Trump – Russia

With the release of The Memo, by now it should be clear that there was no Trump | Russia collusion.

There was, however, an orchestrated effort between Christopher Steele, the FBI, Fusion GPS, the DNC, and Hillary Clinton as an integral part of the DNC regarding a phony Russian dossier on Trump.  Other names such as Ohr, McCabe, Rosenstein, and Mueller were involved as well.  What the public has seen probably only scratches the surface of the levels and years of corruption involved.

The question is, what next?  Will there be justice?

If this were any local “deplorable” citizen, there would be no returning to work the next day, no pension to look forward to, and anyone involved would probably be in prison already.

But we know these are not your “common” citizens and different rules of justice seem to apply.  Anyone who is concerned that justice is done should be praying for that.  Also, to to and sign a petition for Larry Klayman to be a Special Counsel to investigate.  Larry Klayman has a long history of going after corruption.

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“Grace is Not Mercy”

I heard a pastor say, “grace is not mercy”.  That is an excellent point.  We hear the terms, “God’s grace” and “God loves you” thrown around like it is the nod and wink to keep on doing evil.  It is not.

Grace is the empowerment to live for righteousness, both in private, and also in public matters.  The Lord never intended that government would be free to legislate itself loopholes out of obeying God’s word.

For example, “Thou shalt not bear false witness (or lie)” was not be replaced by “I misspoke.”

For example, “Thou shalt not steal” was not meant to mean take in high taxes from some and give it others.

For example, “Thou shalt do no murder” was not meant to cover-up murders in Benghazi.

And the list goes on.

God judges unrighteousness and if there are problems in the United States, we only have to look at ourselves and those in public places.  The people get the government they deserve.  Now we are at a cusp of a decision.  The Lord has heard the prayers enough that he has raised up a better candidate the the decades old corrupt ingrown DC familiar faces.

The question is, do the people want something better?  Amazingly, there are those who resist Trump because he is not “their brand”.  To resist Trump is to invite Hillary. There is no middle ground.  A vote for Trump is a vote away from Hillary.  A “no vote” or a vote from some other candidate is one extra vote Trump must get somewhere else.  There are two choices and only two.  Either you want Trump or you want Hillary.  To do a “throwaway” vote in this hour is highly stupid, there is no other word for it.  For if you allow Hillary in, it may be the last time your vote means anything at all.  The corruption, the dismantling of the Constitution, and the movement to the radical left through the courts would too much to overcome.  Don’t be foolish.  If you even think there is any comparison, you obviously are not well read, well studied, and you need to really put forth an effort to educate yourself between now and November.

Back to the point of “grace is not mercy”.  We don’t have grace to do evil or to vote in someone that we know consistently is lying and breaking the law and worse.  To vote Hillary is to presume a freedom to do evil and choose evil that is not permitted without consequences.

Pray for Trump’s success.  Work for Trump’s success.  Vote Trump!


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Historical Cycles

“Here is the moral of all human tales,
Tis but the same rehearsal of the past.
First freedom and then glory; when that fails
Wealth, vice, corruption, barbarism at last.
And history, with all her volumes vast,
Hath but one page.”


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A Comment Regarding the Republican Party

This was a comment posted in response to this article.  It is being re-posted here.

Quoted below.

This goes beyond the Republican party. At the root of this, is a clash of morals, of ethics, of character. For too long, the hidden hand behind government has been a collusion of monied interests, corruption, and self-serving interests. The public was presented with a “face” of government that “seemed” to have its interests in mind. However, when over and over candidates promised reform and then once voted in, served again the monied interests and their own pockets, it started an awakening that these people are not what they say they are. The awakening has been slow, but it is accelerating. People realize that basically we have a cabal, an oligarchy, a criminal mafia walking around in suits and ties, working the system and changing the laws and rules to fit their financial agenda. There is no significant difference between Republicans and Democrats. When you see Republicans saying they would rather vote for Hillary than Trump you realize they prefer to keep an entrenched system of power operated by elites, rather than see that the populous will of the people is honored. This shows the low level of morals, character, and ethics that operates in high places, not only the officials/politicians/bankers/media/players visible to the electorate, but the shadowy government behind the scenes. This is not only a judgement on those running for office, but on those those who support them. If a person who is willing to support a system that “wins by any means”, including lies, theft, defamation, and even threats of murder, then what does that say about the character of those who support them? This goes back to the garden. Adam and Eve believed the words of a being (Lucifer/dragon/devil/satan/serpent) that had been thrown out of heaven (results of his past words in heaven). They thought the serpent was telling them the truth. They found out the words were lies and they lost everything. Lies, lies, lies have been perpetuated on the American people by the elite at the top of both parties long enough that people no longer believe the lies and are waking up and thinking about actual things like, who is telling the truth? Where have lies led in the past? What is the actual fruit of these lies because those who refuse to learn the lessons of history (socialism, communism, Sharia law, RINOs) are doomed to repeat it.


This is not quoted from the original material, but is an additional comment.  If you, the reader, are waking up, then you should participate in the awakening by helping your neighbor to awaken.  If you do not, then you are part of the problem, rather than being part of the solution.  Why is that?  Consider an NFL football team.  Suppose half of the team members, or 60% of the team members said, “Well, we will just see what happens with the ball.  We will stand around the field and only engage when the other team gets to the one-yard line,” you can see that they by default, are setting themselves up to lose by not taking the offensive and seeking to run the field for a touchdown.  What occurs everyday in the field of ideas, philosophy, pseudo-science created to back a political agenda, politics, the judiciary, education, the media, commerce and economics are real forces and real dynamics operating every day to create a touchdown for one team or philosophy or the other.  In the end, when everything else is boiled away, there are only two basic philosophies, God or anti-God, Christ or anti-Christ.  The 300+ prophecies that were fulfilled concerning Jesus the Christ and his claim to being the Son of God and Saviour of the world have been fulfilled by no other individual.  Therefore, those claims of Jesus the Christ and the Bible as a whole, including the Old Testament, of how the morals and ethics of men and nations should be run should be heeded by all.  If those who claim to bear the name of Christ do not seek to stand for the banner of Christ in politics, in ethics, in morals in the marketplace, then they become part of the problem by default.  Because if you are not seeking to win, you are seeking to lose by default.



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On Donald Trump, Putin, and Brilliant

Again, people struggle with Donald Trump.  He respects Putin bringing down ISIS.  Putin respects Trump and calls him brilliant.

And the media tries to trip up Trump with a question about journalists, but I would ask the media a question.   Instead of such a holier-than-thou question to Trump, how many of you in the media are threatened if you do not print the administration propaganda?  How many of you are promised bribes/money/promotions/loss of jobs unless you keep silent about what is happening?

The idea that corruption only exists in other places and not the US is so totally ridiculous that only a journalist could believe he can pass that lie onto the American people.  To see the betrayals of those who are supposed to be digging up facts, and ignore obvious facts, as well as the betrayals of Republicans in Congress, lets the rest of us know there is a lot of chicanery, bribes, threats, and blackmail going on…there is no other conclusion.  These people are highly paid, have advanced degrees in their fields, and don’t seem to be able to come up with any real information or solutions.   If anything, they consistently move in the wrong direction.

So let’s not pretend that we don’t know what is going on…the sell out of this nation.  And let’s not be surprised at answers when someone answers honestly.

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