Christian Voters, Politics, and Missions

I had to travel a little out of my home base and got into a couple of discussions that I will summarize here.

There is an attitude among some Christians that they do not want to deal with politics.  They would rather deal with missions, or missions trips.

Now I think it is good and commendable that people want to do missions trips.  However, if you really want to help people, you need to deal with the political end of things.  It is corrupted political and economic systems that create the broken lives which are then thrown to the church as charity cases and mission objectives.

Corrupted political and economic systems create the need for missions.  Corrupted governments break up families and make individuals dependent on the state.  Lobbyists and multinational corporations ship jobs overseas to increase their bottom line.  So individuals, communities, and nations become pawns in a game of power and handouts.

If you want to end the need for mission trips, you need righteous leaders.  If you don’t have righteous leaders, you need to start voting for them.  To say you want to deal in missions and not politics indicates that you do not understand how corrupted politics create missions.  If you want to solve the problem, you must be engaged in the political world around you.

Be informed.



Run for office if you are led.

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