Harvey and Weather Modification

We are all aware of the chemtrails that are put into the atmosphere all over the nation. These modify weather.

I personally think this is another created storm. The really good weather experts have been shut out by Google and YouTube so that people who are more expert than me are not able to say what they know and put it in weather terms.

However, we can look at a few things.

What are the effects of this?

1. Money. Money will be needed to rebuild. I’m not an economist but this comes at a time when the economy is tottering and this will surely have an effect in the mix, either to topple the economy, or attempt to topple Trump, one of the two.
2. Create problems for Trump. Another chance to create a problem and then complain how Trump deals with it.
3. There may be a chance for the globalists to come in and try to come in with this “never-Trump” contingency which still exists in and around Washington and try to use federal agencies to fight Trump.

The globalists are satanists and this storm is hitting Corpus Christi. Satan vs. Christ

If you know anyone in the area in either Louisiana or Texas who is familiar with a lot of these storms, old-timers, you will find out that this is not a normal storms. Old timers know the general patterns and behavior of storms.

Can I prove this? No. But I’m sure there are people who have proved it who are experts in the field, but they have been booted off of Youtube, their channels shut down, or shut out of Google searches.

But I do know that chemtrails go up all the time and consistently, there is a storm created. If you have not noticed that in your area, start watching.

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