Repost by Permission: Biden Fires Top Commander Over Secretly Placed Nuclear Bombs In American Cities

March 3, 2023

Biden Fires Top Commander Over Secretly Placed Nuclear Bombs In American Cities

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A beyond chilling new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting President Putin observing yesterday about the Nazi terrorist attack on innocent Russian civilians: “I am confident that these same leaders of Ukrainian neo-Nazis will forget today’s attack…No one will pay attention to this…All the same, speaking about the overall situation, they will not succeed, we will crush them”, says this observation was joined this morning by the Federal Security Service (FSBreleasing a video [WARNING: Graphic video] taken following Thursday’s deadly Ukrainian cross-border saboteur attack on two villages in the Bryansk Region that claimed at least two lives and injured a ten-year old boy child—a Nazi terrorist attack that saw ten-year old boy Fyodor and two girls, Zlata and Lena, who were being driven to school by their neighbor, a 63-year-old man known as Uncle Lenya on the morning of 2 March, on their way when they encountered a group of armed men, and after realizing that the men were not Russian servicemen the driver attempted to turn the car around and flee, but the Ukrainian terrorists opened fire on the vehicle, killing the driver on the spot and wounding Fyodor in the chest, who is hailed as hero because though gravely wounded, he saved the lives of his classmates Zlata and Lena by leading them into the forest.

In quick response, this report notes, the Foreign Ministry warned: “Ukrainian officials have repeatedly acknowledged that all their actions are carried out with the approval and support of the United States and other NATO countries…The murders in Bryansk region were committed using NATO weapons…The use of NATO weaponry in Thursday’s outrageous terrorist act in Bryansk region sparks questions about the Western bloc’s culpability in the acts of terrorism…In this regard, a logical question arises about the qualification of these countries as accomplices in such crimes and as sponsors of terrorism…We have drawn the appropriate conclusions from the events…This crime will not go unpunished”.

Claiming responsibility for the terrorist attack, this report continues, was Denis Kapustin (aka Nikitin), a Russian born neo Nazi residing in Germany who uses a Ukrainian passport and whose “White Rex” line of clothing and merchandise popular with European fascists he calls “The neo-Nazi Nike”—about whom he and his Nazi terrorist forces the Suspline news organization in Ukraine just reported: “These Russians are part of a military unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine…It is a member of the International Legion of the Ukrainian Army”—and Bellingcat Monitoring Project [banned in Russia] correspondent Michael Colborne, posted the messages: “The ‘Russian Volunteer Corps’ (RDK), the combat unit on the Ukraine side who claims to have made an incursion into Bryansk Russia (i.e., likely not a ‘false flag’), are led by a figure well known to myself and those who follow the transnational far right: Denis Kapustin (aka Nikitin)”, “Do any simple search of ‘Denis Nikitin’ and you’ll find out what you need to know: a violent far-right extremist who has long been active organizing European combat sports events, combat training sessions and other transnational far-right extremist events” and “As Kapustin brags about his far-right ‘unit’ making an incursion into Russia, and people on this platform stating, evidence-free, that this was some ‘false flag’…No, likely not; this was something Ukraine’s military intelligence very likely signed off on!”.

As to why Ukraine “signed off” on sending its Nazi terrorist forces into Russia to kill innocent civilians, including children, this report notes, former US Marine intelligence officer and United Nations chief weapons inspector Scott Ritter assessed: “It’s clear there were no military objectives…This was a deliberately provocative attack, and it was an attack that was designed to anger Russia by intent…You don’t target women, children, you don’t target a civilian, a village, unless your goal is to anger Russia and provoke Russia into perhaps overreacting…I think that’s the objective…It’s the only thing that can explain it other than simply stating that the people involved are the criminal elements with zero redeeming qualities, purely animalistic…What I believe is that these people were selected to do a mission that was designed to provoke Russia into an overreaction that could then be used by the Zelensky government as justification for requesting even more military assistance”.

In an example of Russian rage, this report continues, State Duma Deputy Mikhail Delyagin declared: “The only normal response to the taking of hostages in the Bryansk region is the immediate destruction of Zelensky and Zaluzhny, missile strikes on decision-making centers promised almost a year ago, the recognition of the formation of Ukraine as a terrorist organization, and the complete cessation of its financing and supply of necessary materials”—a declaration joined by Russian political scientist Sergei Markov assessing: “In response to a strike on the Bryansk region, no retaliation strikes are needed…This is a weakness, a secondary…We need to take the initiative into our own hands and move from the special military operation to a full-fledged war against the terrorist regime that has occupied Ukraine…Military mobilization of the economy, society and the state is also necessary”.

Following the deadly Nazi terrorist attack on innocent Russian civilians, this report details, Commander Yevgeny Prigozhin of the Wagner Private Military Company recorded a video warning Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky: “Units of the private military company Wagner have practically surrounded Bakhmut…Only one road is left…The pincers are getting tighter…The Ukrainian soldiers are fighting, but their lives near Bakhmut are short – a day or two…Give them a chance to leave the city…The city is in fact surrounded”—a warning quickly followed by the Ukrainian commander codenamed Madyar posting the video message: “Today, on the night of 2 March, the unit Madyar’s Birds was given a combat order to immediately leave Bakhmut for another battlefield”—a message of defeat joined by the BBC news report: “Ukraine has ordered some residents to leave Kupiansk, as Russia seeks to re-take the city it left last year….Kharkiv’s regional authorities said families with children and people with limited mobility must leave due to constant shelling by Russian forces”.

As Ukraine orders its Nazi forces to retreat and starts evacuating cities, this report notes, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov directly warned the godless socialist Western colonial powers: “Russia no longer perceives the United States and its allies as reliable trade partners and will not allow itself to be dependent on them …We will not allow them to blow up the pipelines again”—a warning joined by Security Council Deputy Chairman Dimity Medvedev declaring: “Everyone who made the decision to deliver those weapons or repair them, along with foreign mercenaries and military trainers, ought to be considered legitimate military targets…But if that expands to fighter jets based somewhere in Poland, that would be direct entry of the Atlanticists into war against Russia, with all the consequences that entails”.

With World War III fast looming, this report continues, prominent Swiss banker Egon von Greyerz just warned: “The final stages of empires, like the Han, Roman, Mongol, Ottoman, Spanish and British always include the same ingredients and are always accompanied by the maximum amount of bad news as well as heinous events…This time is no different as the West is in the process of committing Harakiri”—is an “heinous events” warning about the socialist Western colonials powers committing Harakiri ritual Japanese suicide that follows Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden firing United States Air Force Colonel Gregory Mayer and the five top officers under his command, with it being noted: “Mayer oversaw 1,900 airmen across six squadrons and a base portfolio worth $4.3 billion…Minot is the Air Force’s only installation that houses two legs of the nuclear triad…Mayer’s group supports daily operations of the base’s B-52H Stratofortress nuclear-capable bombers, Minuteman III nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles and launch control centers”—and just prior to Socialist Leader Biden firing these top nuclear war commanders, the United States Air Force began stripping its transport aircraft used to deploy nuclear weapons of all markings and tail numbers for the first time in history.

With these now unidentifiable United States Air Force nuclear weapons transport aircraft flying into cities throughout America, this report concludes, it exactly mirrors the “Operation Northwoods” false flag operation the Pentagon plotted to carry out attacks on American cities in order to blame on Cuba so they could provoke a nuclear war with the former Soviet Union, that President John Kennedy rejected, but soon after was publicly executed—and to counter false flag nuclear attacks on American cities that will be blamed on Russia, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) yesterday released in its official magazine publication Voennaya Mysl [site blocked in the United States] a document [site blocked in the United States], about which it’s reported:

Russia is developing a new type of military operations with the use of nuclear weapons to defend itself against possible US aggression, according to Russian military magazine, published by the Defense Ministry.

According to the magazine, the United States is gradually losing its leading position in the world.  As a result, the aggressiveness of the US military and political course towards Russia is growing, since Russia is named the main culprit for the loss of American global domination.  The authors point out that the US apparently plans to defeat Russia in the form of a “strategic (global) multi-domain operation“.

As part of this operation, the Pentagon plans destruction of at least 65-70% of Russian strategic nuclear forces with a conventional Prompt Global Strike, neutralization of the remaining and launched Russian nuclear delivery vehicles with a global missile defense system and then inflicting the minimum sufficient nuclear strike on Russia in order to destroy it.

It says Russian military experts consider a Russian strategic deterrence forces operation to be the main means and tool to counteract attempts to implement the Pentagon’s aggressive plans to destroy Russia through a strategic multi-domain operation.

The Russian strategic deterrence forces operation’s goals should in particular include repelling the US and NATO’s conventional Prompt Global Strike to prevent large losses of Russia’s strategic offensive forces.

Also, the US global missile defense system should be suppressed to prevent destruction of Russian strategic missiles in the air.

The final stage of the operation involves inflicting unacceptable damage on the aggressor with the help of the remaining nuclear potential.

[Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

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