Thoughts on Jade Helm

As I consider what is happening with Jade Helm, I believe it is along these lines.

I believe they are trying to put the people to sleep. They hyped Jade Helm coming, and now nothing seemingly is happening. Actually, I think something is happening. I think the Chattanooga incident was actually part of it, even though it was not in one of the target states. It set up the conditions as they are now. They are disrobing those who are in uniform. That way, when they enact their plan, it is more difficult to tell who did what. Everyone is in civilian clothes. Someone can claim to be military who is not. At a certain point there will be an incident, another magic bullet, which will be sent out by a government agency or operative as a false flag. The end result will be an attempt for gun confiscation because the blame will attempt to be placed on a veteran or armed citizen. They will claim perhaps that there is mental illness involved and that citizens/veterans cannot correctly discern what to do. There will be an attempt at another gun grab. It will be another magic bullet, created by nefarious forces for their purposes. Scientifically, the veteran or citizen could not be the person pulling the trigger due to their geographic location. However, in JFK’s case, even though there was similar reason to disbelieve, the magic bullet myth was sustained for many years. Again, they count upon the gullibility and ignorance of an uninformed population that feeds off of the propaganda/controlled press and the crafted talking points they are given by the oligarchy to send out as so-called news. What they are doing with Jade Helm is a step-by-step plan…the deaths in Chattanooga, the call to  take the military out of uniform…it is all part of an agenda where they are setting up the circumstances they want to pull off an incident with the forces that are mixed in with the population with Jade Helm. And, it does not mean necessarily that the special operations forces do anything wrong…it means that there can be hired mercenaries mixed in with them that no one is really aware of because no one is in uniform. There mercenaries can come in, do their task, and leave.

This, I believe, is the general agenda of Jade Helm. Plus, there are escaped convicts and undesirables that have come across the border that could be hired as mercenaries. There is a mix of criminals and other elements that are all in the pot being stirred to a critical mass. I believe that sometimes the dark side doesn’t have an exact agenda, but they put in the elements necessary to create a crisis, and then they let no good crisis go to waste.

The thing that stops them is the uncovering of what they are doing, because then it can be traced back and they become legally culpable. They only try to pull things off when it seems no one is looking.

Have you ever walked into a room and turned on the light and there are cockroaches? Sometimes they scurry and hide, but other times they may play dead. They hope you leave them alone and not notice them and then if you don’t sweep them up and remove them at that point, when you leave they move again onto their dirty deeds. So the elite, when they are being watched, play dead and make it seem like nothing is happening. But Jade Helm is happening. Chattanooga, I believe, is connected to it. They are trying to figure alternate ways to make critical mass explode. Think of all the explosive elements in the news that can be exploited if some “incident” gets going. And if a citizen or veteran does not create one, then the government can send in mercenaries and create one itself. The government wants to control this nation, if only for self preservation. They have done so many criminal deeds they are due for justice if they ever get caught.

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