Jade Helm Coming

Jade Helm, a military operation being held among the civilians in several southwestern states, including Texas, is targeted to start on July 15. Of course, being familiar with lies of the government, that might change.

Texans are wise to be wary of a government that has done nothing but lie, break its promises, and trample on the Constitution. Millions have been spent on training camps for the military. Why do they need to come among the population for a military training?

My opinion, knowing how the government loves to do false flag operations in order to have an excuse to extend its power, is that I would not be surprised if all the illegals the government has invited to pour over the border, the same ones that Donald Trump is pointing out are involved in murdering, raping, and stealing from American citizens, if those same illegals that have included ISIS…if that all of a sudden “surprise, surprise”(you know, one of those false flag surprises that the government says we had no idea was coming) have a “surprise” shooting or uprising or “event” and “then how convenient” the government troops are there to take over large parts of populations and cities and enact martial law.  (And of course, the establishment propaganda mouthpiece media, “presstitutes” as they are affectionately called, will be there to praise the foresight and planning [yeah, lots of planning to create it, enact it, and have the press there to endorse it] of the false flag event.)

The United States government in all branches (including Congress which is supposed to represent the people) is extremely unpopular among the working class who are paying the bills and suffering the traitorous and evil decisions of corrupted politicians. People who still have the honor and dignity of working don’t want the trash politicians being offered by the establishment, the trash politicians whether Republican or Democrat, who will keep toeing the oligarchical line and keep their words and actions in line with what the rulers want (rather than to the people who elected them and rather than upholding the Constitution), their allegiance is to their oligarchical masters. About the only way they could get their trash in there is to either play with the ballot boxes through stacked electronic voting, which has happened before; lie, threaten with murder and blackmail their way in, which has happened before; or invoke martial law which would shut down the elections and make Obama a perpetual puppet dictator of the elite oligarchy. It is likely that Jade Helm is connected to the third scenario.

Those who rule know no one wants what they have to offer (which is why they are trying to take the world by force and false flag operations to create wars and warlike scenarios to extend their hand) and that which they offer is a world where a few ultra-rich and powerful families who control it, (and who came into power via control of the monetary systems, fiat money, and the federal reserve and extended that to control of political structures around the world such as the UN, international monetary organizations, and shadowy NGOs), flow all the resources and riches of nations to themselves, kill off all excess population through controlled health care and death panels at one end, and through tainted vaccinations, diseases brought about by toxins in foods and GMOs, and pollution and controlled resources through the EPA and weather and mind control through HAARP at the other end, and where the remaining people are controlled as slaves from cradle to grave through entertainment, mass media propaganda, and high level psychological programming.

Jade Helm is coming. Get ready. Watch and pray.

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