An Ode to Hillary Clinton

As I read this, it reminded me of the trail of blood, dead bodies, wars, and bounty that surrounds Hillary Clinton.

Woe to the city soaked in blood,
full of lies,
stuffed with booty,
whose plunderings know no end!
The crack of the whip!
The rumble of wheels!
Galloping horse,
jolting chariot,
charging calvalry,
flash of swords,
gleam of spears…
a mass of wounded,
hosts of dead,
countless corpses;
they stumble over the dead,
So much for all the whore’s debauchery,
for that wonderful beauty, for that cunning witch
who enslaved nations by her debauchery
and tribes by her spells.
I am here! Look to yourself! It is Yahweh Sabaoth who speaks.
I mean to lift your skirts as high as your face
and show your nakedness to nations,
your shame to kingdoms.
I am going to pelt you with filth
shame you, and make you a public show.
And all who turn their backs on you and say
‘Nineveh is a ruin’.
Could anyone pity her?
Where can I find anyone to comfort her?
Nahum 3:1-8

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