War Crime Tribunals

As we see the tides turning against the criminal ruling elite, it is time to consider war crime tribunals.

What has taken place in the United States has extended beyond its borders. Unjust wars based on lies have been fought in Iraq, in Syria, and the whole Mideast is now in flames. What would be called military invasions in less-politically-correct-times have taken place in Europe. We are in the midst of a similar trojan horse invasion in the United States.

Who is behind this? There are many who have participated. There are those in shadowy NGOs and money powers behind the scenes. There are faces in the media. There are many in high positions in governments around the world. There are three letter agencies. There are financial houses. There are print media newspapers and magazines. Many have participated. Some have been the directors. Some have been the paid-off puppets.

Destruction has occurred in the United States. But it has likewise happened tragically around the world as corrupt, criminal forces have led the United States into empire-building and using international geopolitics to fill the coffers of a few and to bring a small elite group into power. Hillary Clinton, of course, is part of that group.

The tide is turning. As it turns, it is time to consider war crime tribunals, not only for the principals involved, but those who have supported them in the media and those who are the shadowy pillars of power behind the scenes. This did not happen without the help of the media and those who poured funds into the NWO.

What has happened in the United States is criminal and treasonous against the United States, but it is also a state of war against US citizens and in a larger sense, the world. It is time to consider a War Crimes Tribunal, but not one where those who have done these crimes against humanity are released again to do more. They need to be locked away or removed permanently.

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