travesty of justice

James Comey and Hillary Clinton

If any two examples show the travesty of justice in the nation, it is Hillary Clinton and James Comey.

For all the world to see, these two people have mocked the justice system, and thus far, gotten away with it.

Clinton had an illegal server.  Illegal.   Il-legal.  That means “not-legal”.   She walks free on a book tour.

Comey decided the fate of Clinton and wrote that fate before an investigation.  He walks free.

Where is justice?  If there is no justice, then everyone ought to pack up and go home for there is no point in having a system that does not function.   This is evident to all.  Will the justice system be fixed and who will fix it?  Will Attorney General Jeff Sessions step up to the plate?  If not, maybe it is time to call in someone new like Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  It is time for someone with a proven track record to be called in.

Without the judicial system working impartially and enforcing the law impartially on government officials, ex-government officials, and citizens alike, then all there is is a system where the rich and powerful are protected and the poor are abused.   That’s what we currently have.


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