Repost of Tweet: Trump Completely Isolated Ahead Of Coup

Breaking Intel: Trump Completely Isolated Ahead Of Coup via @YouTube

Here is a very little of what was on the video, transcribed, but not word-for-word. Listen to the video.

Published August 4, 2017

They are shopping martial law and the killing of the President.

They are trying to bring this country into anarchy.

“Seven Days in May”

The President is being isolated ahead of a coup.

Mattis, Kelly, McMasters

Kelly seeks to choke off all communications between the President and others

Any military order must have the unanimous approval of the Generals.

The law says President Trump is commander-in-chief.

These are the things you do in advance of a coup

Went over what happened to Nixon.

Isolation led to Watergate.

More than one person has tried to send things to the President but could not get info through.

Has not been briefed on FISA that proves Obama was surveilling.

Has not been briefed about Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Not been briefed regarding Julian Assange.

Has not been briefed on other info.

Obama’s people said that Obama was spying.

They are playing games.

What is Kelly doing?

They don’t want Trump to have access to the internet.

Sean Hannity is one of the most important people along with Lou Dobbs.

Brennan and Gore saying they will overthrow Trump.

The FISA document not being revealed to the President is covering for the Deep State.

General Kelly brought with him a never-Trumper to be Deputy WH Chief of Staff.

Classic Deep State take down of Scaramucci.

Slow-motion Deep State coup.

Get Jeff Sessions Senate seat for a Trump supporter.

Men and women are not made by who they are but by the times they live in and then responding to it and surpassing it.

Total censorship coming into play.

We are winning when we fight.

It is really clear, the President has everything he has to save himself, the skills, the cunning, the powerful issue of building the wall, the economy and they hope to lull him to sleep.

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“Whom Will Ye That I Release Unto You?”

We are on the eve of the only election that will ever matter. There are several disturbing phenomenon.  Among the intelligence community, which does release some information through various alternative media, it is recognized that we are in the midst of a “soft” or “velvet” coup of a takeover of this nation by corrupt and evil criminal forces.

What does that mean? It means that regarding one of the candidates, 650,000 emails have been released.  In addition, emails from Wikileaks have uncovered satanic rituals and pedophile connections.  If you don’t know that, it is because the mainstream media will not cover it.  This is the recent stuff.  Of course, prior to this we have Benghazi, Libya, Syria, Iraq, money to a private bank account in Qatar, lies, and more.  This is the candidate being protected by the FBI, the Justice Department, and the media as the soft coup is in play.

We have an FBI director who just played the part of Judas, betraying this nation.  Do you really believe that 650,000 emails were studied in depth in a matter of days?  With a Justice Department that seeks to protect the guilty, what was sanitized and redacted out of those emails?

We are at the point (in parallel) where Pilate stood before the people and asked, “Whom will ye that I release unto you?” (Matthew 27:17)  And they said, “Release unto us Barabbas.” (Luke 23:18)

There are some differences in the parallel.  We have a Judas and we have a Barabbas.  We have a point of decision.  However, we are dealing with a political election so don’t expect the third party to be Jesus Christ in the flesh.  However, the third choice does stand for religious freedom, the Constitution, and the law.  The crowd is not boisterous this time.  In this case the crowd is meek, mild, silent, unstudied, includes  those who don’t bother to think deeply, ignorant, asleep, busy being entertained, lazy, slothful, and those unwilling to rock the political boat or risk money or power to speak the truth. The release of Barabbas this time comes from, not from those who are shouting, “Release unto us Barabbas.”  No, instead, the release is coming in part from the Christian community, those who are unwilling to talk about politics, get involved in “dirty politics”, and those who would rather leave the fight for this nation, western civilization, and the world to others.

The release of Barabbas may be due to the unwillingness of the Christian, Catholic, and Evangelical communities to read the signs of the times and to wake up and get involved.

We are at the last day.  Two paths are before us.  One candidate has ties with satanic and pedophile rings as revealed by recent revelations released through Wiki-Leaks.  The other candidate is a highly successful businessman who will protect religious freedom, appoint conservative judges, protect a nation, rebuild its economy, bring down its debt, and most importantly, “drain the swamp” of political corruption in Washington, D.C.  Those are the choices.  One pathway is good.  One pathway is evil.

Christians who stay home and don’t want to vote due to not wanting to get their spiritual hands dirty will be participating in bringing in a pedophile and satan-worshipper.  That future blood will be on their hands.  There is no easy way to say it.  Those are the facts.

You have one choice this election.  Vote for Donald Trump.  A vote for Donald Trump is a vote against Hillary Clinton.  If you stay home and do not vote, you have voted for Hillary by default.



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