Regarding the Christian / Catholic Vote

There are some Christians or Catholics who have trouble backing Trump.  In my opinion, they are looking for their next pastor or priest.  Trump is neither.  He is the next President.  He is a modern-day Cyrus (look it up in the book of Isaiah 44:28).

However, for those who struggle with their electoral conscience, here is a good piece written at another blog.  I see no reason to write something if someone has already laid it out.

It is titled, “How Can a Catholic Vote for Trump?!!?”

I operate pretty much by an 80/20 rule myself.  I don’t expect 100% agreement with everyone.  However, I do expect to agree with other generally like-minded people about 80% of the time.  I would agree with the author of the above article.  If Christians and Catholics are called into the public arena (and they are), then with a clear-cut decision between Hillary and Trump, they need to vote Trump.  There are sins of commission and sins of omission.  Does anyone want to stand before the Lord and say, “Lord, sorry, it was my sin of omission of my lack of voting that allowed Hillary into office?”  If you want to be that person, be my guest.  However, I would not advise it.

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