Why Donald J. Trump is the Next President

Why is Trump the next President?  There are several reasons.

First of all, this is a Year of Jubilee.  What happens on the Jewish calendar, is VERY MUCH a part of all this.  For a year of Jubilee to happen, there is only one candidate that qualifies, and that is Donald J. Trump.  No one will rejoice over either Bernie the socialist or Hillary the criminal liar and man-slayer.

Furthermore, there has been a prophecy that Trump was the one God had chosen.  This happened long before the current run for President.   You can listen to that 2011 Prophecy about Trump.

There is also a long-standing prayer that is being answered.

After this manner therefore pray ye: Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.  Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.  Matthew 6:9-10

The cumulative prayers of many generations are being answered.  Remember, mankind has followed satan and so even if individuals turn to God for forgiveness, there are still repercussions for sin.  David was forgiven for his sin of adultery with Bathsheba and the calculated murder of her husband, Uriah, but still had to suffer the loss of the death of the baby conceived as well as ongoing family turmoil and loss for his sin.  It is a mistake to think that forgiveness wipes away all consequences.  God in his mercy, may give grace, but the law of sowing and reaping exists.  A plane can overcome gravity as long as the laws of thrust and lift are working, but the moment the engines are killed, the plane again succumbs to the law of gravity.  There is a lot that could be said about that, but that is not the point of this particular blog post.

The point is, in spite of the sins of mankind, the cumulative prayers of the saints, past, present, and those in the heavens are winning a spiritual battle.  “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”  As the heavens are cleaned of satanic forces, the presence of God comes more fully on the earth and manifests in physical changes we see.  We see political victories instead of political defeats.  It starts with warfare against devils, demons, and satan, always.  You cannot win a natural battle without having first won a spiritual one.  There are different ways that happens, but in end, there was some kind of obedience to the Father which was either enacted by one person, or a group of people, or a group of people aided by heavenly forces (in reality, this always occurs).  However, when I say “one person”, the strength of one can stand in the gap for the weakness of many, as Moses stood in the gap for the Hebrew people, as Jesus stood in the gap for the whole world.  That again, is another discussion, but the point is, things are beginning to happen on earth because of wars won in heavenlies.

There was a turning away from God in the French Revolution and when man began to put the reasonings of the mind over the Word of God (Age of Reason).  Even in the Protestants breaking away from the Catholic church, there was a throwing away of valid traditions.  People who say they do not like tradition, do you like the changes that are currently being made to military tradition?  Do you like soldiers wearing red high heels and marching?  Do you like women who have  no military experience being put into positions of military power and authority?  Do you like the forcing of women into the military?  For that matter, do you like the tradition of women going to women’s restrooms and men going to men’s restrooms being changed?  Some traditions are good.  Traditions are habits that work, that are codified into a system.  If you have a tradition of a certain routine you go through every day, it is probably because the timing, energy, and flow the tradition works for you.

In any case, traditions began at the time of Jesus of people seeking Jesus and later the risen Christ.  There was a mixture of people seeking God, and those who were fighting God.  This has always been.  There has been a chastening for the sins of mankind.  There has been the process of a turning back to God.  Even if not all turn, enough are turning and enough prayers and offerings have been given, that the tide is beginning to turn.  Trump is the next President, he has to be for this to be the year of Jubilee.  He has to be, for the above reasons.




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