California Drought Due to Government Weather Manipulation

This is due to geoengineering, weather warfare, and HAARP.

Watch the video here.

I dispute where they say “we don’t fully understand what is going on”. It’s more likely “we know, but can’t say, on threat of losing….” Anyone who pays attention knows that this is real, but the only ones who will talk about it are those:

1. Who are not so consumed with entertaining themselves with video games, selfies, television, Facebook and the like that they are paying attention to what is happening in the world. In past times in history, when government got decadent, the people were encouraged to entertain themselves so they wouldn’t pay attention.

2. The only ones who talk about it are the ones who are not paid the “big bucks” by the system. It comes at a high cost to lose your job, your retirement, your status, your university tenure, etc., to speak the truth. Plus, you stand the risk of being suicided.

3. We live in a world of The Emperor’s New Clothes. There are a vast number, a growing number, of people who are aware of such topics as HAARP, the Federal Reserve, the cabal, the Illuminati, the Bilderbergs, Bohemian grove, the transnational corporations, the New World Order (NWO), the elite, the danger of vaccinations, GMOs, the takeover of the United States by trojan horse, the potential of martial law, the dark side of three letter US agencies, false flag events, Muslim/Sharia law, the removing out of the military all those in upper levels of command to put in Obama’s people, the training of the military with foreign troops who would be more willing to fire on American citizens, the question of whether in martial law the US military and police will fire on American citizens, the funding of ISIS by the US, Common Core, the lies, the corruption in general and the list goes on.

Do they really think we watch this stuff day after day and don’t notice anything?

Just to point out one thing…if you pay attention and have a little background, it is not that difficult to notice.

At the debate, Trump said that vaccinations cause autism. That is true.

If a doctor said that, is highly likely he would lose his medical license.

I took a course once where I was told that in the earlier days of pioneers who treated with nutrition, there were doctors who if they went the nutrition route with their patients instead of medicine, could lose their licenses. That is why you will not go to a doctor who will tell you to go take herbs or vitamins or get your pH alkaline or get probiotics into your digestive track. They can’t tell the truth. Some don’t know it, though I find that hard to believe. In today’s world, there is so much information that even if you do not get a degree in a topic, it would be hard not to learn something unless you are actively trying not to learn.

Back to the original topic of this blog post, the HAARP and weather changes and how it affects California…it is hard to believe that those in sit in news rooms with armies of investigators cannot figure out what the majority of us, who have other jobs for livlihoods, and only able to study the news part-time, and don’t have researchers who bring us data, but have to dig it out ourselves, are able to comprehend. We can figure it out and they can’t? Again, it is a story of “All the King’s Men” or “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Only those who are not paid by the system, blackmailed by the system, or threatened by the system, can speak the truth.

Those who are professionals, even if they know the truth, can’t say the truth.

Doctors are only allowed to treat. They are not allowed to cure. They keep going around getting money for the cure for cancer, the cure for heart disease, etc. There is plenty of information out on how to deal with these diseases in a holistic way. But you will not find this information out from the pharmaceutical corporations, because there is simply too much money to lose for the shareholders and profit sharers.

And a government that is causing a drought is not going to admit what it is doing. There is a lot of money and power at stake when you create a problem, and then you offer the solution to the same problem. And of course, there are fees and political controls if you don’t do what the government says regarding the problem it created.


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