Ivana Trump Endorses Donald Trump

It’s a pretty big endorsement when an ex-spouse endorses a Presidential candidate. In this case, Ivana Trump, who divorced in 1992, endorsed Donald Trump.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at this story.  The mainstream media and establishment Republicans who, in some ways, are basically mirror images of the Democrats are fighting Donald.  First they asked for the apology for politically incorrect speech and for point blank not endorsing one of their own corrupt members (John McCain).

Now we’re at the woman stage.  If they fail on assault tactic one, which is trying to shame someone into politically correct speech, the next phase of assault is to move into some allegation by a woman.  (Remember Herman Cain?)  So they tried Ivana Trump.  It didn’t work.  I don’t think they will try to pay someone off to speak falsehoods against Trump, because he has no problem suing people and using the law (something apparently Republicans in Congress have forgotten about).  That is probably why Trump is such a danger to the Republicans.  He actually will use the law when required, where the establishment Republicans use the good ‘ole boys’ club and backroom deals with money powers and lobbyists.

Trump would be a breath of fresh air in Washington.  Maybe the fresh breeze would blow out all the old stale air there.

Christians need to remember that Cyrus, a non religious leader, was used of God to accomplish certain purposes in history.  A person who is not dressed in religious garb can still be the man for a job and one who can get the job done.  Christians looking for religious leaders may be looking in vain, if a Cyrus is before them.

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