Evidence that President Trump was lied to

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Quote:  On Monday, Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to the White House, said former President Donald Trump had been “poisoning the well” against vaccines for a long time prior to his recent public support of the jab.


President Trump was lied to by Fauci and this statement by Fauci proves that.  President Trump was against the vaccines before he was for them.  President Trump started out by talking prevention.

Early on, President Trump was fought by Fauci and and media when he wanted to use hydoxychloroquine to address the problem from a preventative standpoint.  The phamaceutical industry, which could not make money if prevention was the keynote of the day, and also which could not force the vaccine on the population unless it was under an emergency authorization act, did not want prevention.

Also, because the jabs come under emergency authorization, that removes the liability to the pharmaceutical companies and those who administer the jabs for negative responses of the recipients.   In other words, no matter how negative the response a person gets from the jab, even death, the pharmaceutical companies can’t be sued.   The money-making industry of these shots knows how to walk around the laws in order to get maximum profit for minimal or no liability.

This statement by Fauci indicates that Trump was not initially for this.  Trump had to be worked on by those who lied to him, and Fauci was a key component in that.   The media joined the bandwagon as well.

President Trump needs to come out wholeheartedly against these jabs.

There were some that were given saline solutions in these jabs rather than actual mRNA.  But many of the shots were not saline, these jabs are extremely dangerous, not fully tested, and can cause severe reactions, even death.  The reason so many people who have the jab still “get Covid” is because the jab itself is the problem.  The “cure jab” is the curse.  The poison is in the “not fully tested” jab.   Connect the dots.

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