Trump – Russia

With the release of The Memo, by now it should be clear that there was no Trump | Russia collusion.

There was, however, an orchestrated effort between Christopher Steele, the FBI, Fusion GPS, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton as an integral part of the DNC regarding a phony Russian dossier on Trump.  Other names such as Ohr, McCabe, Rosenstein, and Mueller were involved as well.  What the public has seen probably only scratches the surface of the levels and years of corruption involved.

The question is, what next?  Will there be justice?

If this were any local “deplorable” citizen, there would be no returning to work the next day, no pension to look forward to, and anyone involved would probably be in prison already.

But we know these are not your “common” citizens and different rules of justice seem to apply.  Anyone who is concerned that justice is done should be praying for that.  Also, to to and sign a petition for Larry Klayman to be a Special Counsel to investigate.  Larry Klayman has a long history of going after corruption.

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