Rolled the Dice and Losing

A number of media outlets have rolled the dice and are losing. They are losing respect. They are losing relevancy.

With the new revelations of Hillary Clinton’s criminal activity, those who have backed her hook-line-and-sink-her are going down with her. Like the boy that cried “wolf” too many times, they are no longer believed. They rolled the dice expecting the NWO to win and that they would have a place of status within that NWO. They now have a place of irrelevancy throughout history, being consigned to the dustbin of those who lied and lost.

Certain names, when people read them, such as the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Huffington Post, Megyn Kelly,, become names to shun. We can add Yale and Harvard to that as well. Yale, the pit of Skull and Bones. Harvard, the home of “fair and balanced”. Their good names have been tarnished and once trust is lost, it takes a long time to gain it back. There are some that have a lot of work before them to prove they have repented of their sins of deception and darkness.

They were told/blackmailed/bribed to work with the NWO. They looked at the landscape, rolled the dice, checked the cards, read the tea leaves, and decided to push all their chips onto the side of the NWO. They have rolled the dice and are losing…big time. Gig’s up.

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