron, “Sadder than owl-songs or the midnight blast; Is that portentous phrase, ‘I told you so’”.

Or, to put those words in modern-day American vernacular: Nobody likes a smart-ass Monday morning quarterback.

But sometimes, the words “I told you so” need to be said to expose those who saw all the same horrid, hideous signs of woe — and failed to speak up.

The US mainstream media are currently gorging on President Biden’s cognitive decline like ravenous hyenas on the freshly slain carcass of a decrepit old buffalo.

In fact, since his train-wreck debate debacle, the nation’s predominantly liberal-skewed, Democrat-defending journalists have competed with each other as to who can sound the most faux shocked, horrified, appalled, and furrowed-brow-uncomprehending about the physical and mental state of their president.

To which I say, REALLY?

THAT Biden was a surprise to you?

You all had NO idea the president of the United States is an incoherent, bumbling virtual zombie who shuffles at a snail’s pace and can barely remember what day it is?

With all due respect to my esteemed media colleagues, I call bullshit.

They’ve all known the truth about Biden’s fast-deteriorating physical condition and clear early dementia for several years, because he’s been literally showing them the evidence on an almost daily basis.

When he’s not been face-planting on stage, tripping on the steps of Air Force One, or falling off his bike, he’s been forgetting names, talking incomprehensible gibberish, spewing blatant, easily provable falsehoods, and unleashing an endless cataract of verbal gaffes, some trivial like repeatedly calling his vice president “President Harris”, others way more serious and potentially dangerous like vowing a US military response if China invades Taiwan.

And unlike those who chose to look the other way or deny what they saw and heard, I have documented them in my weekly New York Post columns.

So yes, I told you so.

As did others.

For years.

And for telling the truth, we were branded liars, and scaremongers, and partisan pro-Republican hacks trying to distract from the real story — Trump.

Now those who screamed loudest about Biden being fit and well for office are the same ones screaming the loudest about why he must quit the 2024 race because he’s unwell and unfit for office.

This is not because they give a damn about his health or want to finally be honest about it with the American people, but because they’ve belatedly realized that he can’t beat Donald Trump.

It’s been a repulsive conspiracy of collusion, and to borrow the words of Lord Byron, their crocodile tears are “horrid and hideous”.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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