Repost by Permission: Biden “Meltdown Of Epic Proportions” Propels Trump Towards “Landslide Victory”

June 28, 2024

Biden “Meltdown Of Epic Proportions” Propels Trump Towards “Landslide Victory

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A gobsmacking new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declaring about yesterdays debate between Supreme Socialist Leader Joe and President Donald Trump: “Russia considers electoral processes in the United States an internal affair of this country and will not provide any assessments to the election debates…Moscow has never interfered in electoral campaigns and will not do that now”, says this leftist CNN hosted debate was moderated by Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, about whom it was observed: “Tapper and Bash avoided any single negative moment, and the debate never evolved into chaos”, and even though the debate never “evolved into chaos”, the entire world witnessed a train wreck spectacle for the ages after demented and deranged Socialist Leader Biden began spouting beyond astonishing claims like abortion was needed to protect women who were raped by their sisters.

In response to the train wreck debate spectacle, this report notes, leftist Axios proclaimed: “President Biden’s debate performance triggered a meltdown of epic proportions Thursday night, uniting Democrats of all stripes — optimists and bedwetters — in a state of unprecedented panic”—conservative Fox News political White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich revealed: “VERY well-connected Democratic source tells me – the house and Senate are the GOP’s for now – everyone is freaking out – he needs to go – but no way they replace him unless he agrees”—Trump-hating leftist elite Daily Show host John Stewart exclaimed in horror: “This cannot be real life…It just can’t”–and Politico rushed out its article “Biden Is Toast”.

During the train wreck debate, this report continues, President Trump factually declared about Socialist Leader Biden: “He got us in such a bad position right now with Ukraine and Russia, because Ukraine’s not winning that war”—and was a declaration followed by the Kiev Post in Ukraine releasing its article “Biden’s Debate Performance – An Omen Of Disasters To Come”, wherein it fearfully assessed: “The expectations for tonight, for Biden, were to just show up and look alive – and he blew it!”.

Along with Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski advising apparently near death Socialist Leader Biden: “It’s important to manage one’s ride into the sunset”, this report details, the Politico article “‘Shipwreck’ And ‘Carnage’: Biden’s Debate Flop Stuns European Media” revealed: “Europe’s press was stunned by Joe Biden’s “near-catastrophic” performance in the first U.S. presidential debate of 2024 in the early hours of Friday morning…The Continent’s leading websites splashed with scathing reactions and commentary about the showdown between Biden and former U.S. President Donald Trump…Bulgarian newspaper Dnevnik summed up the overall consensus with a headline quoting a CNN commentator: “Oh my God, we’ve got a big problem!” and called the debate a “painful loss for the president””—and the Daily Mail newspaper in London reported: “An exclusive poll for found that a clear majority of independent voters believe President Joe Biden should no longer be the Democratic nominee after a car-crash debate with Donald Trump…Some 62 percent said he should be dumped from the ticket”.

As it pertains to the powerful American mainstream media oligarchs that create and control narratives, this report notes, leftist New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman stunningly revealed: “I watched the Biden-Trump debate alone in a Lisbon hotel room, and it made me weep…I cannot remember a more heartbreaking moment in American presidential campaign politics in my lifetime — precisely because of what it revealed: Joe Biden, a good man and a good president, has no business running for re-election”—and conservative Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan assessed: “It was in fact as consequential as any presidential debate in history, and the worst night for an incumbent in history…It was a total and unmitigated disaster for Mr. Biden…It was a rout for Mr. Trump…It wasn’t the kind of rout that says: If the election were held tomorrow Donald Trump would win…It was the kind of rout that says: If the election were held tomorrow Donald Trump would win in a landslide”.

Shortly before the train wreck debate spectacle yesterday, this report concludes, it was revealed: “Former President Trump’s favorability has risen while President Biden’s has fallen, according to a Gallup survey released Thursday…The survey, conducted June 3-23, found Trump’s favorability up 4 points from December, now sitting at 46 percent, while Biden’s has fallen 4 points to 37 percent during the same period”—a revelation now joined with the news: “The CNN poll posted on air showed that 67% of debate watchers felt that Trump won the debate compared to 33% who believe Biden won the debate”—and it was also reported: “Former President Donald Trump’s odds of winning the 2024 election surged to a record high on the PredictIt betting market during the first hour of the presidential debate”.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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